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9+ Report Writing Example for Students – PDF, DOC

report writing example for students

Typical Format of a Student Report

  • Letter of Memorandum  – The letter of memorandum states the purpose of the report, brief summary and/or recommendations, and acknowledges others who have contributed. Usually given by person or group who commissioned the report.
  • Title Page  – The title page reflects the exact title of the report. It should clearly describe what the report is about and it should also include the name/s of the reporter as well as the date of publication.
  • Abstract or Executive Summary  – This part of the report states the problem, how it was investigated, what was found, and what the findings mean. This usually consists of approximately 200 words.
  • Table of Contents  – This contains a list of the major and minor topics discussed in the report along with the exact page number where they are located.
  • Introduction  – The introduction sets the tone for the entire report, and it also gives some background information about the topic. This part also states the aim/purpose of the report and outlines of the sections of the report.
  • Main Body  – The main body is organized into comprehensive sections that clearly discusses what was investigated, how it was investigated it, what was found along with the evidence/s, and interpretations of what was found.
  • Conclusion  – This section presents a summary of the entirety of the report. It also explains what was achieved by the report, the significance of the findings, and a discussion and interpretation of the findings.
  • Recommendations  – With the conclusion, a recommendation of what necessary or relevant action/s can be taken is included in this section of the report.
  • References  – This section lists all the references, i.e., relevant books, magazines, scholarly journals and studies, etc., used as reference for the report.
  • Appendices  – Other information that has not been included on the body of the report; for example, graphs, charts, tables, or other data.

Free Student Report Card Template

student report card template

  • Illustrator

Sample Student Progress Report Template

student progress report template

Student Internship Report Template

student internship report template

  • Google Docs
  • Apple Pages

Student Performance Report Template

student performance report template

Student Progress Report Card Template

student progress report card template

Simple Student Progress Report Card Template

simple student progress report card template

Free Student Accident Report Template

free student accident report template

Formal Student Report Example

formal student report example

Final Student Internship Report Example

final student internship report

Student Project Report Example

student project report example

Engineering Students Report Writing Guide Example

engineering students report writing guide example

Student Course Feedback Report Example

student course feedback report example1

Importance of Report Writing to Students

1. teaches students to analyze, 2. allows students to convey their understanding, 3. it has a strong focus on technique and style, 4. teaches students to think critically and objectively, formal student report template example.

formal student report template example

Simple Student Report Example

simple student report example

Student Business Report Template Example

student business report template example

Student Practical Training Report Example

student practical training report example

Final Year Project Report Example

final year project report example

Essential Stages in Writing a Report

1. understanding the report brief, 2. gathering and selecting information, 3. organizing your material, 4. analyzing your material, 5. writing the report, 6. reviewing and redrafting, 7. presentation, more design, 23+ examples of expense reports, 12+ management report examples, samples, 9+ formal report examples, samples, 12+ financial report examples, samples, 9+ internship report examples & samples - pdf, 10+ quality report examples, samples, how to write a short report, how to write an analytical report, 10+ english report writing examples, 10+ expense report examples & samples.


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  • How it works

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Report Writing Samples and Examples

Are you stuck at a phase in your report writing? We have two solutions for you. Our professionals have prepared a few samples of report writing to help students. First of all, You can view it and check the quality of the work that can be expected at Research Prospect. After which, place your order with us, and we will take care of your report writing for you. Secondly, check out these professional report writing samples to follow the structure and format to complete your report now!

Report Writing Sample

Discipline: Counter Fraud & Corruption

Quality: 1st / 75%

The Case of Thai Beverages Public Company Limited

Strategic Management

Discipline: Business

Quality: 1st / 74%

Discipline: Engineering

Quality: 1st / 71%

Discipline: Business CSR

Quality: 2:1 / 69%

Discipline: Project Management

Quality: 2:1 / 66%

Discipline: Psychology

Quality: 2:1 / 65%


Discipline: Management

Discipline: Chemical Engineering

Quality: 1st / 70%

Quality: 2:1 / 68%

Discipline: Ergonomics

Analysis of Banking Structure of Deutsche Bank

Corporate finance report on barratt developments plc.

Finance & Accounting

Exploring youth: The Hidden Issues

Child Development

Global Economic Environment and Marketing

Global professional development, instrumentation & control experimental analyses.

Chemical Engineering

Project Management Plan – Preston City Retail Outlet Construction


Reflective Case Analysis

Why corporate social responsibility is important for developing …., being a global concern, coronavirus pandemic has rapidly become the major issue for most of the industrial department, teradyne is a well-established corporation enjoying 45 years of success in the market, the impossible position of children: they are the reminders of the past and the holders, as scholarship in operations management has gotten more rigorous over the years.

Operation Management

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Frequently Ask Questions?

How our report samples can help you.

A report is a written expression of facts and investigated information as opposed to an essay that presents arguments according to the author’s position on the topic.

The structure of a report is similar to a dissertation. It includes an objective, background information regarding the chosen topic, a description of the method that will be utilized to carry out the research, discussion of the results, and a conclusion.

This is a standard structure that must be followed, with a little variation depending on your tutor’s guidelines and instructions. More sections can be added depending on the type of report you are writing.

To make sure that all required sections are present in your report, we have provided several report writing samples on our website.

These samples are a guide to help you comprehend how reports should be written and what aspects should be included. When you go through our samples, you will get a clear idea as to how a report should be divided into different segments, and what headings, subheadings should be included.

Our academic report samples are designed for students seeking help to correctly structure their report. Academic reports follow a specific structure; thus, you should make sure that all essential elements are included in the final report.

Other aspects that you need to focus on while writing your report is the language, your writing style, and tone. Make use of simple language and keep your sentences crisp and short.

This will ensure that the information is passed on in an effective manner without getting the reader confused. Your tone should be formal throughout the report.

Make use of tables, charts, graphs, etc. to present your analysis and get important information across to the readers. Using graphics and visuals is one of the best ways of representing facts, figures, and statistics.

Review our report samples to understand better how graphics should be used and where they should be placed in your report. If you have additional visuals that you cannot include in the main body, you can place them in the appendices section.

Lastly, do not forget to cite the sources and format your report according to your institution’s guidelines. Presentation and clarity of data carry separate marks, thus failing to accurately format and present your analysis will result in a low score. Follow our report writing samples if you need a refresher on how to format and structure your report.

Need some more guidance for your report? Talk to us! At Research Prospect, our aim is to help students earn better grades. Our team of writers will guide you in the right direction to prepare an error-free and ready-to-submit report.

What type of report writing services does Research Prospect offer?

Our expert academics can help you with all types of academic and laboratory reports. Here are few of many types of report writing services offered by Research Prospect;

  • Scientific Report Writing Service
  • Analytical Report Writing Service
  • Business Report Writing Service
  • Psychology Report Writing Service
  • Lab Report Writing Service
  • Experimental Report Writing Service

What is the quality of your reports?

Our report writers are specialists in making elegantly composed reports. We know this in light of the fact that before they can finish any request, we find ways to ensure they’re completely able to work in your subject and we test them with a commonsense task so we realize they can perform. We read each and every expression of the reports that our writers make to ensure they are of the greatest quality and to promise you get the best taking in experience from us.

Do you provide speech notes?

Yes. We provide you with speech notes if you are unsure about the information you must convey to the participants as you address their questions.

Explore More Samples

View our professional samples to be certain that we have the portofilio and capabilities to deliver what you need.

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Research reports

This quick guide will help you identify the common elements and basic format of a research report.

Research reports generally follow a similar structure and have common elements, each with a particular purpose. Learn more about each of these elements below.

Common elements of reports

Your title should be brief, topic-specific, and informative, clearly indicating the purpose and scope of your study. Include key words in your title so that search engines can easily access your work. For example:  Measurement of water around Station Pier.

An abstract is a concise summary that helps readers to quickly assess the content and direction of your paper. It should be brief, written in a single paragraph and cover: the scope and purpose of your report; an overview of methodology; a summary of the main findings or results; principal conclusions or significance of the findings; and recommendations made.

The information in the abstract must be presented in the same order as it is in your report. The abstract is usually written last when you have developed your arguments and synthesised the results.

The introduction creates the context for your research. It should provide sufficient background to allow the reader to understand and evaluate your study without needing to refer to previous publications. After reading the introduction your reader should understand exactly what your research is about, what you plan to do, why you are undertaking this research and which methods you have used. Introductions generally include:

  • The rationale for the present study. Why are you interested in this topic? Why is this topic worth investigating?
  • Key terms and definitions.
  • An outline of the research questions and hypotheses; the assumptions or propositions that your research will test.

Not all research reports have a separate literature review section. In shorter research reports, the review is usually part of the Introduction.

A literature review is a critical survey of recent relevant research in a particular field. The review should be a selection of carefully organised, focused and relevant literature that develops a narrative ‘story’ about your topic. Your review should answer key questions about the literature:

  • What is the current state of knowledge on the topic?
  • What differences in approaches / methodologies are there?
  • Where are the strengths and weaknesses of the research?
  • What further research is needed? The review may identify a gap in the literature which provides a rationale for your study and supports your research questions and methodology.

The review is not just a summary of all you have read. Rather, it must develop an argument or a point of view that supports your chosen methodology and research questions.

The purpose of this section is to detail how you conducted your research so that others can understand and replicate your approach.

You need to briefly describe the subjects (if appropriate), any equipment or materials used and the approach taken. If the research method or method of data analysis is commonly used within your field of study, then simply reference the procedure. If, however, your methods are new or controversial then you need to describe them in more detail and provide a rationale for your approach. The methodology is written in the past tense and should be as concise as possible.

This section is a concise, factual summary of your findings, listed under headings appropriate to your research questions. It’s common to use tables and graphics. Raw data or details about the method of statistical analysis used should be included in the Appendices.

Present your results in a consistent manner. For example, if you present the first group of results as percentages, it will be confusing for the reader and difficult to make comparisons of data if later results are presented as fractions or as decimal values.

In general, you won’t discuss your results here. Any analysis of your results usually occurs in the Discussion section.

Notes on visual data representation:

  • Graphs and tables may be used to reveal trends in your data, but they must be explained and referred to in adjacent accompanying text.
  • Figures and tables do not simply repeat information given in the text: they summarise, amplify or complement it.
  • Graphs are always referred to as ‘Figures’, and both axes must be clearly labelled.
  • Tables must be numbered, and they must be able to stand-alone or make sense without your reader needing to read all of the accompanying text.

The Discussion responds to the hypothesis or research question. This section is where you interpret your results, account for your findings and explain their significance within the context of other research. Consider the adequacy of your sampling techniques, the scope and long-term implications of your study, any problems with data collection or analysis and any assumptions on which your study was based. This is also the place to discuss any disappointing results and address limitations.

Checklist for the discussion

  • To what extent was each hypothesis supported?
  • To what extent are your findings validated or supported by other research?
  • Were there unexpected variables that affected your results?
  • On reflection, was your research method appropriate?
  • Can you account for any differences between your results and other studies?

Conclusions in research reports are generally fairly short and should follow on naturally from points raised in the Discussion. In this section you should discuss the significance of your findings. To what extent and in what ways are your findings useful or conclusive? Is further research required? If so, based on your research experience, what suggestions could you make about improvements to the scope or methodology of future studies?

Also, consider the practical implications of your results and any recommendations you could make. For example, if your research is on reading strategies in the primary school classroom, what are the implications of your results for the classroom teacher? What recommendations could you make for teachers?

A Reference List contains all the resources you have cited in your work, while a Bibliography is a wider list containing all the resources you have consulted (but not necessarily cited) in the preparation of your work. It is important to check which of these is required, and the preferred format, style of references and presentation requirements of your own department.

Appendices (singular ‘Appendix’) provide supporting material to your project. Examples of such materials include:

  • Relevant letters to participants and organisations (e.g. regarding the ethics or conduct of the project).
  • Background reports.
  • Detailed calculations.

Different types of data are presented in separate appendices. Each appendix must be titled, labelled with a number or letter, and referred to in the body of the report.

Appendices are placed at the end of a report, and the contents are generally not included in the word count.

Fi nal ti p

While there are many common elements to research reports, it’s always best to double check the exact requirements for your task. You may find that you don’t need some sections, can combine others or have specific requirements about referencing, formatting or word limits.

Two people looking over study materials

Looking for one-on-one advice?

Get tailored advice from an Academic Skills adviser by booking an individual appointment, or get quick advice from one of our Academic Writing Tutors in our online drop-in sessions.

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