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Final Document Native Butchers Business Plan

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butchery business plan in botswana pdf


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Starting a Butchery Business Plan (PDF)

butchery business plan

Embark on a journey into one of the most profitable sectors of the food industry by starting your own butchery business. In an era where the demand for quality meat products is steadily rising, opening a butchery offers a unique opportunity to cater to a market that values freshness, quality, and variety. The butchery is one of the oldest business models known to omnivorous man. It is a remarkably versatile and diverse business model that can range from a very small outlet to great commercial multinational corporations. Because of our love of meat, it is one of those enterprises that is unlikely to ever go out of fashion. This article will outline how to start a butchery business, and the butchery business plan – PDF, Word and Excel. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a newcomer to the business world, this article will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to help you establish a thriving butchery business.

The demand for meat and meat products is always consistently high. This is why more and more people continue to embark on livestock production and still get to realize huge returns. Consequentially this means that starting and running a butchery is an exercise laden with great returns. The prospects are even further enhanced because not only can you just focus on selling meat but you can also include the processing of meat products. You can engage in meat processing which produces various products such as sausages, pickles, biltong and burger patties. Read on for more information on starting a butchery business and the meat shop business plan.

Market Research

Market research is a critical step in the process of starting a successful butchery business. Before you invest your time and money into launching your venture, it’s essential to gain a deep understanding of the market you’ll be entering. Part of comprehensive market research for your butchery business involves identifying the specific types of meats that are in high demand within your target market. Understanding which meats your potential customers prefer and seek out is crucial for tailoring your product offerings to meet their needs effectively. This research can uncover trends, dietary preferences, and cultural factors that influence meat consumption, enabling you to stock and promote the most sought-after cuts and varieties. By aligning your product selection with market demand, you can maximize customer satisfaction and increase the chances of a successful butchery business launch.

Furthermore, a thorough analysis of your competition is essential. By evaluating existing butcheries in your area, you can identify their strengths and weaknesses, pricing strategies, product offerings, and customer service levels, ultimately helping you differentiate your business and uncover avenues for improvement. Equally crucial is choosing the right location for your butchery. Analyze foot traffic, accessibility, and proximity to potential customers, as a prime location can significantly influence your business’s success.

As an integral aspect of your market research, it’s essential to investigate the procurement of affordable, high-quality meat, the intricacies of transportation logistics, and the pricing dynamics involved in both sourcing and selling. Identifying reliable suppliers that offer quality meat at competitive prices is fundamental to your business’s profitability. Additionally, understanding the logistical aspects, such as transportation and storage, ensures a smooth and efficient supply chain. Furthermore, analyzing pricing dynamics in both your procurement and sales processes allows you to set competitive but profitable pricing strategies.

Selecting A Location for Butchery Business

One of the most important things when starting a butchery business is selecting the right location. The best places for setting up a butchery are those that have a lot of foot traffic. You should consider areas which are easily noticeable. Places like shopping centres, shopping malls and city centres are usually ideal. Butcheries which are located on busy roads and close to public transport pickup points generate more revenue. Locating your butchery business in dense residential areas can also be ideal depending on your target market. You can also locate your butchery business close to recreational and leisure areas such as braai spots, liquor pubs, parks and lakes. Butcheries that are located in recreational areas usually generate more revenue during weekends, public holidays and event days. There should be good roads so that driving customers can easily access your butchery.

Butchery Premises & Facilities

There are 3 options for your butchery premises: you can buy land & construct the butchery buildings; you can purchase an already established building structure or you lease an existing building. The first 2 options are obviously more expensive as compared to the last option of leasing butchery space. Leasing butchery space also has the advantage of location flexibility – you can locate your butchery business at a busy place where land might no longer be available for purchasing. Renovations are usually required when leasing so that you make the shop suitable for a butchery business. Your butcher shop premises must be large enough to provide adequate space for butchery equipment, fittings, area for meat cutting & processing and space for customers to move freely around selecting the meat that they want.

The meat shop should be designed in such a way that customers cannot access the processing side of the butchery, which should be restricted to only staff members. The butchery premises should be easy to clean so as to maintain hygiene at all times in the butchery. The material and structure of the butchery building should not become a source of contamination eg flaking paint, rusty iron fixtures, toxic materials and porous material which can harbor bacteria. The butchery premises should have adequate water supply, access to electricity, good solid & liquid waste disposal, a good ventilation system and good lighting system. There should also be a meat offloading bay which should be separate from the customers entrance. The costs of purchasing or leasing the butchery premises should be included in the butchery business plan.

Equipment And Machinery For A Butcher Shop

You require different types of machinery & equipment for your butchery shop. These include :

  • Bandsaw/Meatsaw/Meat Cutter : This is a machine which is used to cut large blocks of meat in a butchery into small pieces. These are strong butchery machines which can even cut meat with thick muscles and bones. The meat cutter an important butchery equipment thus you need to select a good bandsaw brand and have it serviced regularly.
  • Refrigerators/Freezers : They are used to freeze and store meat in the butchery. Should always be in good working condition so as to maintain good quality meat.
  • Cold Rooms : These are large walk in refrigerating chambers which are used for meat storage in the butchery. Meat carcasses are hanged using hooks in the cold room.
  • Display Freezers :  They are used for storage and display of fresh meat in butcheries. Display freezers allow chilled meat to be attractively presented to customers. They should always be clean and smart so as to increase the butchery sales.
  • Butchery Scales : They are used to weigh meat before packaging it and selling it to customers. It’s important that your butchery scale is calibrated so that it provides accurate weights. The butchery scale should have a double display system so that both the customers and butchery staff will see the weight. Some butchery scales also have a label printer which automatically prints out a label containing the weight & price of the meat plus a barcode. There are also other types of butchery scales used to weigh bulky meat such as carcass scale, platform scale and hanging scale.
  • Meat Grinders/ Meat Mincers : This is a meat processing machine which grinds meat – very useful for making sausages and other meat products
  • Butchery Knives : These are used for cutting meat in the butchery. They are specialized knives which are stronger than the regular chicken knives. Types of butchery knives include boning knife, clam knife and scimitar knife.
  • Other Equipment : There are several other butchery equipment that include : Hamburger Presses, Chicken Slicers, Meat Smokers, Sausage Filler Machine/Meat Stuffers, Mixers, Sinks, Shelves, Tables, Carts, Protective Clothing and Meat Slicers.

The costs of purchasing the butchery machinery & equipment should be included in your meat shop business plan.

Products & Services

There are several products & services that your butcher shop business can provide. The core purpose of the butchery business is selling meat. You can sell a variety of meat including beef, pork, chicken, fish, lamb, sausages, goat meat, game meat, mince, offals etc. You can also offer braai services at your butchery premises – this will attract many customers to your shop. The butchery business can also provide other services such meat cutting & meat processing. You can also offer meat deliveries – customers can order meat from the comfort of their homes and you deliver it. Ensure that you provide good quality meat always. Good quality meat will attract more customers to your business. The butchery business plan should include list of the products & services that you are going to provide.

Source of Meat Products

You can source your meat from abattoirs, meat wholesalers or directly from farmers. They say that your butchery is only as good as the meat stock that you have. This means you should identify farmers or meat suppliers who go through the right production process.  When you have selected the suppliers that you will partner with, you will need to make arrangements for delivering the stock. Remember that meat is a perishable product and can go bad pretty fast. If you do not store the meat under the right temperature, then the meat could end up being unfit for human consumption, and your butchery business will fail. In some instances, it is even preferable to purchase your own refrigerated truck to use for distribution. These trucks will require good maintenance. Your butcher shop business plan should obviously cater for the costs of purchasing the stock/meats.

Butcher Shop Business Plan

Butchery Business Model

The butchery business model revolves around several key elements. First, you need a physical shop from which to operate, serving as the primary point of contact with your customers. In this shop, you purchase a variety of meat products in bulk, ensuring a diverse selection for your clientele. These meat products are carefully refrigerated to maintain freshness and safety. Once you have your stock on hand, skilled butchers or staff members are responsible for cutting the meat into smaller, customer-friendly portions. This step allows you to add a reasonable markup to the meat’s cost, providing the basis for your revenue. When you sell these meat products to your clients, the selling prices generally far exceed the initial costs of purchasing the stock, along with other operating expenses such as salaries and overhead. This pricing strategy aims to generate a healthy profit margin, ensuring the sustainability of your butchery business.

The butchery business model is characterized by a continuous cycle of purchasing, processing, and selling meat products. By maintaining a consistent stream of income through regular sales, you can effectively cover your expenses and realize profits. To ensure long-term success, it’s crucial to manage your stock effectively, optimizing inventory turnover rates to prevent spoilage or wastage. Additionally, building a loyal customer base through quality products and exceptional service can contribute to sustained revenue and growth. By adhering to this business model, you can establish a thriving butchery business that not only meets the needs of your target market but also ensures profitability over time.

Staff And Management

The number of staff required will depend on the size of your butchery business. The two major service fronts that individually need someone manning them are sales and the butchering. It’s advised to hire properly trained butchers so as to provide quality service.

Operating a butchery business requires both business and professional skills. For example, the cutting process may take years to master and yet it is a prerequisite for good produce. With the right machinery and trained staff, you will be able to provide exceptional meat. Your staff should be trained on how to use all the machinery correctly.

Your staff also need to master the art of selecting the best cuts for the customer. Some consumers are very specific about the cuts they want and how they want them to be prepared. Meat preservation skills and equipment could also be a useful addition to your stock of material. Some customers go as far as asking for advice on the most appropriate cooking methods for given cuts. Your sales staff should have this information at hand. The meat shop business plan should obviously budget for the salaries of all your employees.

Marketing Plan

A meticulously crafted marketing plan is the cornerstone of a successful butchery business. It serves as the guiding strategy to attract and retain customers, build brand recognition, and ultimately boost sales. To create an effective marketing plan for your butchery, start by clearly defining your target audience. Understand their demographics, preferences, and purchasing behaviors, whether you primarily cater to households, restaurants, or a combination of both. The more precise your audience profile, the more effectively you can tailor your marketing efforts to reach and resonate with them.

Having quality products is the magnet that draws in a multitude of customers to your butchery. When customers know they can rely on consistently high-quality meat products, they are more likely to become loyal patrons and recommend your business to others. Quality not only speaks to the taste and freshness of the meat but also conveys a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. It builds trust and credibility in your brand, setting you apart from competitors and ensuring a steady stream of satisfied customers who keep coming back for more.

Your brand identity plays a pivotal role in your marketing plan. Develop a strong and memorable brand image, complete with a distinctive logo, tagline, and brand messaging that reflects the quality and values of your business. Consider what sets your butchery apart from the competition, and use this as the basis for positioning your brand in the market. In today’s digital landscape, a robust online presence is paramount. Create a user-friendly website that showcases your product offerings, pricing, and contact information. Implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure your website ranks well on search engines. Additionally, maintain active social media profiles to engage with your audience, share enticing visuals of your meat products, and run targeted advertising campaigns.

Discounts, bundle deals, and rewards for loyal customers can foster customer loyalty and drive sales. Collaborating with local restaurants, catering services, or event planners can also broaden your customer base and create opportunities for bulk orders. Local marketing strategies, such as print materials like flyers and brochures, as well as community events and sponsorships, can increase visibility within your local area. Encourage customer feedback and online reviews to enhance your reputation and credibility, while also using constructive feedback to improve your products and services. Allocate a budget for your marketing activities and establish a timeline for plan execution, ensuring that your budget aligns with your business goals and allows for flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions. A well-executed marketing plan is a dynamic strategy that evolves with your business, continuously driving growth in sales and profitability.

Keys to Profitability

Profitability is the heartbeat of any thriving butchery business. To ensure that your venture not only survives but thrives in the competitive market, it’s imperative to grasp and implement fundamental strategies that drive profit. Effective cost management is the foundation of profitability; vigilantly monitor your expenses, particularly major ones such as meat stock and staff salaries. Efficient cost control ensures that your expenditures do not erode your profit margins, and consider exploring cost-saving opportunities by periodically assessing your suppliers and implementing inventory management practices to minimize waste and spoilage.

Your pricing strategy is pivotal in determining profitability. Striking the right balance between competitive prices to attract customers and setting prices that cover your costs and generate a reasonable profit is paramount. Regularly analyze your pricing to remain competitive while maximizing profitability. Consistency and quality are non-negotiable; delivering high-quality meat products consistently not only fosters customer loyalty but also cultivates a positive reputation that can command premium prices, ultimately contributing to higher profitability.

Exceptional customer service can be your differentiator in the market. Invest in building strong relationships with your customers, attentively listen to their feedback, and address their concerns promptly. Happy customers not only become loyal patrons but also serve as brand advocates, contributing to your business’s growth. Explore market expansion opportunities by collaborating with local restaurants, catering services, or grocery stores to broaden your sales channels, leading to increased sales volume and higher profitability. Employ effective marketing and promotion strategies, both online and offline, to create brand awareness, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. Special promotions, loyalty programs, and active social media engagement can be potent tools to enhance profitability. Finally, commit to continuous improvement, embracing technological advancements, optimizing processes, and staying updated on market trends. A dedication to continuous enhancement can lead to cost reduction, increased productivity, and improved customer satisfaction, all of which are instrumental in elevating profitability in the butchery business.

Why You Need A Butchery Business Plan

A business plan serves as a powerful tool for gaining a deep understanding of the profitability of your butchery business and the various factors that can impact it. It acts as a financial compass, guiding you through the complexities of your business’s financial landscape. A well-structured business plan allows you to comprehensively evaluate the factors that affect the profitability of your butchery business. These factors include the cost of acquiring meat stock, operating expenses such as salaries, rent, and utilities, and, critically, the selling price of your meat products. By clearly delineating these elements in your plan, you can gauge how they interact and influence your bottom line. This understanding is essential for making informed decisions about pricing strategies, cost management, and overall financial sustainability. Additionally, a business plan empowers you to perform sensitivity analyses, which are invaluable for assessing how changes in critical variables impact your profitability. For instance, you can model scenarios to understand how fluctuations in the buying price of meat, changes in your selling prices, or variations in the quantity of meat sold affect your business’s profitability. This analysis provides you with insights into potential risks and opportunities, enabling you to develop contingency plans and strategies for optimizing profits in various market conditions. It also helps you set realistic goals and benchmarks, ensuring that your business remains adaptable and resilient in the face of economic shifts and industry trends.

Moreover, a well-structured business plan facilitates strategic planning. It compels you to conduct a thorough analysis of the market landscape, your competition, and your target audience. Armed with these insights, you can identify potential challenges and opportunities, paving the way for strategic initiatives that set your butchery apart from the competition. The plan becomes the canvas upon which you paint your pricing strategy, marketing approach, and operational plans, ensuring that your business is well-equipped for success.

Financial projections also play a pivotal role in the business plan. They provide a critical financial roadmap, offering estimates of your startup costs, ongoing expenses, and revenue forecasts. This financial insight not only assists in securing funding from investors or lenders but also empowers you to manage your cash flow effectively and make informed financial decisions to ensure the profitability of your butchery business.

Pre-Written Butchery Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel): Comprehensive Version, Short Funding/Bank Loan Version and Automated Financial Statements

For an in-depth analysis of the butchery business, we encourage you to purchase our well-researched and comprehensive butchery business plan. We introduced the business plans after discovering that many were venturing into the meat shop business without enough knowledge and understanding of how to run the business, lack of understanding of the financial side of the business, lack of understanding of : the industry, the risks involved , costs and profitability of the business; which often leads to disastrous losses.

The StartupBiz Global meat shop business plan will make it easier for you to launch and run your meat shop business successfully, fully knowing what you are going into, and what’s needed to succeed in the business. It will be easier to plan and budget as you will be aware of all the costs involved in setting up and running the butchery business.

Uses of the Butcher Shop Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel)

The meat shop business plan can be used for many purposes including:

  • Raising capital from investors/friends/relatives
  • Applying for a bank loan
  • Start-up guide to launch your butchery business
  • As a butchery business proposal
  • Assessing profitability of the butcher shop business
  • Finding a business partner
  • Assessing the initial start-up costs so that you know how much to save
  • Manual for current business owners to help in business and strategy formulation

Contents of the Butchery Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel)

The butchery business plan include, but not limited to:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Statements (monthly cash flow projections, income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, break even analysis, payback period analysis, start-up costs, financial graphs, revenue and expenses, Bank Loan Amortization)
  • Industry Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • SWOT & PEST Analysis
  • Operational Requirements
  • Operational Strategy
  • Why some people in the butchery business fail, so that you can avoid their mistakes
  • Ways to raise capital to start your butchery business

The butchery business plan package consists of 4 files

  • Butchery Business Plan – PDF file (Comprehensive Version – 81 Pages)
  • Butchery Business Plan – Editable Word File (Comprehensive Version – 81 Pages)
  • Butchery Business Plan Funding/Bank Loan Version- Editable Word File (Short version for applying for a loan/funding – 39 pages)
  • Butchery Business Plan Automated Financial Statements – (Editable Excel File)

The business plan can be used in any country and can be easily edited. The financial statements are automated. This implies that you can change eg the price of meat, amount of meat sold etc, and all the other financial statements will automatically adjust to reflect the change. 

Click below to download the Contents Page of the Butchery Business Plan (PDF)

butchery business plan pdf

Testimonial 7

I found Startupbiz Global online when I was in desperate need of a business plan. I was overwhelmed by the quality of the business plan, it’s comprehensive and well researched! I did not have to wait to get the business plan, I got it instantly after payment. I highly recommend Startupbiz Global, and would happily use them again in the future.

Testimonial 2

Many thanks for your incredibly efficient service and thorough business plan. I am very impressed with the business plan. Before I bought the business plan, I tried to do my own business plan – it was such a nightmare and it turned out badly, also not to mention the stress it caused me. I wish I knew about your website earlier!

Testimonial 4

The business plan which I purchased from your website saved me TIME and MONEY! The layout of the business plan was excellent. The financial statements were detailed and easy for me to edit. I will come back to purchase another business plan soon.

Testimonial 1

StartupBiz Global provided a very professional and comprehensive business plan which I used for my business. The business plan was easy to edit, and I was able to get the funding which I wanted. I highly recommend their business plans.

Testimonial 5

I was able to understand the business side of farming because of your business plan. You did extensive research; the business plan was well prepared and fully detailed.  It made everything clear, and I have somewhere to start now. I am confident that I am going to succeed in my business because of the guidance from your business plan.

Testimonial 8

Just wanted to say I am very happy with the business plan and I will gladly recommend your products, thank you very much and have a great day.

Testimonial 3

I was extremely lucky to come across StartupBiz Global. Their business plan exceeded my expectations, and most importantly I was able to secure a loan from my bank. Thank you guys, now my dreams are coming true!

Testimonial 6

I purchased a business plan from you, and I’m glad to inform you that I was able to get my loan, and I’m starting my poultry farming business on the 1 st of July. This was made possible because of your business plan. Thank you very much, you made my dream come true.

Get the Butchery Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel)

Click Buy Now  below to purchase using Paypal, Credit Card, or Debit Card. After you have purchased, you will immediately see the download link for the business plan package on the screen. You will also immediately get an email with the business plan download link. The Pre-written business plan package (PDF, Word, and Excel) costs $30 only!

meat shop business

If you want to purchase multiple business plans at once then click here: Business Plans Store.

The business plan package is a zipped compressed file containing the PDF, Word and Excel documents. To open the package after downloading it, just right click, and select Extract All. If you have any problems in downloading and opening the files, email us on [email protected] and we will assist you.

We wish you the best in your butchery business! Check out our collection of business plans  , and more business ideas .

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Starting a Butchery Business in South Africa – Business Plan (PDF, Word & Excel)

Posted by BizBolts | All Articles , Business Ideas , Business Plans , Retail Industry

Starting a Butchery Business in South Africa – Business Plan (PDF, Word & Excel)

A butchery is a very profitable business to start in South Africa. As the average income in South Africa has risen steadily, meat consumption levels in the country have skyrocketed over the past two decades. As incomes rise, meat is becoming more affordable to South African consumers, meaning most meals contain meat. More and more people are in need of protein rich foods such as meat. Over 280 000 tonnes of meat is consumed every month in South Africa. Over the years, the demand for all types of meat has been on the rise.   It is evident that this is a business market that you can explore. A butchery acts as a middle man between the consumer and the farmer.  This article will outline how to start a butchery business in South Africa, and the butchery business plan – PDF, Word and Excel.

A butchery is a lucrative business, providing income for thousands of entrepreneurs, but there are some essential things you need to do before you venture into the butcher shop business. You have to decide on the size of your butchery; location of your meat shop, the kinds of meat you will sell, and your target market. These choices will be affected by the amount of capital you have, and the market you are targeting. You should carry out a feasibility study, market research and have a good butchery business plan before you venture into this business.

Butchery Business Model

Most butcheries source their meat from various farmers, meat wholesalers and abattoirs in order to supply meat cuts to the public and commercial enterprises such as restaurants and caterers. Others process meat into products such as biltong, boerewors, pickled meat, and cold meat. Consumers can buy the meat straight from the butchery or have it delivered. Besides having to source and buy stock, taking deliveries,  and/or collecting stock, you also need to know how to store the meat properly. You also need to understand how to use cutting machinery to prepare the meat. In addition, you must have the skills necessary to serve customers well. Nowadays, a lot of people have a “farm to table” attitude, and they insist on knowing where their meat is coming from. In order to become a successful butchery, you need to have good relationships with the farms you source your meat from and be transparent with your customers. You may also need to be aware of the slaughter techniques and other ethical considerations, especially when preparing Halaal and Kosher meat. Customers really care about such issues and will likely select a small butchery over a large enterprise because of the clarity on the meat’s provenance and its ecological and ethical merits.

Market Research

Before you start any kind of business, it is always best to research the market. By studying your market, you can be in a better position to determine your target customers, the right business location, and affordable meat suppliers for your butchery business. You need to understand who your potential customers are and where they are located. Market research also allows you to understand the specific kinds of meat that are in high demand. According to recent reports, fresh meat is the largest category of meat consumed in the country. This is followed by chilled raw packaged meat, processed meat, whole cuts, ambient meat, and cooked meats. Also, the consumption of meat is higher among females than males. Conducting market research will also put you in a better position to find the most profitable location for your butchery. Johannesburg is believed to be the largest meat market in South Africa, followed by Cape Town and Durban. To increase the profitability of your business, you should be able to go further and understand the demographics of your potential customers. This allows you to identify your target market and learn about them, including their average income and consumption habits. With proper market research, you will be in a position to set up a profitable butchery business.

Location & premises

This is an important decision to make before you start a butchery business. It’s important that you locate your butchery close to your target market. Consider the amount of road traffic, find an easy accessible location where people can stop and quickly get service. There are several possible locations, including shopping centres, malls and the CBD. Opening a butchery close to places that typically have braai areas such as parks and lakesides could be ideal depending on your target market. By talking to people who frequent the park or the lakeside area you are targeting, you could discover that they have to drive long distances to get fresh meat to braai. By opening a butchery nearby you will be solving a problem. You can also collaborate with the owner of a chilling spot that sells alcohol to create a buy and braai set up. The two businesses will feed into each other, there will be no need to compete.

It’s common to see hanging animal carcasses when you walk into a butchery. The cutting, and most of the work done by the workers often happens at the main floor as customers continue to enter and leave the store. However, there has to be some sort of storage system where you put some of your carcasses instead of having it all on display. Butcheries vary in sizes, the amount of space you need depends on how big your market is and what type of meat you will be selling. Your butcher shop business plan should cater for the costs of renting or buying premises.

Competitive Analysis

After conducting your market research, you need to determine where your business stands among various other competitors. The meat market in South Africa is broad, consisting of both large and small players. Some of these include large retail supermarkets that sell a variety of fresh, frozen, and processed meats. You will also compete with well established butcheries that have been operating for decades. There are other small players that are coming up that you should look out for. Understanding who your competitors are will help you figure out what your competitive advantage is. If you can source your meat at affordable rates, you can penetrate the market easily by offering affordable prices. If your advantage is quality, you can sell yourself as a premium butchery. There is a need for a thorough competitive analysis in order for you to determine what sets you apart. When it comes to analyzing your competitors, you must be proactive rather than reactive. With a properly researched competitive analysis, you can determine how you can enhance your own business strategy and unlock ways to outdo your competitors. It becomes easy to keep your customers’ attention. A competitive analysis will help you develop a competitive edge over others in your industry.

Equipment for Butchery Business

You need various equipment for your butchery business. The equipment you need will depend on the size of your butchery business and the kinds of meat you will be selling. Required equipment include industrial deep freezers, cold rooms, display fridges, meat slicers, scales, knives etc. You may also buy a meat delivery van to enable you to transport the meat on your own. Your butchery business plan should cater for the costs of purchasing equipment.

The products to sell will depend on your target niche. The most consumed meats in South Africa are chicken, beef, lamb & mutton and pork in that order. So it will be advantageous to have all these meats in your butcher shop. Other products to consider include sausages, biltong, fish, goat meat, sea food, burgers among others.

It’s also essential to select the right meat suppliers for you butcher shop. You need suppliers who can provide affordable and quality meat consistently. There are two major options available. You can purchase slaughtered meat from meat wholesalers, distributors and abattoirs. Alternatively, you can source live animals directly from farmers eg cattle and poultry farmers. You will then have to slaughter the animals. Your meat shop business plan should outline the products you will be selling and the costs.

Butcher Shop Business Plan

Staff & management

As a customer-centric butchery business, its important that you hire employees that are friendly and efficient. Your employees should be passionate about serving the clients. If you want to hit the ground running it’s better to hire a team of people who have experience in this business. Your staff members should be able to cut meat according to certain specifications. Inexperienced staff members need to get extensive training before they can be given intricate tasks such as meat cutting. The knives and machinery used at butcheries can cause serious injury. Depending on the size of your meat shop, the number of your staff will vary. Required staff include the block man, cashiers, logistics personnel, shop assistants and management. Your butchery business plan should cater for the salaries of your employees.

Some of the day-to-day operation of this business involves:

  • Operating machinery
  • Moving heavy carcasses
  • Cutting and weighing meat
  • Liaising with farmers/suppliers
  • Managing Staff
  • Serving customers

When you are handling food items you should always remain aware and alert by paying attention to what touches your meat. Food contamination can cause serious health issues. It’s also very important to ensure that you stick to all industry related safety measures in place. Safety measures involve having to check if your staff members are dressed appropriately.

Marketing Strategies

These days, the most successful business owners understand the digital landscape, and this applies to butcheries as well. You need to take advantage of social media in order to let potential clients know about your business. Another way to market your business is by participating in agricultural events, especially those with tastings and samples of your meat products. Consider providing free meat samples to potential high-volume customers, as well as clearly and consistently communicating your claims and practices on all marketing materials. Identify your target consumer types and learn to communicate with them in order to find out their needs. Find out where they shop and understand what attracts them to certain places. Do not completely discard the old-fashioned way of marketing. Make use of newspaper advertisements as well as flyers. Do not underestimate the power of “word of mouth.” Positive or negative reviews have a great impact on your butcher shop business. Many businesses get most of their revenue from referrals. In order for your business to succeed, you should take advantage of both traditional and modern marketing methods.

At 8,1% of total sales income by commodity, meat is the top contributor to the total retail trade sales. South Africans love their meat! Meat lovers enjoy fresh good quality meat that’s also reasonably priced. The market is vast. The annual demand of meat in South Africa exceeds 3 million tonnes per year! With South Africa’s braai culture, community stokvels, weddings and funerals, the demand to purchase meat in bulk is high. Businesses such as restaurants, b & b’s, supermarkets, fast food outlets, event coordinators, party planners usually get their meat supplies from butcheries. Individuals are also a huge chunk of the market!

Keys to Profitability

One thing that can determine the success or failure of your butchery is the location of your shop. Consider setting up your butchery close to residential areas or leisure spots. That will encourage consistent streams of business. If you are located far from traffic, consider providing speedy delivery services. Make sure that your shop is close to a good road network to encourage drop-ins. Also, ensure that you set up your butchery in a clean environment with adequate security and a consistent water supply. A profitable operating butchery requires specialized refrigeration, prep areas, and retail space. It is always a good idea to hire highly trained staff for top quality service.


For an in-depth analysis of the butchery business in South Africa, purchase our butchery business plan. We decided to introduce the business plans after noting that many South Africans were venturing into the butchery business without a full understanding of the industry, market, how to run the business, the risks involved, profitability of the business and the costs involved, leading to a high failure rate of their businesses.

Our business plan will make it easier for you to launch and run a butchery business successfully, fully knowing what you are going into, and what’s needed to succeed in the business. It will be easier to plan and budget as the butchery business plan will lay out all the costs involved in setting up and running the butchery business. The business plan is designed specifically for the South African market.


The meat shop business plan can be used for many purposes including:

  • Raising capital from investors/friends/relatives
  • Applying for a bank loan
  • Start-up guide to launch your butcher shop business
  • As a butchery project proposal
  • Assessing profitability of the butchery business
  • Finding a business partner
  • Assessing the initial start-up costs so that you know how much to save
  • Manual for current business owners to help in business and strategy formulation


The business plan includes, but not limited to:

  • Market Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • 5 Year Automated Financial Statements [ Income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, monthly cash flow projections (3 years monthly cash flow projections, the remaining two years annually),break even analysis, payback period analysis, start-up costs, financial graphs, revenue and expenses, Bank Loan Amortisation]
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Risk Analysis
  • SWOT & PEST Analysis
  • Operational Requirements (e.g. equipment required, how to handle meat e.t.c.)
  • Management of a Butchery Business
  • Operational Strategy
  • Why some South Africans in the butchery business fail, so that you can avoid their mistakes
  • Ways to raise capital to start your butchery business in South Africa
  • Directory (Contact details of butchery equipment suppliers, meat suppliers and wholesalers, abattoirs)

The butchery business plan includes technical aspects of how to manage a butchery business successfully. It also includes a mini-directory with contacts which will prove to be helpful in launching and running your butchery business. E.g. it will provide the contact details of the companies that sell meat (wholesalers) ,companies which sell butchery equipment e.t.c.

The Butchery Business plan package consist of 5 files

  • Butchery Business Plan – PDF file (Comprehensive – 91 pages)
  • Butcher Shop Business Plan – Editable Word File (Comprehensive – 91 pages)
  • Butchery Business Plan Funding Version – Editable Word File (Short version for applying for a loan – 41 pages)
  • Butcher Shop Business Plan Automated Financial Statements – (Editable Excel file)
  • South Africa Meat Suppliers and Abattoirs Directory – Supplementary PDF File

Testimonial 6

It is with excitement and pleasure to inform you that I have been successful in securing a loan from my bank. This would not have been possible if not for the BizBolts Business Plan. Thank you for your help, my dreams are now coming true.

Testimonial 2

I am extremely pleased with the business plan and financial statements. The business plan is very detailed & it meets my requirements. I feel better equipped with tools that can help me secure funding.  I would have no hesitation of recommending your business plans to other people.

Testimonial 5

The BizBolts poultry business plan led us down the path from start to finish. Contact details of suppliers of key requirements were included in the business plan. It helped us crystallize our strategy, and the business plan was well received by the bank.

Testimonial 1

Many thanks to the BizBolts team for putting together a fantastic business plan, I could not have done this business plan on my own. I managed to get funding from investors to start my butchery business using your business plan.

Testimonial 3

The business plan has a highly professional look and feel. The research really helps me look deep into the market that I am targeting, it’s well suited for the South African market. The business plan clearly outlined everything I need to start the business and the costs. It’s now easier to budget and plan. Thank you very much.

Testimonial 7

Thank you BizBolts for the business plan. I received the business plan immediately after payment, it was money well spent ! I was able to easily edit the business plan. After using the BizBolts business plan, I can wholeheartedly recommend their products and skills.

Testimonial 4

The business plan was very helpful, you did a great job of taking ideas and putting them into words as well as pointing out other aspects of the business plan I wouldn’t have thought of. I got funding using your business plan and it’s now 4 months since I started my poultry business, and everything is going well.


We decided to make the business plan affordable to anyone who would want to start the business, and the price for the pre-written business plan is only 500 Rand.

We have several payment methods which you can use.

Payment Method 1 (Visa card, Mastercard, Credit card, Debit Card)

Click  Buy Now  below to purchase. After you have purchased, you will instantly see the download link for the business plan package on the screen. We will also email you the download link. Get instant access to the business plan now!

butchery business plan in botswana pdf

If you want to purchase multiple business plans at once using Visa Card/MasterCard then  click here: Business Plans Store

The business plan package is a zipped compressed file containing the PDF, Word and Excel documents. To open the package after downloading it, just right click, and select Extract All. If you have any problems in downloading and opening the files, email us on [email protected] and we will assist you.

Payment Method 2 (Instant EFT - FNB, Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank, CapitecBank, Investec, TymeBank and African Bank. )

butchery business plan in botswana pdf

If you want to purchase multiple business plans at once using Instant EFT then  click here: Business Plans Store

Other Payment Methods

  • Cash deposit into our FNB Company Bank Account
  • EFT Transfer to our FNB Company Bank Account

Call/Whatsapp us on +27606334830 for the other payment methods. (Whatsapp us by clicking the link ). Email: [email protected] .


About The Author


BizBolts (Pty) Ltd is a business research company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We sell prewritten business plans for various industries including livestock production, crop farming and retail businesses. BizBolts also publishes articles on business ideas, business news, business tips, personal finance, and entrepreneur profiles.

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Looking for a butchery business plan for your new or existing enterprise?

Download this butchery Machine business plan, which you can download to present to NIRSAL, TEF BOI, BOA, and   other investors.


1.0. Executive Summary

Biggy Butchery/Meat shop is a standard meat shop business that will be located in the center of Ipata-Ilorin, Kwara and offers quality cuts of meat and other services to our various customers.

We have secured a facility that is enough and also meets the standard of the kind of business we have in mind, which we have set to ensure that we offer fair business practices and are known for that.

We will hire the best available professionals who are qualified enough, prominent, and are willing to work with us and ensure that we build a sustainable business structure. We dedicate to pay full attention to the needs of our customers. We will give discounts to our most loyal customers and also to those who refer us to others.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Bolaji Ajao has over 15 years of experience in the butchery sector of the industry and bring the necessary finance, business insight and wealth of experience that will bring to bear in the success of this business.

2.0. Our Products and Services

Biggy Butchery/Meat Shop deals in all forms of quality meat cut to its various customers in Ilorin-Kwara state. We intend to create a sustainable business. We are intends creating multiple sources of income in line with our focus business concept to generate income

We intend to offer the following products and services;

  • Sale of meat products such as pickled meat, biltong, cold meat products, and boerewors 
  • Distributorship
  • Sale of pork, poultry, mutton, veal and other meat products
  • Pieces of training
  • Consulting services

3.0. Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • Our vision is to ensure that we supply our customers with the highest quality of meats according to their specifications, and also becoming the most preferred butchery/meat shop for all the customers here in Ilorin in five years.
  • To achieve our vision, we will ensure that we get the best and right equipment, location and facility and business structure.
  • We will also ensure that our meat preservation methods are done in optimal conditions.

4.0. Our Business Structure

We intend to ensure that we get qualified and hardworking employees to occupy the various positions in our company. Also, handle the various responsibilities and tasks that these positions will bring so that we will be able to handle our corporate goals and objectives.

Since we would not be operating a traditional butchery/meat shop, we would be employing more than is expected to run a Butchery/Meat Shop. Below is the business structure we intend to build;

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Human Resources and Admin Manager
  • Butchery/Meat Shop Supervisor
  • Sales and Marketing Team
  • Accountants/Cashiers
  • Quality Inspector
  • Customer Service Executive


5.1. Strength

Our main strength is the fact that we aim to offer several services – sale of meat and other meat products and services – to our wide range of customers. Our facility is up to standard and has a large storage capacity that can meet the daily demands of our customers, no matter how high that demand might be.

We also have the best employees who not only understand the sector and business thoroughly but are also attuned to our corporate goals and objectives and are determined to ensure that we can achieve our desired goals and objectives.

5.2. Weaknesses

Our major weakness is that we do not have enough finance and staff strength to compete effectively against already other butcheries/meat shops in our location.

5.3. Opportunities

The consumption of meat by people stands daily regardless of their income or faith, which means that various opportunities continue to teem for us.

5.4. Threats

The likely threats we will face in this business are similar to that which every business faces, which are the arrival of a major competitor offering the same services as ours in the location and severe governmental policies.

 Our Target Market

We are in the butchery/meat shop business to be able to provide our products and services to the following groups of people;

  • Restaurants
  • Researchers
  • Fast food restaurants

How To Download Meat Butchery Business Plan PDF and Doc (With financial analysis)

Pay the sum of  N5000  ( Five thousand naira only)  to the account detail below: Bank: GTBank Name: Oyewole Abidemi (I am putting my name and not our company account so you know I am real and you can trust me, and trace me) Ac/No: 0238933625 Type: Saving

P.S: We can also tailor  the business plan to your name,  business size, capital requirements, and more to fit your direct needs. Call or message +234 701 754 2853 for inquiries.

Thereafter, send us your email address through text message to  +234 701 754 2853.  The text must contain the title of the business plan you want and also your email address. Immediately after the confirmation of your payment, we will send the meat butchery Business Plan to your email address where you can easily download it.

' src=

Dr. Abi Demi is a skilled technical writer and author with specialties in the martech and fintech space. Featured on Tekedia, Coin Review, Business Insider, Fintechna,, Date 360 and several other sterling online publications, Demi is an astute technical writer that specializes in finance, marketing and technology - with over 500 published pieces across the internet ecosystem. Contact Abi Demi - [email protected]


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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


How to Write a Butchery Business Plan [Sample Template]

By: Author Tony Martins Ajaero

In South Africa just like in some countries in Africa, it can be truly challenging starting any business, but one business that you can start with little challenges and wide market coverage is a butchery business or better still slaughterhouse business.

If you are considering starting a butchery business in South Africa, the good news is that you can’t get it wrong because various types of animals are consumed by a large number of South Africans. Please note that starting a butchery business in South Africa requires that you secure the necessary permits from regulatory bodies, although some entrepreneurs run this type of business in SA without the required permits.

So, if you have decided to start your own butchery business, then you should ensure that you carry out thorough feasibility studies and market survey, and secure the needed public health and hygiene certificates and permits. This will enable you to properly locate the business in a good location and then hit the ground running.

Business plan is yet another very important business document that you should not take for granted when launching your butchery business. Below is a sample butchery business plan template that can help you to successfully write your own with little or no difficulty.

A Sample Butchery Business Plan Template

1. industry overview.

Butchery business falls under the Meat, Beef & Poultry Processing industry and businesses in this industry basically engage in the slaughtering of livestock to produce red meat. The butchery business also produces fresh or frozen meat as carcasses and cuts, in addition to by-products like rendered lard, tallow, pulled wool, bone, preserve and pack meat. It is important to state businesses that primarily cut and pack meats from purchased carcasses are also part of this industry.

In South Africa, to become a professional butcher, training is essential and short training courses for a minimum of two weeks are available in South Africa. The training of butchery staff is addressed in the R918 ‘Regulations Governing General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises and the Transport of Food’ of the Health Act, 1977, as well as in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Even though meat consumption based on per capita income is expected to remain stagnant in the next half a decade, economic woes before this period aggravated consumption drops.

Because of recovering consumer sentiment, population growth and strong export demand, meat-processing revenue is projected to increase going forward. In spite of the stability of consumer demand for meat-based products, unpredictable weather conditions and disease outbreaks can cause instability in the revenue generated by industry players.

The butchery business in South Africa will continue to blossom because people will always want to purchase fresh meat. Despite the fact that the industry seems over – saturated, there is still room big enough to accommodate aspiring entrepreneurs who intend opening their own butchery business in any part of South Africa.

In South Africa and of course, in all countries of the world, butchers are required to adhere to stringent hygiene regulations and to undertake general cleaning tasks in the meat preparation and serving areas. Professional butchers may require particular skills and knowledge.

If you are looking towards leveraging on the beef, meat and poultry processing industry to generate huge income, then one of your best bet is to start a butchery business. One thing is certain about starting your butchery business, if you are able to conduct your market research and feasibility studies, you are more likely not going to struggle to sell your meat because there are loads of businesses (hotels, caterers and restaurants) and consumers out there who are ready to buy from you.

2. Executive Summary

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC is a registered butchery business that will be involved in the slaughtering and retailing of fresh meat. Our slaughterhouse will be located close to one of the largest residential communities in Durban – KwaZulu-Natal Province. We have been able to lease a warehouse cum storage facility that is big enough to fit into the kind of butchery business that we intend launching and the facility is centrally located in the heart of town with easy delivery network.

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC will be involved in butchering of animals, producing cuts of beef, lamb, pork, other red meats and selling by-products from the slaughtering process to a wide range of customers.

We are aware that there are several butchery businesses all around Durban that are also into meat and beef retailing, which is why we spent time and resources to conduct our feasibility studies and market survey so as to offer much more than our competitors will be offering. We have a robust distribution network, strong online presence and modern storage facilities and we are armed with the various payments options available in South Africa.

Much more than retailing meats, our customer care is going to be second to none in the whole of Durban – KwaZulu-Natal Province and our deliveries will be timely and highly reliable. We know that our customers are the reason why we are in business which is why we will go the extra mile to get them satisfied when they patronize us.

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC will ensure that all our customers are given first class treatment whenever they visit our butchery facility. We have a CRM software that will enable us manage a one on one relationship with our customers no matter how large they may grow to. We will ensure that we get our customers involved in the selection of the types of animal to be butchered and also when making some business decisions that will directly affect them.

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC will at all times demonstrate her commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a firm, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely.

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC is a family business that is owned by Eric Zulu and his immediate family members. Eric Zulu is a professional butcher with over 10 years’ experience.

3. Our Products and Services

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC is in the butchery line of business to retail fresh meats and we will ensure that we are involved in butchering a wide range of animals that are consumed in South Africa. Our products and services offerings are listed below;

  • Butchering animals
  • Producing cuts of beef
  • Producing cuts of lamb
  • Producing cuts of pork
  • Producing cuts of other red meats
  • Selling by-products from the slaughtering process.

4. Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • Our vision is to become one of the leading brands in the butchery line of business in the whole of Durban – KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Our mission is to establish a butchery business that will slaughter and sell a wide range of animals at affordable prices to wholesalers and retailers in and around Durban.

Our Business Structure

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC has no plans to start an unregistered butchery business; our intention of starting a butchery business is to build a standard butchery in Durban – KwaZulu-Natal. We will ensure that we put the right structures in place that will support the kind of growth that we have in mind while setting up the business.

We will make sure that we hire people that are qualified, honest, customer centric and are ready to work to help us build a prosperous business that will benefit all our stake holders. As a matter of fact, profit-sharing arrangement will be made available to all our old staff and it will be based on their performance for a period of ten years or more.

In view of that, we have decided to hire competent hands to occupy the following positions that will be made available at Durban City® Butchery House, LLC;

  • Manager (Owner)
  • Warehouse/Storage Facility Manager

Merchandize Manager

Sales and Marketing Manager

  • Drivers/Distributors

5. Job Roles and Responsibilities


  • Increases management’s effectiveness by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, coaching, counseling, and disciplining managers; communicating values, strategies, and objectives; assigning accountabilities; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results; developing incentives; developing a climate for offering information and opinions
  • Creates, communicates, and implements the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction – i.e. leading the development and implementation of the overall organization’s strategy.
  • Accountable for fixing prices and signing business deals
  • Responsible for providing direction for the business
  • Accountable for signing checks and documents on behalf of the company
  • Evaluates the success of the organization

Warehouse cum Storage Facility Manager

  • Responsible for organizing the safe and efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of slaughtered animals and byproducts
  • In charge of planning, coordinating and monitoring the receipt, order assembly and dispatch of slaughtered animals and byproducts
  • Responsible for using space and mechanical handling equipment efficiently and making sure quality, budgetary targets and environmental objectives are met
  • Responsible for keeping stock control systems up to date and making sure inventories are accurate;
  • Ensures that proper records of goods are kept and warehouse does not run out of products
  • Ensures that the slaughterhouse facility is in tip top shape and meets the health and safety requirements
  • Controls meat, beef and poultry meat distribution and supply inventory
  • Supervises the workforce in the butchery floor.
  • Manages vendor relations, farm cum market visits, and the ongoing education and development of the organizations’ buying teams
  • Responsible for the purchase of cows, goats, pigs, turkeys and chickens et al directly from farmers for the organization
  • Responsible for planning sales, monitoring inventory, selecting the merchandise, and writing orders for vendors
  • Ensures that the organization operates within stipulated budget.
  • Responsible for butchering animals
  • Responsible for cleaning the slaughterhouse before and after butchering of animals
  • Handle any other duty as assigned by the manager (owner)
  • Manages external research and coordinate all the internal sources of information to retain the organizations’ best customers and attract new ones
  • Models demographic information and analyze the volumes of transactional data generated by customer purchases
  • Identifies, prioritizes, and reaches out to new partners, and business opportunities et al
  • Identifies development opportunities; follows up on development leads and contacts; participates in the structuring and financing of projects; assures the completion of development projects.
  • Responsible for supervising implementation, advocate for the customer’s needs, and communicate with clients
  • Develops, executes and evaluates new plans for expanding sales
  • Documents all customer contact and information
  • Represents the company in strategic meetings
  • Helps increase sales and growth for the company


  • Responsible for preparing financial reports, budgets, and financial statements for the organization
  • Provides managements with financial analyses, development budgets, and accounting reports; analyzes financial feasibility for the most complex proposed projects; conducts market research to forecast trends and business conditions.
  • Responsible for financial forecasting and risks analysis.
  • Performs cash management, general ledger accounting, and financial reporting
  • Responsible for developing and managing financial systems and policies
  • Responsible for administering payrolls
  • Ensuring compliance with taxation legislation
  • Handles all financial transactions for the organization
  • Serves as internal auditor for the organization

Distribution Truck Drivers

  • Assists in loading and unloading live cows, goats, pigs and birds et al and also slaughtered animals
  • Maintains a logbook of their driving activities to ensure compliance with federal regulations governing the rest and work periods for operators.
  • Keeps a record of vehicle inspections and make sure the truck is equipped with safety equipment
  • Assists the transport and logistics manager in planning their route according to a distribution schedule.
  • Local-delivery drivers may be required to sell meat, beef and poultry et al or services to stores and businesses on their route, obtain signatures from recipients and collect cash.
  • Inspects vehicles for mechanical items and safety issues and perform preventative maintenance
  • Complies with truck driving rules and regulations (size, weight, route designations, parking, break periods etc.) as well as with company policies and procedures
  • Collects and verifies delivery instructions
  • Report defects, accidents or violations

6. SWOT Analysis

Our plan of starting our butchery business in Durban – KwaZulu-Natal is to test run the business for a period of 6 years to know if we will invest more money, expand the business and then open our slaughterhouse in major cities in South Africa.

We are quite aware that there are several butchery businesses all over Durban and even in the same location where we intend locating ours, which is why we are following the due process of establishing a business. We know that if a proper SWOT analysis is conducted for our business, we will be able to position our business to maximize our strength, leverage on the opportunities that will be available to us, mitigate our risks and be equipped to confront our threats.

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC employed the services of an expert HR and Business Analyst with bias in the meat, beef, and poultry processing industry to help us conduct a thorough SWOT analysis and to help us create a Business model that will help us achieve our business goals and objectives.

This is the summary of the SWOT analysis that was conducted for Durban City® Butchery House, LLC;

Our location, the business model we will be operating on, varieties of payment options, healthy environment, latest butchery equipment and our excellent customer service culture will definitely count as a strong strength for Durban City® Butchery House, LLC. So, also our management team are people who have what it takes to grow a business from startup to profitability with a record time.

One major weakness that may count against us is the fact that we don’t have our cattle ranch and we don’t have the financial capacity to compete with leaders in the industry for now.

  • Opportunities:

The fact that we are going to be operating our butchery business in Durban – KwaZulu-Natal which happens to be one of the provinces with high purchasing power provides us with unlimited opportunities to sell our fresh meats to a large number of wholesale distributors and retailers.

We have been able to conduct thorough feasibility studies and market survey and we know what our potential clients will be looking for when they visit our butchery house; we are well positioned to take on the opportunities that will come our way.

Some of the threats and challenges that we are likely going to face when we start our own butchery business are global economic downturn that can impact negatively on household spending, bad weather cum natural disasters, unfavorable government policies and the arrival of a competitor within the same location where we have our butchery house.


  • Market Trends

In recent time, consumers are become conscious or what they eat especially as it relates to meat. Those advocating for healthy eating are against the consumption of meat especially red meat. With that, it takes extra effort for those in the butchery business to canvass such people to patronize them especially those who are under a nutritionist.

The truth is that slaughtering of animals for food has been in existence for as long as humans started trading goods, but one thing is certain, the meat, beef and poultry processing industry is still evolving. The introduction of technology has indeed helped in reshaping the industry.

It is now a common phenomenon for butchery houses to leverage on technology to effectively predict consumer demand patterns and to strategically position their business to meet their needs; in essence, the use of technology helps businesses like slaughterhouses to maximize supply chain efficiencies.

8. Our Target Market

The meat, beef and poultry processing industry has a wide range of customers; a large chunk of people on planet earth consume different types of meat or poultry products and it is difficult to find people around who don’t.

In view of that, we have positioned our butchery business to serve consumers in and around Durban and every other location we will cover all over KwaZulu-Natal Province. We have conducted our market research and we have ideas of what our target market would be expecting from us. We are in business to engage in the sale of freshly butchered meats to the following businesses;

  • Restaurants
  • Retailers of meat
  • Grocery Stores
  • Super Markets
  • Wholesale Distributors of meats

Our competitive advantage

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC is launching a standard butchery business that will indeed become the preferred choice of consumers, retailers, wholesale distributors, grocery stores and supermarkets et al in Durban – KwaZulu-Natal.

One thing is certain; we will ensure that we have a wide range of freshly butchered meat available in our warehouse facility at all times. One of our business goals is to make Durban City® Butchery House, LLC a one stop butchery. The fact that our output is sold to incorporate long-term sales contracts, and that we enjoy upstream vertical integration (ownership links) and economies of scale gives us an edge over our competitors.

So also, our excellent customer service culture, neat and healthy environment, timely and reliable delivery services, online presence, and various payment options will serve as a competitive advantage for us.

Lastly, our employees will be well taken care of, and their welfare package will be among the best within our category in the industry meaning that they will be more than willing to build the business with us and help deliver our set goals and achieve all our objectives. We will also give good working conditions and commissions to freelance sales agents that we will recruit from time to time.


  • Sources of Income

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC is in business to engage in slaughtering animals and retailing fresh meats and byproducts. We are in the business to maximize profits and we are going to go all the way out to ensure that we achieve or business goals and objectives. In essence, our source of income will be;

  • Selling by-products from the slaughtering process

10. Sales Forecast

The truth is that when it comes to butchery business, if your business is centrally positioned coupled with a reliable supply of healthy animals and good distribution network, you will always attract customers cum sales and that will sure translate to increase in revenue for the business.

We are positioned to take on the available market in Durban – KwaZulu-Natal and we are quite optimistic that we will meet our set target of generating enough income from the first six months of operation and grow the business and our clientele base.

We have been able to critically examine the meat, beef and poultry processing industry, we have analyzed our chances in the industry and we have been able to come up with the following sales forecast. The sales projections are based on information gathered on the field and some assumptions that are peculiar to startups in Durban – KwaZulu-Natal.

  • First Fiscal Year : R300,000
  • Second Fiscal Yea r: R650,000
  • Third Fiscal Year : R900,000

N.B : This projection was done based on what is obtainable in the industry and with the assumption that there won’t be any major economic meltdown and there won’t be any major competitor offering same products and home delivery services as we do within the same location. Please note that the above projection might be lower and at the same time it might be higher.

  • Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy

Prior to settling for a location to launch Durban City® Butchery House, LLC, we conducted a thorough market survey and feasibility studies in order for us to penetrate the available market and become the preferred choice for households, wholesale distributors, retailers, grocery stores and supermarkets in and around Durban – KwaZulu-Natal.

We have detailed information and data that we were able to utilize to structure our business to attract the number of customers we want to attract per time.

We hired experts who have good understanding of the industry to help us develop marketing strategies that will help us achieve our business goal of winning a larger percentage of the available market in and around Durban – KwaZulu-Natal.

In summary, Durban City® Butchery House, LLC will adopt the following sales and marketing approach to win customers over;

  • Open our business in a grand style with a party for all
  • Introduce our business by sending introductory letters alongside our brochure to households, restaurants, hotels, caterers, BBQ joints, wholesale distributors, retailers, grocery stores, supermarkets and other key stake holders in and around Durban – KwaZulu-Natal
  • Ensure that we have a wide range of meat in our butchery business at all times
  • Make use of attractive hand bills to create awareness of our business
  • Position our signage / flexi banners at strategic places around Durban – KwaZulu-Natal
  • Create a loyalty plan that will enable us reward our regular customers

11. Publicity and Advertising Strategy

In spite of the fact that our butchery business is well structured and well located, we will still go ahead to intensify publicity for the business. We are going to explore all available means to promote the business.

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC has a long-term plan of opening distribution channels all around KwaZulu-Natal Province and key cities throughout South Africa which is why we will deliberately build our brand to be well accepted in Durban before venturing out.

As a matter of fact, our publicity and advertising strategy is not solely for winning customers over but to effectively communicate our brand. Here are the platforms we intend leveraging on to promote and advertise Durban City® Butchery House, LLC;

  • Place adverts on community based newspapers, radio and TV stations
  • Encourage the use of word of mouth publicity from our loyal customers
  • Leverage on the internet and social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other platforms to promote our business.
  • Ensure that our we position our banners and billboards in strategic positions all around Durban
  • Distribute our fliers and handbills in target areas in and around our neighborhood
  • Advertise our butchery business in our official website and employ strategies that will help us pull traffic to the site
  • Brand all our distribution vans/trucks and ensure that all our staff members wear our branded shirt or cap at regular intervals.

12. Our Pricing Strategy

Meats are sold in Kilograms in South Africa. Our pricing system is going to be based on what is obtainable in the butchery line of business, we don’t intend to charge more and we don’t intend to charge less than our competitors are charging in South Africa.

Be that as it may, we have put plans in place to offer discounts once in a while and also to reward our loyal customers especially when they refer clients to us or when they purchase over R5000 worth of meat per time. The prices of our meat will be same as what is obtainable in the open market and it will be based on miles covered and time.

  • Payment Options

The payment policy adopted by Durban City® Butchery House, LLC is all inclusive because we are quite aware that different customers prefer different payment options as it suits them but at the same time, we will ensure that we abide by the financial rules and regulation of the government of South Africa

Here are the payment options that Durban City® Butchery House, LLC will make available to her clients;

  • Payment with cash
  • Payment via credit cards / Point of Sale Machines (POS Machines)
  • Payment via POS machines
  • Payment via online bank transfer
  • Payment via check

In view of the above, we have chosen banking platforms that will enable our clients make payment for meat, beef and poultry purchase without any stress on their part. Our bank account numbers will be made available on our website and promotional materials.

13. Startup Expenditure (Budget)

From our market survey and feasibility studies, we have been able to come up with a detailed budget of how to achieve our aim of establishing a standard butchery business in Durban – KwaZulu-Natal. We know that no matter where we intend starting our butchery business, we would be required to fulfill most of the items listed below;

  • The total fee for incorporating the business in South Africa – Name reservation application costs R50 and company registration R125
  • Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits as well as the accounting services (software, P.O.S machines and other software) – R3,300.
  • Marketing promotion expenses for the grand opening of Durban City® Butchery House, LLC the amount of R3,000 and as well as flyer printing (2,000 flyers at R0.04 per copy) for the total amount of R3,580.
  • The cost for hiring business consultant – R2,500.
  • The cost for insurance (general liability, workers’ compensation and property casualty) coverage at a total premium – R2,400.
  • The cost for payment of rent for 12 months at R1.76 per square feet warehouse facility in the total amount of R120,000
  • The total cost for facility remodeling (construction of drainages et al) – R20,000.
  • Other start-up expenses including stationery ( R500 ) and phone and utility deposits ( R2,500 ).
  • Operational cost for the first 3 months (salaries of employees, payments of bills et al) – R60,000
  • The cost for Start-up inventory – R100,000
  • Storage hardware (bins, rack, shelves, food case) – R3,720
  • The cost for store equipment (cash register, security, ventilation, signage) – R13,750
  • The cost of purchase and installation of CCTVs – R5,000
  • The cost for the purchase of furniture and gadgets (Computers, Printers, Telephone, TVs, Sound System, tables and chairs et al) – R4,000.
  • The cost for the purchase of distribution vans / trucks – R25,000
  • The cost of launching a website – R600
  • Miscellaneous – R10,000

We would need an estimate of Three hundred and fifty thousand Rand ( R350,000 ) to successfully set up our butchery business in Durban – KwaZulu-Natal.

Generating Startup Capital for Durban City® Butchery House, LLC

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC is a family business that is owned and financed by Eric Zulu and his immediate family members. They do not intend to welcome any external business partners which is why he has decided to restrict the sourcing of the startup capital to 3 major sources.

These are the areas we intend generating our startup capital;

  • Generate part of the startup capital from personal savings
  • Source for soft loans from family members and friends
  • Apply for loan from my bank

N.B : We have been able to generate about R100,000 ( Personal savings R80,000 and soft loan from family members R20,000 ) and we are at the final stages of obtaining a loan facility of R150,000 from our bank. All the papers and documents have been signed and submitted, the loan has been approved and any moment from now our account will be credited with the amount.

14. Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

The future of a business lies in the number of loyal customers that they have, the capacity and competence of their employees, their investment strategy and business structure. If all of these factors are missing from a business, then it won’t be too long before the business closes shop.

One of our major goals of starting Durban City® Butchery House, LLC is to build a business that will survive off its own cash flow without injecting finance from external sources once the business is officially running. We know that one of the ways of gaining approval and winning customers over is to retail/distribute our meat, beef and poultry a little bit cheaper than what is obtainable in the market and we are prepared to survive on lower profit margin for a while.

Durban City® Butchery House, LLC will make sure that the right foundations, structures and processes are put in place to ensure that our staff welfare are well taken of. Our company’s corporate culture is designed to drive our business to greater heights and training and retraining of our workforce is at the top burner.

We know that if that is put in place, we will be able to successfully hire and retain the best hands we can get in the industry; they will be more committed to help us build the business of our dreams.

Check List/Milestone

  • Business Name Availability Check: Completed
  • Business Registration: Completed
  • Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts: Completed
  • Securing Point of Sales (POS) Machines: Completed
  • Opening Mobile Money Accounts: Completed
  • Opening Online Payment Platforms: Completed
  • Application and Obtaining Tax Payer’s ID: In Progress
  • Application for business license and permit : Completed
  • Purchase of Insurance for the Business: Completed
  • Leasing of butchery facility and remodeling the facility: In Progress
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies: Completed
  • Generating capital from family members: Completed
  • Applications for Loan from the bank: In Progress
  • Writing of Business Plan: Completed
  • Drafting of Employee’s Handbook: Completed
  • Drafting of Contract Documents and other relevant Legal Documents: In Progress
  • Design of The Company’s Logo: Completed
  • Printing of Packaging Marketing/Promotional Materials: In Progress
  • Recruitment of employees: In Progress

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Don't bother with copy and paste.

Get this complete sample business plan as a free text document.

Butcher Shop Business Plan

Start your own butcher shop business plan

Parkdale Meats

Executive summary executive summary is a brief introduction to your business plan. it describes your business, the problem that it solves, your target market, and financial highlights.">, opportunity.

Meat is the staple of almost everyone’s diet. To keep it healthy and nutritious, people expect the animals to be “free range” and not tainted by chemicals before reaching the dinner table. There is understandably a lot of social concern to make sure the meat industry is not crueler than it needs to be. Where can people trust the meat they eat?

Parkdale Meats is a specialty butcher shop which seeks to serve the highest quality meat cut to customer specifications, as well as become the foremost specialty meats provider in the greater Parkdale area.

butchery business plan in botswana pdf


Competitors for Parkdale Meats fall into the following categories:

•   Grocery Stores: seven stores in the greater Parkdale area

•   Big box retailers: Walmart and Costco

•   Butcher shops: Red’s Meats and Bay Avenue Butchers

Parkdale Meats will establish its competitive edge through the expertise of its founders, Robert Suidae and Eryka Auroch.  Robert brings with him existing relationships with the best meat suppliers, as well as an understanding of the craft of butchering.  Eryka provides understanding of food service management, sales record in business-to-business sales, and financial acumen. Together, the pair will have an edge over the town’s other butcher shops and grocery stores in its niche market.

butchery business plan in botswana pdf

Parkdale Meats is a specialty butcher shop which seeks to serve the highest quality meats cut to customer specifications, as well as become the foremost specialty meats provider in the greater Parkdale area.


The business will grow from its own cash flow post-startup.  There is room for significant growth in the initial target markets before the shop needs to take on additional staff or move to a larger facility.

Financial Highlights by Year

Financing needed.

Each of the two founders, Robert Suidae and Eryka Auroch, are investing $65,000 of their own money for a total of $130,000 in initial investment.

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butchery business plan in botswana pdf

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  • Bank/SBA Business Plan
  • Strategic/Operational Business Plan
  • L1 Visa Business Plan
  • E1 Treaty Trader Visa Business Plan
  • E2 Treaty Investor Visa Business Plan
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Butcher Shop Business Plan Sample

MAR.19, 2019

Do you want to start butchery business plan?

Do you want to start a butcher shop? Opening a butcher shop is not only an easy business venture but also very profitable. To make the most out of your startup and make it a success, you need to develop a business plan first.

Below we have provided an in-depth professional business plan of a butchery business startup, named ‘Meat & Meat,’ to help you make one for your business.

Executive Summary

Before you think about how to open a butcher shop , you will have to develop a comprehensive butcher shop business plan   which will serve as a guide for you throughout your business journey.

2.1 The Business

Meat & Meat will be a licensed and ensured butchery shop located in the center of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Meat & Meat will be a one-stop shop to fulfill all the meat-related needs of the customer.

2.2 Management

The business will be solely owned and operated by Mike Kin been working in the meat industry for the last 15 years and is known for his exceptional management skills. Mike will hire a small team comprising of butchers, drivers, and assistants for operating and managing the shop.

2.3 Customers

Our customers will be the residential community living near our shop as well as different businesses like hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores. We will provide fresh and highest quality meat including beef, chicken, mutton, pork, and fish, all of which will meet the quality standards set by federal and state food authorities.

2.4 Target of the Company

Our target is to become the most trustworthy meat supplier of the city within six months of our launch and open five more shops by the end of the third year in different cities, as indicated in our butcher shop business plan .

Company Summary

3.1 company owner.

Mike Kin doesn’t have a college degree but when it comes to business, he knows it all. Mike has been working in the meat industry ever since he graduated from high school. He had the opportunity to work in several national and international food processing brands.

Known for his business acumen and incredible management skills, Mike enjoys extensive contacts in the meat and food processing industry.

3.2 Why the Business is being started

Mike is starting a butcher shop business to enter the gigantic food processing industry. This startup will serve as the first step for him and would eventually pave the way for bigger initiatives.

Mike will be launching his first meat shop in Harrisburg and plans to open his outlets in five more cities within the next three years.

3.3 How the Business will be started

Meat & Meat will be launched in a 300 square foot shop located in the center of the city. The shop was previously in use as a grocery store, so it would be easily converted into a butcher shop business. The b usiness plan for butcher shop   developed by Mike dictates all the things which will be needed for the startup. They include a meat storage facility, meat packaging facility, meat transportation vehicles, woodwork for display, and furniture for Mike’s office and guests’ waiting room.

Mike made a contract with a slaughterhouse located in a suburban part of the city to provide an unending supply of meat. Negotiation with a slaughterhouse is important and must be done before starting a butcher shop business plan so that other things can be planned accordingly. The company’s financial experts have forecasted following costs for the start-up:

The detailed start-up information is as follows:

Meat & Meat will be a one-stop shop for the customers to fulfill all their meat-related needs. The shop will provide fresh and highest quality meat, which meets all quality standards set by federal and state food authorities. According to Mike’s butchery business plan , his shop will provide the following products to its customers:

  • Poultry : Chicken Kiev, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Cutlet, Kebab
  • Lamb : Chop, Flank, Leg
  • Pork : Boiling Bacon, Chop, Rasher, Sausage
  • Beef : Filet Porterhouse Steak, Rib-Eye Steak, Roast Beef, T-Bone Steak, Mignon, Kebab, London Broil
  • Fish : Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp

Marketing Analysis of Butchery Business

The most important component of an effective business plan for a butcher shop  is its accurate marketing analysis. Considering the importance of this phase, Mike acquired the services of marketing experts to help him. They helped him prepare a meat market business plan and also guide him how to start a butcher shop.

5.1 Market Trends

As for a general trend, the market demand for butcher businesses is on the rise, mainly because of the rapidly growing fast food industry. According to recent statistics, there are more than 6,000 federally registered meat slaughtering and processing facilities in the United States. From restaurants to grocery stores, hotels to households, meat is an important food material for US citizens.

According to recent statistics, the US meant consumption was around 55% for red meat, 36.8% for poultry and 8.2% fish. These stats will be thoroughly considered while designing the market strategy of our meat retailing business .

5.2 Marketing Segmentation

Before starting a butcher shop business , it is extremely important for you to identify your target audience so that you can find ways to attract them towards you and convert them into your customers. Our marketing experts have identified the following type of target audience for our business for butcher shop.

The detailed marketing segmentation comprising of our target audience is as follows:

5.2.1 Local Community: The first category of our customers includes the community residing near our shop. The community includes both single and married persons and we have the right products for everyone. From red meat to chicken and fish, we will provide high-quality and fresh meat for all the non-veg members of the local community. We will also provide meat in ready-to-cook packaging.

5.2.2 Hotels & Restaurants: The second group of our target customers will be the hotels and restaurants located in the vicinity of our shop. Meat products are an essential offering of all hotels and restaurants so we can get a lot of business from this customer group.

5.2.3 Grocery Stores: The third category includes the grocery and convenience stores located near us. Many people prefer to shop everything from grocery stores and they usually don’t visit meat shops for the purpose. We will supply the chief portion of our ready-to-cook meat to this consumer group.

The detailed market analysis of our potential customers is given in the following table:

5.3 Business Target

Our business targets are as follows:

  • To become the most trustworthy meat supplier of the city within six months of our launch
  • To recover the initial investment group for your business within one year of launch by increasing sales
  • To open five more shops by the end of the third year in different cities, which will be decided later

5.4 Product Pricing

After considering the market demands, we have priced all our products in similar ranges as of our competitors. Though our prices will be the same, we will offer better quality meat to our customers that will meet all the standards of food authorities.

Sales strategy is one of the most important components of a butcher shop business plan   and hence it must be developed with great care. Sales strategy must be planned before you think about other details of how to start a butcher shop business because it will decide the success of your business.

6.1 Competitive Analysis

We will be facing a really tough competition because there are numerous butcher shops and meat providing facilities in our vicinity. However, we can out-perform our competitors by providing exceptional quality products. In addition to that, our excellent customer service would also help us retain our customers. Our location is the perfect location to start a butcher shop since it is almost in the center of the city.

6.2 Sales Strategy

We will deploy both new and tested sales strategies to target our customers. Some of the innovative strategies that we will use to attract, convert and retain our customers are as follows:

  • Conducting health-related seminars, webinars, workshops, and conferences in different institutions to advance the importance of healthy meat. By these sessions, we will also advertise ourselves as the one-point stop to get all healthy meat.
  • Advertising our meat shop in food magazines, TV stations, newspapers, and social media.
  • Offering a 20% discount on all our products for the first three months of our launch.

6.3 Sales Monthly

6.4 sales yearly, 6.5 sales forecast.

Our forecasted sales pattern, in accordance with our b usiness plan for butchery , is given in the following column chart:

The detailed sales forecast is given in the following table:

Personnel plan

It is highly advisable to prepare a personnel plan before you think about how to set up a butchery business since it is one of the biggest contributing factors of the success of any business. Preparing it well ahead allows you to make better choices in other aspects.

The personnel plan for Meat & Meat is as follows:

excellent work

excellent work, competent advice. Alex is very friendly, great communication. 100% I recommend CGS capital. Thank you so much for your hard work!

7.1 Company Staff

Mike will act as the CEO of the company and will initially hire following people on renewable contracts of one year:

  • 1 Manager to manage the overall operations
  • 2 Cashiers to receive cash from the people
  • 2 Accountants to maintain financial records
  • 4 Sales Executives responsible for marketing and advertising the butcher shop
  • 10 Butchers for meat processing
  • 6 Packaging Assistants for meat packaging
  • 5 Drivers for transportation purposes
  • 8 Cleaners for cleaning purposes

7.2 Average Salary of Employees

The average salary of employees is as follows:

Financial Plan

The final thing to do before you think about how to start a meat market  is to develop a comprehensive financial plan which will cover the detailed costs of your startup. It should include all the costs starting from the rent of the shop to the costs incurred on the procurement of inventory. Before starting his butchery business , Mike acquired the services of financial experts to develop a b usiness plan for butcher shop . The financial plan developed with their help is as follows:

8.1 Important Assumptions

8.2 brake-even analysis,  8.3 projected profit and loss, 8.3.1 profit monthly, 8.3.2 profit yearly, 8.3.3 gross margin monthly, 8.3.4 gross margin yearly, 8.4 projected cash flow, 8.5 projected balance sheet, 8.6 business ratios.

Download Butcher Shop Business Plan Sample in pdf

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