Performance Task 1: The IRR (Individual Research Report) 

& tmp (team multimedia presentation), 20% of overall score  , this task is critical to practice in the f all so students get a feel for working with a team as well as who they work or don't work well with. it also helps prepare them for skills necessary for pt1 (many of which are unfamiliar to students) such as how multiple perspectives fit together to form a complete picture of a problem and how to dive into solutions and evaluate them for effectivity.  .

AP Live PT1 Video Series: Consider showing these videos to students in the Fall (a combination of watching in class and at home). Then, when beginning this task as part of the exam, show excerpts as needed.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Video 5:

Video 6:

Video 7:

Video 8:

Video 9:

PT1 Scoring Rubric:

TMP Power Point Examples:

Menstrual Health in India

Sleep Deprivation

Waste Management in the US

High Scoring Sample Papers:

PT1: IRR: High (Deinstitutionalization, Patient Perspective - from 2017)

PT1: IRR: High (Human Germline Editing - from 2018)

PT1: IRR High (Heroin Epidemic - from 2019)

PT1: IRR High (Cambodian Women AND Renal Transplant - first two papers are high scoring - from 2020)

PT1: IRR High (Space Privatization, Political Implications - from 2021)

PT1: IRR High (South Africa's Struggles with Stigmatization - from 2022)

Notes and Other Resources for PT1:

Student Questionnaire: PT1

Team Planning Sheet and 1st Meeting Agenda

Practice PT1 Team Reflection 

IRR Checklist

Complete PT1 Task Directions 2022

Final IRR Checklist:

A few things before we upload:

Make sure you check your paper against my checklist (it includes how to format the first page) .

Make sure you check your paper against the sample APA paper (under APA Style Resources).

Make sure you have a digital copy, saved a s a PDF, completely edited and ready to upload . We'll walk through submission together.

Make sure you remember your College Board login - you need it to access the Digital Portfolio.

Finally, make sure you've submitted a copy of your IRR (draft is fine) to 

Welcome to AP Seminar

End of Course Exam Resources

Performance task 1 resources, group media presentations (practice round), unit 2: race relations in the united states, affirmative action, segregation in america's public schools, ​black lives matter.

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IRR Examplars and Rubric

Examplar #1:  Should the Drinking Age be Lowered to 18?  (scientific lends)

Exemplar #2:  Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished in the United States?  (economic lens)

Exemplar #3:  Should the Southern Border of the United States be Better Regulated?  (political lens)

Exemplar #4:  Should Zoos be Abolished?  (environmental lens)

Exemplar #5:  Should deinstitutionalization be continued?  (social and cultural lens - this high level paper cane be found on pages 4-11 of the attachment. You can also read medium and low level papers here, and see comments from the College Board on all of them at the end).   

Rubric for the IRR (page 2 of the document):  

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