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FREE Paraphrasing Tool

All It Takes to Rephrase Your Documents Is Just a Minute. So, Why Wait? Give It a Try!

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  • Fluency Fixes grammar Errors & Simplify Sentence structure Sign In To Unlock

Complete Paraphrasing of text with Conciseness & Clarity

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You should either upload the text directly here, or drag & drop it in the box, or copy-paste the text before clicking on the 'Paraphrase' button.

The paraphrasing tool scans the text and rephrases it without changing the actual meaning of the sentences in the text.

Finally, you will receive a zero-plagiarized text that is totally rephrased using this perfect free paraphrasing tool.

When you spin content using our free paraphrasing tool online, you do not need to bother about plagiarism. Wondering why? Our tool rephrases your document sentence-by-sentence without losing the actual meaning and ensuring that no traces of plagiarism are left in it. So, with us, genuine work is guaranteed.

When you turn to our best paraphrasing tool, you get the best quality document. Though this document is paraphrased, you can be assured of each word, sentence, and paragraph in top quality without any compromise on grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences, or any other such errors

Wondering if we can rephrase your document, irrespective of the type? Yes, our paraphrasing tool online free is apt for all document types, right from assignments, case studies, dissertations, essays, homework, thesis to research papers. So, be assured that any document can be rephrased with our tool.

You can be assured of scoring top grades in your documents by using our free paraphrasing tool. You do not need to bother about plagiarism, quality, formatting, or structure; our tool will rephrase your documents in the exact format, right spellings, correct gist of sentences, and with no traces of plagiarism in it.

Students studying in schools, colleges, and universities have to write numerous assignments during their academic period. They have to balance between exams, assignments, projects, research work, and a lot of other things. But, if they fail in any of them, it costs them good grades, and sometimes, they even have to rework on it all from the beginning. So, they need to work on this with extra care, but managing so many things at the same time becomes too tough for students.

This is when our free paraphrasing tool online comes into the picture. This is a simplified tool that can help you complete your document in no time. All you need to do is upload your piece of writing and click on the 'Paraphrase' button. That's it; in no matter of time, you will receive a completely paraphrased document without losing the actual meaning of the sentences and with no traces of plagiarism. Here are two main best features of this tool:

Improvised Vocabulary:

Our paraphrasing tool online will not just help paraphrase those sentences in your document but will replace those words with better synonyms. This thus improves the vocabulary of the document making it more precise, clear, and to the point. This tool helps upgrade your simple document with rich words for better grades.

Affordable Prices:

Zero plagiarism, instant delivery, top-quality content, no scope of errors and easy usability may sound fancy and expensive to students. But, breaking this myth, our best paraphrasing tool is completely pocket-friendly so that students do not get financially burdened with this. You can get your 250-words document paraphrased for free. But, if the word count exceeds, then you need to pay a minimal charge.


Addison Wales

Steve Goodwill

Steve Goodwill

Stella Josh

Stella Josh

Dr. Kim Jones

Dr. Kim Jones

Get best-quality paraphrasing at affordable prices!

Paraphraser is ideal for avoiding plagiarism and any similarity of the content with any other content. The right paraphrasing technique can help enhance the document's quality, but the incorrect one can again put students in trouble. Professional paraphrasers use their best knowledge to make the document perfect from all perspectives, especially language and grammar. Scoring top grades is easy with a perfect quality document. Get the best quality paraphrased document at the best prices!

Our free paraphrasing tool is all you need now. But, to make your complete academic journey smooth, you need more academic tools like referencing tools, paraphrasing tools, grammar checker tools, and essay typer tools. If you need all of them, then don’t worry; we have your back!

Why Should I Use Online Paraphrasing Tool?

Students are recommended to use a free online paraphrasing tool because it saves time by instant delivery and also provides them with top-quality content.

What Should I Take: Manual or Automatic Paraphrasing?

Manual or automatic paraphrasing is completely based on the situation you are in right now. If you want immediate work, then go for an automatic one but if you want a perfect document and have time, then go for manual.

How Can I Get My Document Paraphrased?

There are two common ways to get your document paraphrased by us: one is to use this tool and get instant delivery, or another option is to seek help from our professional paraphrasers who will get this done for you.

How Much Do You Charge for Paraphrasing My Document?

We do not charge anything for paraphrasing a document of 250 words; you can directly get it by clicking on the 'Paraphrase' button. But if your document exceeds 250 words, then we charge a minimal amount which is again budget-friendly for students.

How Much Time Do You Take to Paraphrase My Document?

If you use our automatic paraphrasing tool online free, it hardly takes a few minutes, but if you want manual paraphrasing, then it takes a slightly longer time as professionals would be manually working on it.

What Makes Your Tool the Best Among All Tools Online?

There are numerous paraphrasing tools online, but what makes ours the best is, we guarantee top quality, timely delivery, zero errors, perfect format, and no plagiarism in the document.

Is Paraphrasing Documents a Legal Practice?

Paraphrasing a document means understanding the meaning of that document and explaining it in your own words. But, using someone's work as it is without giving author credits in it is plagiarism and punishable. So, paraphrasing is legal if not plagiarized.

Can I Trust You with Genuine Paraphrased Tool?

Numerous students have been using our tool multiple times now. They have not just got top-quality work with rich vocabulary and zero errors, but also, they score high grades, which proves that we are genuine.

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Online Sentence Paraphrasing

What is paraphrasing.

Cambridge Dictionary defines the word Paraphrasing is taken to be one of the most important parts of the English concern. By using paraphrasing tool you will rephrase the thoughts of one and information into your thoughts or phrases.

One of the fine and best beneficial approaches of rewriting by this tool that the sentences is all about the proper use of some of the phrases as a whole as possible within the best or unique content. You must make or maintain certain that you no longer outcome with any type of transformation and modification inside the whole elaboration of the paraphrased context that you were considering to carry out as you will be rewriting out.

This Paraphrase tools are commonly known as article rewrites, content spinners, sentence transformers, etc. by using this tool:

  • You can rewrite the assignments,
  • Rephrase the essay and various assignments related to academics.

Although, this paraphrasing tool is created for one action and multiple use. To summarize, it is a simple rewriting of the material.

Its main objective of this tool is to assist the scholar or a writer to locate a course of action to liaise their determination or an article in an advanced way and an innovative course of action and also to fully reinvigorate the details which are already available on the internet. This is a best paraphrasing tool or software on the internet proffer a definite level of reliability in opposition to the prospective for plagiarism by permitting you to write the equal or same ideas over again without agonizing about it.

Having this software or tools accessible will assist you to initiate your process of writing untimely. These tools will assist you to pivot on your notion and thinking and produce a possibility of better writing.

Do this tool is the sentence rewriting work?

Yes, this is a sentence rewriting software or tool to rephrase the original content or already available content on the internet to reduce the level of plagiarism.

  • This is a best rewriting tool should always keep the information or content of the already available content or source of information, but you can use various types of words (synonymous) to express them.
  • There is also available mechanised pervasive word clarifying technologies, which includes Artificial intelligence and algorithms that will use a unique algorithm to assist search whole or complete phrases, types of expressions or sentences that have been changed, synonymised or modified.
  • After entering the text in the software as input, that software or a tool transform it or converts it, take care of meaning and then create a synonym of that word or sentence. All you have to do is typing and then paste the content or already available source on the internet that you want to rewrite or rephrase.
  • When producing or creating content or information for Search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM), we endeavour to retain it delightful, interesting and useful of the visitor or a guest.
  • If you are demanding the maximum traffic to your website, you are required to avail of different or unique types of material as it will maintain or retain penalties of Google for copied text or content at bay.
  • If you are expected to make a large amount of content or material fast, focus on optimizing your flow of work.

Some suggestions and recommendations for using this paraphrase tools or software:

  • An alternative or substitute paraphrase should be used in place of original or already existed content.
  • The part or section you are rephrasing should be written in your own words.
  • If you change the structure of the sentence, you are not variant the meaning of the words or the sentence or paragraphs.

Pros of this paraphrasing tool

Paraphrasing of the sentence avails the best or better chances to increase your skills and knowledge about the topic which you are rephrasing or rewriting. Comprehension about the growth of the subject or the topic when you are trying to write in your own words.

Rephrasing the sentence or content into your own words is pervasive or dynamic for the future instead of quotation. It is so just because you do not require recalling or recollecting the real or original content or words all the time. You can write about the topic or subject efficaciously or effectively when you have learned the basic concept of it. In rephrasing content or text you can use a fewer number of words as compare to the original for your availability or ease. In paraphrasing a text you always summarise the original text.

When you use the reward generator software to make or generate content or words for you then you are available or able to get your essential documents without any expenses or spending any finance and time due to it is a free tool or software to use.

Cons of this paraphrasing tool

Paraphrasing or rewriting is a very difficult job to do as you required being very cautious while rephrasing the content, word or sentence. The real or original meaning of the word can be changed undesirably and maybe you will not check the changes you made by chance.

Quotation use is the best way for writing instead of rewriting or rewording. If the real or original text is clearly précised, accurate and very well explained, then it is not necessary change and it is better to use it without any changes for the aim to know or let the writer to express his sentiments or feelings in his sentences, words or content.

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Online Free Samples

Free Paraphrasing Tool: The Best Text Re-Writing Software

Get rewritten articles, essays or any document, having the same meaning and essence., check the price for your project, benefits of using our paraphrasing tool online.

Zero Plagiarism

Zero Plagiarism

The use of modern artificial intelligence in the paraphrasing tool online enables it to rewrite the content using appropriate synonyms. The new technology in our tool ensures the rewritten content with zero percent plagiarism.

Instant Result

Instant Result

Students could save a significant amount of time by using our paraphrasing tool online. Paraphrasing is a very demanding task and thus the task to re-draft a document from scratch consumes significant time if done manually. By using our paraphrasing tool online, you could. get the paraphrased content in two clicks.

No File Size Limit

No File Size Limit

The paraphrasing tool online provides the user with the facility to paraphrase multiple documents simultaneously. You would get the paraphrased content, no matter how huge is the submitted content.

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You could submit very high-quality literature in our tool and could get the rewritten document with the best possible quality. The use of our paraphrasing tool online would surely bring you higher grades in the academic evaluation.

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Paraphrasing tool online: The Panacea for academic writing

The issue of plagiarism is considered to be a very serious offense in the field of academics. Drafting the assignments by lending out someone else’s ideology with no proper acknowledgment is purely unethical as per the academic norms. Students should understand that the occurrence of plagiarism occurs both via intentional and unintentional manner. It is the intentional plagiarism in the presented assignment that would attract heavy penalty in the academic evaluation. Most of the universities are strictly against it and have included it in the list of culpable disciplinary offense. The issue of plagiarism doesn’t limit itself to the text used in the assignment. It would also affect the sections like computer code, illustrated media, graphs, tables, etc. The student must be aware of the good academic practices while drafting the assignment to avoid unexpected issues in the academic career. It should be understood by our readers that just providing the references for the imitated section would not alleviate the issue of plagiarism. The student should be well acquainted with the quality paraphrasing tools to deliver a quality assignment.

free paraphrasing tool online

The author is not required to give credit for all the paraphrased content in his submission. The instances in which the author is expected to provide the credit to the original source are listed down in the below section.

  • Elaborating the ideas of another author to compare and contemplate with a specific opinion.
  • The paraphrased version still retains all the quality of the argument made by the original author.
  • The instance when the borrowed idea is not a piece of common knowledge.
  • The exact sequence is being retained as it was in the idea put forward by the original author.

In the initial stage of the academic career, the student would just have initiated to develop their sense of authorship. Hence, they are not expected to provide a groundbreaking revelation in their periodic submissions.

It is in this context that the significance of the paraphrasing tool online emerges. The use of an effective paraphrasing tool online would help you in avoiding the risk of content duplication. Like other tools available online, you are not required to possess an API key access for using our paraphrasing tool online. The tool is already by a lot of our clients in generating limitless academic and SEO compatible content. Our expert team has developed out an advanced AI-enabled paraphrasing tool online that would efficiently paraphrase the submitted tool into impeccable academic language.

paraphrasing tool online point

Prominent Features

  • Ability to process humungous files without any glitch.
  • Top class Academic language.
  • Strict use of the academic language and synonyms.
  • Compatible with every device and hence could be accessed from anywhere.
  • High end artificial interface to derive out highly human-readable text.
  • Avoiding the excessive use of the passive voice.
  • Guarantee for zero percent plagiarism.

As mentioned in the previous section of this article, the task of paraphrasing is a very time consuming one and requires high-end vocabulary to commence it. The chances of unintentional plagiarism would significantly increase if the author retains a very meager level of paraphrasing skills. This would evidently impact in the overall grades of the student. Our customized paraphrasing tool online would help you in drafting very quality content which would consequentially help you in fetching good grades. To date, our paraphrasing tool online has provided our thousands of customers with very valid and relevant paraphrased content. The heavy customization and the use of high-end AI interface in our paraphrasing tool online would make it possible to draft very accurate sentence formations.

If you are also in need of a perfect paraphrasing tool online that could provide you with quality content, you are at best place. You could obtain a very quality content by just submitting the document in our paraphrasing tool online. It just a matter of some seconds.

The current version of our paraphrasing tool online just focusses on paraphrasing the English language document. Soon you would be provided the customized paraphrasing tool online which could synthesize other prominent languages. The scope of our paraphrasing tool online doesn’t limit itself to the task of paraphrasing. It could also be used for rewriting the articles, rephrasing and restructuring the sentences, synonym finder, etc.

The implication of our paraphrasing tool online Since our paraphrasing tool online is compatible with most of the electronic devices, it could be accessed from anywhere by the user. Our customized paraphrasing tool online saves you with a significant amount of time and effort and is an essential part of academics. Our paraphrasing tool online is a short cut to excel in an academic career.

The implication of our paraphrasing tool would be an educational experience for the users. It would make aware our students about the sentence structure grammar and effective paraphrasing techniques. The student could take the result of our paraphrasing tool online as a reference and study the techniques utilized in it for arriving at a quality paraphrased literature.

The effort behind paraphrasing and rewriting the whole content It is quite possible that you would be assigned with the task to draft multiple assignments whose context may coincide with each other. If the student has not the linguistic or vocabulary ability to express the same content, the assignments would share significant similarities and would result in the unnecessary risk of plagiarism. Our paraphrasing tool is much significant for students who are facing similar issues. Just submitting the required sections in our paraphrasing tool would provide you with the paraphrased tools.

It is not the hard work but the intelligent work which matters in the academic career. You could use our paraphrasing tool online wisely to gain high grades in academic evaluations.

Substituting the sentences and words with the relevant ones It doesn’t require to be specifically mentioned that paraphrasing tools are used majorly to interchange the content with similar and relevant rephrased content. Our customized paraphrasing tool online is loaded with a large data set of vocabulary and thus has the ability to replace the content with relevant synonyms. The tool could be classified as a better paraphrasing tool only if it has the ability to provide the content with the same meaning.

The reason why our paraphrasing tool online is the best one By now our paraphrasing tool online has gained the reputation of the best academic tool. It is the premium factors included in it which makes our customized paraphrasing tool a number one choice for the international students. Below are listed down some of the compelling characteristics of our paraphrasing tool online which would make it the best available one.

Immediate Result: Our paraphrase tool online is very fast and could save you significant time. Because of its instant nature and high efficiency, the tool could be effectively used for humungous document files

Zero chance of plagiarism: Since our paraphrasing tool is loaded with a large set of synonyms, the perfect document with the exact contextual meaning could be drafted. This would absolutely negate the occurrence of plagiarism in the produced document.

Absence of any malicious content or Virus Our paraphrasing tool online is being updated multiple times and the current version would negate any probability of malicious add on to the produced file. For further assurance, you could run our file in any antivirus software with the latest virus definition.

Avoid Common Paraphrasing Mistakes It is very challenging to rewrite content from a source with an objective of making changes that reduce plagiarism but keeps the essence of the sentence intact. Many of our academic writers have confessed that even they find it puzzling to change the structure of certain sentences to reduce the plagiarism.

When using a paraphrasing tool for the first time, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind, to make the process more efficient and enhance the quality of the text effectively.

Below are some key mistakes which you should avoid while paraphrasing:

  • Abstain from using the same sentence structure as the source text: It is a key requirement of paraphrasing any text. Change the sentence structure so that the plagiarism checking website, do not identify it.
  • Using irrelevant words: English is a very interesting language because there are various words that can have different meanings for different settings. An easy example of it would be using colloquial terms. The meaning of colloquial terms changes with location. Therefore it can have a different meaning for different people.
  • Changing the crux of the sentence: It is one of the most common mistakes made by students. When using the paraphrasing tool in a hurry, they lose focus and go overboard with the changes. It impacts the quality of the text.
  • Deleting huge Chunks of text: It happens quite often that you come across certain sentences and phrases which have very less scope of paraphrasing. Since students lack the time and experience to deal with such phrases, they end up removing the whole patch of text. It damages the readability of the paragraphs and leaves a gap in the text.
  • Reducing grammatical correctness: In order to reduce plagiarism, novice students change certain words such that the grammatical correctness of the text is affected. It is the worst sacrifice you could make when paraphrasing.

The problems and mistakes are quite commonly faced by students and this is why, we have ensured that you don’t face them while using our Paraphrasing Tool.

We have spent a good ampount of time in research and development for our paraphrasing tool to make sure that it fits the academic standards of most universities and academic fields. Our academic experts, proof-readers and developers went through thousands of assignment and research articles from different academic fields, in efforts to identify specific terms and technical jargon that go beyond the scope of your basic dictionary!

Problems faced while paraphrasing College assignments , such as term papers and essay, require a lot of efforts and research. However, no matter how much time and efforts you put in, there are always certain sections of the assignment, which contains plagiarism from different resources; even if you wrote the content from scratch.

It can get you in a world of trouble as plagiarism is not tolerated by the universities at all. They strictly explain in their assignment guidelines to keep the plagiarism under a certain limit, (usually 10%). If your assignment shows plagiarism beyond this limit, you are liable to lose some important points, as well as face academic misconduct allegations.

Getting you plagiarism under control is not an easy task. It requires practice and experience in writing different forms of assignments. In addition to that, the most important quality you need to have in order to reduce plagiarism is a wide vocabulary, to replace the keywords that are attracting plagiarism and great competency in writing from memory.

However, many students lack these skills because it takes years and years of experience with writing academic articles to increase your proficiency as well as to have a wide vocabulary of technical jargons which can fit in the topic of your assignments.

This is why; you have come to the right spot!

The new and improved paraphrasing tool brought to you by Total Assignment Help is developed specifically for college students keeping the academic terminology in view.

Paraphrasing Tool Online Tool Like No Other!

my assignment paraphrasing tool

Zero chance of plagiarism

Immediate Result

Available for access, anywhere and anytime!

Paraphrasing Tool Paraphrasing Tool

We offer a number tools and a plethora of academic resources to take your assignments to the next level! Make the best use of our essay typer, reference generator and paraphrasing tools to take your assignments to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Queries

What is the procedure to use the free paraphrasing tool ?

It is very easy to use the free paraphrasing tool, just follow these steps :-

  • Just Copy and paste the source content in the box.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Wait for few seconds while our free paraphrasing tool will rewrite your Content.
  • Download the content for your use.
  • Amazing 24x7 live support — highly qualified, experienced and friendly customer service executives

How your free paraphrasing tool Is Better Than Others?

Our free paraphrasing tool is based on latest computer algorithms which help this help it to choose the best part of sentence which should be replaced with their most appropriate synonyms. But if you use other free paraphrasing tools you will see that although they also replace the words with synonyms they drastically change the meaning of that sentence.

Can I Use Articles from free paraphrasing tool for Submission?

Yes, you can use it, but is highly recommendable to add certain value from your side on the article you have just downloaded from our free paraphrasing tool

Can I Use the free paraphrasing tool services for commercial gains ?

No, you can’t use our free paraphrasing tool for commercial services, it is to be used for non-commercial purpose only.

What Is cost of the free paraphrasing tool ?

Well, as the name suggests, it is Absolutely FREE.

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FREE Paraphrasing Tool for Students

Top Spinning Tool for 100% Original Paper. Get Rid of Plagiarism, NOW!

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  • Fluency Fixes grammar Errors & Simplify Sentence structure Sign In To Unlock

Complete Paraphrasing of text with Conciseness & Clarity

You can copy-paste text or drag & drop your file on the free paraphrasing tool. After that, click on ‘Paraphrase.’

The paraphrasing tool will scan the text. It will paraphrase the text in seconds while keeping the essence intact.

You now have the original document ready. It is free from all types of plagiarism. Enjoy the 100% original paper NOW!

If you are wondering how to write an original paper, you can take the help of the best paraphrasing tool. It provides 100% original paper by paraphrasing the text safely and correctly. Don’t worry; it does not change the main idea. Your search for the best scholarly re-writer tool ends here!

Often, you end up spending all your time in research and still can’t write an original paper. But, by using this paraphrasing tool online, you can get 100% original paper. It removes and edits the mistakes accurately in a short time. You can invest the remaining time in improving your skills.

You don’t have to worry about the page extensions like doc, Docx, pdf, txt because the tool supports them all. Whether you have an assignment, essay, thesis, dissertation, or any other paper, you can enjoy this feature. A lot of students choose the paraphrasing tool because of this feature.

Academic performance plays a crucial role in deciding your career. If you get poor marks due to plagiarized content, then it can affect your final grade and, ultimately, your career. If you use this paraphrasing tool, then you can easily get the highest marks in the class because it guarantees 100% original paper.

Original paper writing is not easy for students, so they struggle with it. Many times, they have to face embarrassment in front of the class because of not submitting an original document. Intense research is required to produce unique papers. The struggle to write an original paper often leads to late submission, and the professor gives poor marks. Several problems stop you from producing an original paper. Some of the problems are as follows:

Lack of Time:

This is the major concern of every student. Often, you don’t have time to research, analyze, make notes, and then write the document. The problem increases if you have several documents to write. And because of this, you can’t focus on each document equally to write with 100% originality. Use of free paraphrasing tool UK can resolve all your writing-related problems & offer an original document in no time.

Improper Writing:

Mistakes like improper punctuation, wrong spelling, inaccurate sentence formation, and many others don’t leave you alone while writing. These mistakes lead to poor marks. But when you use an online paraphrasing tool, then you don’t have to worry about any writing mistakes. This is because the tool not only takes care of 100% original writing but also improves the quality of your paper.

Low Confidence:

Feeling under-confident while writing is a common issue. It happens because of competition in submitting original & polished papers. Every student wants to get the highest marks. To beat the classmates, you have to produce an original paper. But low confidence stops you from writing in your language. So, you search, ‘which is the best free paraphrasing tool online?’ so that you can also produce an original paper & secure amazing marks.


Jackson Smith

Adam Clark

William Clark

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones

Professional Paraphrasing Is Now No More a Dream!

Want to get a document paraphrased professionally? Bothered about the quality and time needed to get it done? Leave it to experts! The experienced team of paraphrasers closely work on the document, add impressive synonyms that blend well with the content without compromising the gist of the sentences. A proper paraphrased document carries the essence of the actual document without any traces of similarity and adds a personal touch to it. Want to get a paraphrased document at affordable prices from the experts?

Academic life is full of challenges. You have to write various papers like assignments, essays, thesis, dissertations, and more. Apart from writing an original paper, you have to be careful about proper grammar, formatting, editing, and more. More tools other than the free paraphrasing checker make these tasks easy to perform. Your dream for the highest marks is about to turn into reality.

  • Copy text/upload the files.
  • Click on ‘Paraphrase.’
  • The tool will scan your text for few seconds.
  • Download your rephrased document/text.

No!! Our paraphrasing tool can not be detected by your professor. You can freely use it to get 100% original paper and beat Turnitin.

Yes, the team of WebName has worked on the tool meticulously. They discussed every aspect of the scholarly paraphrasing tool and tried to make it comprehensive and reliable. You can trust the results and ensure amazing marks.

This tool is based on the latest technology of machine learning, which is able to scan the data in seconds. It places right & suitable synonyms and leaves no grammar mistakes, so proofreading is also done simultaneously. If you wonder, ‘how to paraphrase a sentence?’ then use this tool and get paraphrased document without plagiarism.

No, it is not plagiarism. The paraphrasing tool UK includes information from the text provided. Then it improves the structure and grammar of the sentences; as a result, there is a 0% chance of plagiarism.

You can use the online paraphrasing tool UK to a maximum of 250 words for free. If you need to paraphrase more than 250 words, then you have to pay a minimal amount. Don’t worry about the prices because they are nominal and would not cost you much.

Yes, this paraphrasing tool generates 100% original documents. The gist of the paper remains the same, and you can get a completely new paper prepared from scratch.

As of now, the free paraphrasing tool supports only the English language. But we have plans to include more features in the coming time so that it can support multiple languages. Now our team is concentrating its focus on making the tool more GUI friendly.

With the advancement of technology, several algorithms came into being. Our developers analyzed them and then prepared the best paraphrasing tool. The excellent features of the online re-writing tool are the result of the hard work of our developers. They spent sleepless nights to make it better than that of others. You can try it and acknowledge the work yourself.

No!! Although Turnitin software is efficient, it only highlights the plagiarized content. Our tool paraphrases without plagiarizing, so you don’t need to worry.

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AI Paraphrasing Tool - Enhance, Rephrase, and Innovate

Say goodbye to the tedious task of rewriting and paraphrasing manually. With our advanced technology, you can now effortlessly enhance your content, rephrase sentences, and create unique, plagiarism-free texts in just a few clicks.

Whether you're a student looking to avoid plagiarism in your academic papers, a content creator seeking fresh perspectives, or a professional writer aiming for an edge in the competitive market – our AI paraphraser is tailored to meet all your needs.

But that's not all – it empowers you to enhance your creativity. Explore different writing styles, experiment with synonyms, and enrich your vocabulary effortlessly. Embrace a world of endless possibilities, all at your fingertips.

Functions of the Paraphrasing Tool

So what is paraphrasing? Paraphrasing is rewriting sentences to express your ideas in a new and clearer way. Our paraphraser tool performs the following major functions:

Avoiding Plagiarism

By generating unique and original content, the AI tool helps users avoid plagiarism issues, ensuring the authenticity of their writing.

Preserving Meaning

While paraphrasing, this tool ensures that the essence and intended message of the original text remains intact, maintaining the integrity of the content.

Supporting Academic Integrity

Students can utilize the tool to paraphrase academic papers, essays, or research materials, upholding academic integrity while presenting ideas in their own words.

Simplifying Content Creation

For content creators, bloggers, or social media managers, it simplifies content creation by generating unique posts or articles with ease.

Enhancing Clarity

The rewording tool improves the clarity and coherence of texts by rephrasing complex sentences or using simpler language, making the content easier to understand.

Improving Writing Efficiency

With its rapid processing capabilities, the tool saves time and effort for users, streamlining the writing and editing process. So it’s just not a sentence rephraser but a grammar checker too!

Adapting Writing Styles

The AI tool can adapt content to different writing styles or target audiences, allowing writers to tailor their work for specific purposes.

Enabling Language Translation

The tool also incorporates translation capabilities, facilitating the conversion of text between different languages while maintaining the original meaning.

Why Use MyEssayWriter.ai’s Paraphraser?

With our exceptional tool, you gain access to what we call the 4Cs - Clarity, Condition, Context, and Consistency:

Your work remains clear and easily readable.

We provide human-level rephrasing.

Your work's original idea is preserved, and the new version fully conveys the original message.


Our tool maintains consistency throughout long texts, offering only top-notch changes.

In contrast, paraphrase bots lack these advantages. They are simplistic, offering only synonyms, which results in an unreadable collection of words.

Advanced NLP Training

We've integrated top-notch machine learning practices to offer you high-quality choices for sentence rewriting. Our software is incredibly effective and stands as the finest tool accessible in the market.

The tool operates on advanced NLP techniques that empower you to craft intelligent renditions of your articles, elevating the presentation of your ideas. This methodology ensures your content flows effortlessly and remains highly readable.

With this paraphraser, your writing style receives a significant boost, enriching your vocabulary along the way. For academic writing, professional research, and creative compositions, this AI-powered text paraphraser stands as the ultimate choice.

Context-Aware Rephrasing

Our AI tool understands the context of your text, ensuring that the rephrased sentences maintain the intended meaning and coherence throughout the entire document.

Customizable Writing Styles

Tailor your content to fit specific writing styles. Our tool offers customizable settings to adapt the tone of the paraphrased text, making it ideal for various contexts.

Intuitive User Interface

Our user-friendly interface makes the tool accessible to all, whether you're a seasoned writer or a beginner. The intuitive design ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Multi-Lingual Support

The tool has the capability of paraphrasing text in over 27 languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, etc.

Advanced Language Enhancement

Our tool goes beyond simple synonym substitutions; it intelligently suggests improvements to sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary usage for a polished final result.

Plagiarism Checker Integration

Our tool seamlessly integrates with a powerful plagiarism checker, giving you the confidence that your content is unique and free from any potential duplication issues.

Auto-Save and Version History

Never lose your progress again. Our AI tool automatically saves your work and maintains a version history, allowing you to access previous versions and review changes.

Who Can Use Our AI Paraphrasing Tool?

Numerous possibilities exist to leverage our tool, and the choice is yours to make. It is commonly utilized by the following groups

For students seeking a fast and user-friendly rephrasing tool to enhance their assignment grades, we have your back. Our free paraphraser generates plagiarism-free ideas for your assignments and helps refine your writing style.

Script Writers

Unleash your creativity and jot down your script ideas and captivating scenarios. Allow our rephrasing tool to handle the rest of the rewriting process, enhancing the appeal of your work to your audience while maintaining its context.

Content Writers and Copywriters

When you need to summarize your copywriting, our tool is the perfect solution. With our easy-to-use paraphrase generator, we preserve the essence of the original content while providing you with a fresh version.

Digital Marketers

If you have tasks involving writing ad copy or SEO-related blog posts, our tool is at your service to help you produce high-performing content that resonates with your readers.


If you are a researcher working on your Ph.D., thesis, or any new research paper, our rephrasing tool is here to support you in obtaining more from your work while avoiding plagiarism. We infuse creativity and sophisticated language into your writing.

Poets and Storytellers

Let inspiration guide you to pen down stories and poems from the depths of your heart and soul. Our paraphraser will help construct your writing in the desired tone and style, ensuring your poems and stories captivate readers with compelling language.

Produce top-performing blog content consistently with the assistance of our free tool. We help you create unique and engaging content that keeps your readers hooked.

So regardless of your project or field, our AI paraphrase is your go-to source for creating magic with your words!

How Does Our Paraphrasing Tool Work?

Our tool is the easiest to use with just two simple steps:

Add Your Content: Just copy and paste the text, article, or document that you want to paraphrase in the window appearing on your screen. Select the Tone: To customize your content according to your requirements, add your desired tone, like formal, informative, funny, engaging, etc.

That’s it! You will have your rephrased content customized according to your requirements within 90 seconds without any errors.

Try our cutting-edge AI tool and unlock a world of creative possibilities for your writing projects. Say goodbye to manual rephrasing and hello to faster, smarter, and plagiarism-free results. Whether you're a student, researcher, content writer, poet, blogger, or digital marketer, our tool is here to elevate your writing to new heights.

Enter the content that you want to paraphrase.

Select the tone to customize your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does myessaywriter.ai’s paraphrasing tool work.

MyEssayWriter.ai uses sophisticated natural language processing algorithms to understand the context of the input text, and then it generates a new version of the text with the same meaning but different wording.

Can MyEssayWriter.ai Handle Complex Sentences and Technical Jargon?

Yes, MyEssayWriter.ai has been trained on a vast range of topics and can handle complex academic language and technical jargon.

Will MyEssayWriter.ai Alter the Original Meaning of My Essay?

MyEssayWriter.ai is designed to maintain the original meaning of your text, but it's always good practice to review and refine the output.

Can MyEssayWriter.ai Paraphrase Essays in Different Languages?

Yes, MyEssayWriter.ai supports more than 27 languages, from French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish to Hindi, Arabic, and a lot more. You can paraphrase text in whichever language you want.

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Ref-n-Write: Scientific Research Paper Writing Software Tool – Improve Academic English Writing Skills

Paraphrasing Tool – Academic Rephrase Tool for Researchers

Ref-n-write’s paraphrasing tool has a powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) module that is specifically designed for academic writing. It is very important to avoid plagiarism when it comes to academic writing. You can no longer use your own text after it is published, it should be paraphrased manually or with a good rephrase tool, otherwise it will be considered self-plagiarism . Ref-n-write has been ranked as one of the best paraphrasing tools available out there. Ref-n-write’s legacy phrase templates feature offers the ability to rephrase sentences individually, while the newly added paraphrasing tool allows the users to rephrase paragraphs with one click. These tools work hand-in-hand with the academic phrasebank and rewording tools to provide a full suite of tools for researchers. This makes Ref-n-write one of the best research tools available for students and academics. In a recent survey of rewriter tools available to students and academics to reduce plagiarism, Ref-n-write was rated as the best scholarly paraphrasing tool . Click here to see the video of paraphrasing tool in action rephrasing a paragraph.

What is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool is used to rewrite or rephrase a sentence without altering its meaning. This is accomplished by substituting any number of alternate versions for specific words, phrases, sentences, or even whole paragraphs to create a slightly different variant.

How do you use the Ref-n-Write’s Paraphrasing Tool in Word?

You have to select a passage and click the ‘Paraphrase’ button in the Ref-n-write’s button panel. Ref-n-Write will rewrite the text and display the results in the panels below. Following figure demonstrates Ref-n-Write’s paraphrasing tool in action.

Screenshot of paraphrasing tool

Can Ref-n-write’s Paraphrasing Tool correct grammatical errors in the text?

The Ref-n-Write’s paraphrasing tool functions as a grammar checker. In addition to rephrasing and rewording the text the tool can detect and correct grammatical errors. You don't have to spend extra money on a separate grammar check as these tools can be quite expensive and you have to sign up for an annual subscription.

Paraphrasing Tool correcting Grammatical errors

How do you Rephrase a Sentence?

Rephrasing a sentence follows the same process as paraphrasing, but the most important consideration is to make the sentence clearer. Rephrasing may or may not be coupled with rewording or synonym adjustments. It may only entail rearranging the original sentence as long as clarity is obtained.

Can Ref-n-write Rephrase a Sentence?

Perfectly! It is an all-in-one tool that will assist you with every aspect of academic writing. Ref-n-write makes it very easy to rephrase, reword, rewrite, paraphrase, cite and avoid plagiarism.

Is it Okay to use a Paraphrasing tool?

Yes, it is okay to use a paraphrasing tool. However, there has been much debate about whether or not using a paraphrasing tool is a good practice. Some may argue that it prevents authors and students from improving their ability to express themselves in their own words. As with any invention, these paraphrasing tools can be misused. But that doesn’t mean using them is bad. These tools provide suggestions and ideas to help the user paraphrase, but the final product is still up to the user. Only when authors, students, or users see these paraphrasing tools as a direct substitute for citation does it become a bad practice.

How do you Paraphrase Correctly?

  • • Read the text to get an understanding of its message and flow.
  • • Identify and highlight keywords that must not be changed to retain the text’s meaning.
  • • Identify words that can be rearranged or moved without changing the meaning or flow of the text.
  • • Identify words and phrases that can be changed and replace them with appropriate synonyms.
  • • Double-check that you included all of the vital information in the original text.

How do you Professionally Paraphrase?

You Paraphrase professionally by following our guidelines on paraphrasing correctly and appropriately citing and referencing the source materials. A paraphrasing tool (ideally Ref-n-write) will make the process quicker and faster, increase the overall quality of your work, and provide you with a greater variety of ideas to work with.

How do you Rephrase a Paragraph?

  • • Paraphrasing each sentence that makes up the paragraph.
  • • Ensuring there is an adequate flow from sentence to sentence
  • • Ensuring every sentence is clear
  • • Ensuring the meaning of each sentence and the overall message of the whole paragraph is not altered

How can I make a Sentence Better?

It is essential that a good sentence be clear, concise, appropriately punctuated, free of grammar errors, and have a proper flow. All of the elements stated above must be improved for a sentence to be better. Effective paraphrasing may help you improve a sentence, and employing the right paraphrasing tools can help you improve a sentence even more.

Can you use the Ref-n-Write’s Paraphrasing Tool Offline?

Most of the existing rephrase tools requires access to the internet. On the contrary, the Ref-n-write’s paraphrasing tool can be operated in both online and offline modes. Following images show the rephrased output of the paraphrasing tool when operating in online and offline modes. If you look at the rephrased paragraph, you will notice that the rephrased sentences are colour coded in offline mode indicating the confidence of each word replacement - green means very confident; blue means moderately confident and red means not very confident. There is no colour coding in the online mode, however the quality of rephrasing is much better in the online paraphrasing mode compared to the offline mode. It is highly recommended to use the paraphrasing tool in online mode since this is much more powerful than the offline mode.

How do you Paraphrase a file with Ref-n-Write?

Ref-n-Write allows users to paraphrase their file one passage at a time. This enables the author to learn and understand the paraphrasing process and do it without outside help in the future. Since Ref-n-write is a Microsoft Word add-in, paraphrasing can be applied directly to the document without losing the formatting.

What is the best free online paraphrasing tool?

There is no such thing as the best online paraphrasing tool. An excellent online paraphrasing tool should provide final paraphrased results that adhere to the steps recommended in our guideline to correctly paraphrasing. Ref-n-write provides a 15-day free trial period in which you can test the paraphrasing feature before charging a one-time fee.

Can I get the paraphrasing tool for free?

As the saying goes, “the great ones don’t come cheap.” Ref-n-write is the best academic paraphrasing tool available. It is a Microsoft Word add-in that is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. If you are a scholar, student, researcher, author, or you have a job that requires a lot of writing, Ref-n-write is the best for you. Ref-n-write provides a 15-day free trial period before charging a one-time fee of around £29.99 for the full version. That is significantly less expensive than any other paraphrasing tool that charges a monthly fee. It aids in citation and allows you to import your source materials and conduct a full-text search to avoid plagiarism. Ref-n-write is the most affordable all-in-one paraphrasing tool available.

What is the difference between free and paid Paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrasing with a free or paid tool follows the same steps as mentioned above for correctly paraphrasing. However, when compared to the paid version of Ref-n-write, using a free tool has some limitations on the word count of the text being paraphrased.

Is Ref-n-write Paraphrasing Tool Safe?

Ref-n-write’s paraphrasing tools are secure and dependable. They take the security and privacy of their members seriously, and they operate in line with all relevant privacy and data protection legislation.

Is using Paraphrasing Tool Cheating?

Some may argue that employing paraphrasing tools is unethical because the information is not original and the tools do not acknowledge the original writer. Paraphrasing, on the other hand, is not plagiarism if adequately cited and referenced. Hence, utilising paraphrasing tools with correct citation and reference is not considered cheating.

Is Paraphrasing Tool Legit?

The utilisation of paraphrase tools determines their legitimacy. When used correctly, they are legal; nevertheless, when misused, they constitute plagiarism, which is illegal. True, these paraphrase tools make work easier and faster, especially when one is on a tight deadline, but they must be utilised correctly.

Can Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing Tool?

An excellent way to avoid plagiarism scanners is by paraphrasing. Turnitin’s algorithms do not detect paraphrasing. They are primarily concerned with recognising similar language structures, grammatical patterns, and phrases. This paraphrasing tool will not be flagged as plagiarised as long as it generates unique content that exhibits little or no similarity to anything in the Turnitin database.

Is Paraphrasing Tool Plagiarism?

As previously stated, combining paraphrasing tools with proper citation and referencing is a good practice. Yes, some of these paraphrasing tools can produce 100% unique content, but the source material should be acknowledged. As a result, if proper citation is not used, a paraphrasing tool can constitute plagiarism.

Is there a Website that can Paraphrase Sentences for you?

You can try the Ref-n-write paraphrasing tool on the website, however it is recommended to install the plugin on your Microsoft Word as it offers more options and is easy to use. If you conduct a Google search, you will be presented with an unending list of websites to consider. Many of these websites reword sentences; they do not adequately rewrite them.

What is the Best Paid Paraphrasing tool?

We are possibly the best paid paraphrasing tool available. Ref-n-write does more than just paraphrase; it also assists with citation and referencing and allows you to import all of your source materials and perform a full-text search to check for similarity and text overlap. Our academic phrase bank provides you with a variety of phrases related to your topic of interest from which to choose. Ref-n-write helps you enhance your writing to suit today’s standards. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it is very affordable compared to other paid tools? We give you good value for your money.

How do you Use the Paraphrasing Tool in Word?

Microsoft Word’s Web version now includes rewrite suggestions, but it is very basic. However, this is a new function and has not yet been implemented on the PC or mobile versions. There are various paraphrasing tools available as Microsoft Word add-ins on PC, including Ref-n-write and many others. These add-ins will assist you in rewording your texts in a variety of ways.

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