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task manager program

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task management software

25 Task Management Software & Tools To Work Faster in 2023

  • October 10, 2023

Task Management Software is a useful tool for individuals and teams in the workplace. And as more teams transition to remote work and look for ways to improve collaboration and productivity, task management tools are more important now than ever. 

The core of task management is the organization of specific pieces of work, coordinated to facilitate maximum collaboration between teams.

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What is Task Management Software?

By definition, task management tools are any digital platform that helps individuals and teams manage their tasks. These are more than just simple to-do-lists. Task management tools allow teams to collaborate digitally by organizing, prioritizing, and assigning tasks to each other. 

So what exactly does task management software do? As with most software, there is a range of complexity and technological advancement among different systems. With that being said, typical features include: 

  • Task scheduling to set deadlines in advance.
  • Task customization and editing to update for specific situations. 
  • Task assignment , which may include internal coworkers, external partners, or both.  
  • Notifications/Alerts to remind users about upcoming tasks and responsibilities. 
  • Recurring tasks or templates to standardize repetitive steps in your workflow.  
  • Sub-tasks or parent tasks to create additional steps within a task.   
  • Time Tracking to record the amount of time spent on tasks.
  • Progress reporting to track current positioning in regards to the overall goal.
  • Task organization using tags, labels and channels to group by common team or project. 
  • To-do-lists for easy task visualization.

Benefits Of Using Task Management Systems 

task management software benefits

Whether you use task management systems as an individual or as part of a team, there are many benefits to your daily workflow. Three of the top benefits include:

Streamlined workflow. Task management software helps individuals and teams record, assign, and organize all of the processes of a given workflow. This is beneficial because it ultimately reveals where there are redundancies, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks to be fixed. 

Improved productivity. Task management software reduces the number of time workers have to spend sifting through information and getting organized. It also helps workers prioritize tasks, stay on top of current responsibilities, and prevent things from slipping through the cracks. When all is said and done, task management software can significantly improve team productivity .

More effective collaboration. How many times have you discussed next steps during a meeting or over the phone, but then you forget to write them down. Or perhaps you have a new due date for a project you’ve been working on, but now you have to individually tell each member of your team. Task management software brings everyone together on one platform, which helps improve communication and ensures that everyone knows what tasks they are responsible for, and when they need to complete them by. 

The Best Task Management Tools on the Market

1. hive  .

Hive task management software

Hive is an all-encompassing productivity software that helps teams work faster. As a task management tool, Hive can be used by teams of all sizes to manage upcoming tasks, assign work to team members, and collaborate within the platform. In addition to being a great task management software, Hive is loved by thousands of teams for its project management capabilities, remote work tools, and powerful team collaboration solutions. 

Some features of Hive: 

  • Flexible project layouts: Kanban, Gantt, Portfolio, Calendar, Table, Summary & more
  • Create and assign tasks from meeting notes
  • Create and assign tasks from emails
  • Assign tasks to internal and external users
  • Time-tracking and resourcing
  • Upload, organize, and attach files to tasks
  • Create repeatable tasks with templates
  • Communicate on tasks with comments and tags

Start your Hive 14-day free trial to create your workspace and start managing tasks in minutes.

todoist task management tool

Todoist is a leading task management tool that helps people see everything they have to do in one place. It functions as an online to-do-list , where users can manage tasks and projects, whether for themselves or as part of a team. People like Todoist for its user-friendly interface and mobile app, which make it quick and easy to use on a daily basis as things pop up, which is why it’s the best task management software for small business.

Because this software is less comprehensive than other task management tools though, Todoist is best for teams or organizations with simple workflows. For more complex needs like Gantt charts or Kanban boards, we recommend checking out other project management software options.  

Some features of Todoist:

  • Create subtasks and recurring tasks
  • Commenting on projects and tasks
  • Favorites for keeping key projects, labels or filters top of mind
  • Prioritization levels
  • Todoist Karma awards points for completing tasks and maintaining streaks

3. ProofHub

Proofhub task management

ProofHub is a task management and team collaboration software used by teams of all sizes and industries. ProofHub allows you to have complete control over team members which helps in delegating tasks and receiving real-time progress updates when managing project activities. You can create task lists and even divide a task into smaller, more manageable subtasks with ProofHub. ProofHub’s Forms are another splendid feature that helps streamline work requests and gives users the ultimate control.

Furthermore, with the power of this Gantt chart tool in your hands, you may adjust work schedules in response to changing deadlines, highlight key paths, and track progress without jeopardizing the project.

Some features of ProofHub:

  • Kanban boards to see work moving in multiple stages
  • Gantt charts to visualize and plan tasks
  • Custom task fields to store relevant task information
  • In-built chat tool to communicate effectively
  • Custom reports to see project progress

4. MeisterTask


MeisterTask is a task management software that was designed with agile teams in mind, but it can accommodate teams with many different workflows. This software was made with streamlined features that are meant to be intuitive and user friendly. In the platform, teams use customizable Kanban-style boards to organize tasks and monitor the progress of a project. One of the most appealing aspects is MeisterTask’s free basic plan, which offers limited usability (for an unlimited number of project members) for no cost.  

Some features of MeisterTask:

  • Varying levels of responsibility with distinction between task “assignees” and “watchers”
  • Built in Time-Tracking
  • Option to add custom fields to tasks
  • Multiple checklists within tasks
  • Attach files and images to tasks
  • Task relationships and tags

casual visual task management

Casual is a visual task management tool that lets you arrange your tasks however you work best. Casual is great for all types of small or growing project-based teams, not just project managers. What’s different about Casual is that they don’t show tasks in traditional project layout views, instead letting users organize tasks how they actually see them in their mind. If you have never worked with visual project management, Casual even has pre-set templates that can help you get started. 

Some features of Casual:

  • Visual workflow creation
  • Task dependencies and grouping
  • Assigning tasks and setting deadlines
  • Repeatable tasks and projects
  • Milestone tracking

6. BIGContacts

BigContacts dashboard

BIGContacts is a robust CRM offering exceptional task management capabilities. It lets you streamline business processes by bringing all tasks and associated data to a single platform, eliminating the back and forth between platforms. This improves individual productivity and boosts the overall efficiency of tasks. BIGContacts lets you automate recurring tasks and set up reminders to never miss an important deadline.

All your team members can track their pending tasks using to-do lists and get a comprehensive view of the activity calendar to stay updated with upcoming events. Along with providing a comprehensive view of tasks, BIGContacts also offers intelligent reports, enabling you to monitor the progress and effectiveness of tasks with ease. Moreover, all these tasks can be tracked on the go with the mobile version of this tool. BIGContacts automates task management, so you can do more in less time.

Some features of BIGContacts:

  • Tasks & to-do lists with prioritization 
  • Team and individual calendar view  
  • Automated reminders and alerts
  • Recurring tasks 
  • Mobile CRM access 
  • Easy task assignment & tracking

ntask gantt chart view

nTask is a task management and project management tool that facilitates tracking project development, collaboration across teams, and risk assessment.  The application has an intuitive and minimalistic interface, making it effortless to onboard new users. nTask is also easy-to-access being available on multiple platforms. 

Some features of nTask: 

  • Task management
  • Risk management
  • Team management
  • Gantt charts
  • Kanban boards

8. SmartTask


SmartTask is an all-in-one work management platform that helps solopreneurs, SMBs, and enterprises organize and manage their work from one location. Stop juggling between multiple apps for project & task management, CRM, time tracking, communication, and collaboration as you will get all of them with SmartTask.

It has typical task management features like recurring tasks, subtasks, due dates, and dependencies and lets you manage tasks with the list, board, calendar, and timeline views. You can handle multiple projects with the portfolio view and allocate resources effectively with the workload view.

Team collaboration features in SmartTask lets you group chat, audio call, video conference, and share files with anyone in the organization. SmartTask integrates with Zapier, Integromat, Slack, Jotform, Mailchimp, and many other applications. It also offers a white labeling feature that allows you to show off your branded workspace.

Some features of SmartTask:

  • Manage tasks with the list, board, calendar, and timeline views
  • Recurring tasks, subtasks, due dates, reminders, and dependencies
  • Track time on tasks automatically and manually
  • Trigger video conferences and voice calls from tasks
  • Comment on tasks
  • Import tasks from emails
  • Productivity scoring

tasklog task managagement

Tasklog is a task management tool specifically designed for freelancers and is a great task management software for small business. Created with typical freelancing functions in mind, this tool helps freelancers manage their daily tasks in one single digital dashboard.

Users can create to-do-lists, manage projects, and assign tasks to clients. Tasklog also shows overviews and data insights to help users understand where they are most productive, what they have accomplished, and how they are pacing overall. 

Some features of Tasklog:

  • Assign tasks to specific time entries
  • Time-tracking
  • Online invoicing and expenses
  • Client task assignment
  • Customizable Pomodoro Timer
  • Reporting and insights

10. Hubspot Task Management

task manager program

While HubSpot isn’t a traditional task management tool, its CRM platform has project and task management capabilities. If you’re a marketer or a salesperson and you’re looking for an integrated tool, then you might consider HubSpot CRM because of the free marketing, sales, service and, of course, task management tools that are natively integrated.

Once you want to set a task for a contact, simply choose the company, contact or deal in the HubSpot CRM. Click “Create task” and add your details and notes; set a due date; set an email reminder, task type, and task owner (all optional); and then click “Save Task.”

Once you’re ready to tackle your open tasks, you have the advantage of all of your contact information, meeting notes and deal stage in one place.

11. FunctionFox  

Function Fox

FunctionFox is a task management tool specifically loved by creative professionals at marketing agencies, PR firms, and design teams both large and small. These teams love this software because it was created by an ad agency with very specific needs in mind.

This platform is robust enough to support creative teams with the things they need on a daily basis — including creative project management, time-tracking, and resourcing — without additional features that may clutter their workspace. There are various pricing plans, affordably starting at $5 per month per user.

Some features of FunctionFox: 

  • Multiple layouts including Gantt/timeline, task boards, and list views
  • Client collaboration
  • Reporting and analytics

More Great Tools To Manage Your Tasks

Chanty dashboard

Chanty is a team collaboration tool used for task management and communication between teams of all sizes. It helps you align all your work-related tasks in one place with multiple integrations. Chanty allows you to stay up to date, streamline repetitive activities, and increase productivity without leaving the platform. With over 75,000 companies using Chanty, it is a perfect choice for your team to complete tasks on time, stay connected and be your most productive self. 

Some features of Chanty:

  • Be organized with a teambook
  • Kanban board
  • Turn messages into tasks
  • Create, assign and set due-dates to tasks
  • Audio and video calls
  • Voice messages
  • Thread discussions


Paymo is a comprehensive tool that is especially useful for teams who want to manage tasks, estimate costs, and bill clients all in the same platform. Once you’ve planned out your project and corresponding tasks, simply convert it into an estimate with pre-filled tasks, hourly budgets, and costs. After you send it to your client for approval, you can quickly turn it into an invoice right in the app.

Paymo also lets you turn timesheet data into an invoice for clients, so you can stay up to date with payments as the project progresses. Oh and if you’re a freelancer, you can use Paymo for free.

Some features of Paymo: 

  • Task prioritization levels
  • Ability to attach files to any task
  • Kanban and Gantt project views
  • Invoicing, estimates, and expense management
  • Mobile app for both Android and iOS

14. ProProfs Project

proprofs project

ProProfs Project is an easy-to-use tool that lets you manage and prioritize tasks in a centralized space. Maximize productivity with its quick interface and seamless collaborative capability. You can extract deep insights into project status and identify gaps. You can even view your task status on its interactive Gantt charts and track task progress from start to finish. Meet your deadlines faster with task customization and time tracking.

Some features of ProProfs Project:

  • Assign and manage tasks on a centralized dashboard
  • Measure task progress effortlessly
  • Set task status as open, on-hold, or complete
  • Prioritize tasks with simple drag and drop functionality
  • Give feedback on each task and subtask
  • See team performance with smart reports

15. Timecamp


If you need a reliable app for daily automatic work tracking , TimeCamp will be a perfect choice. Using this app, you can add as many projects, tasks, and subtasks as you wish to create an easily manageable work structure. What’s more, you’ll get an even more transparent project organization if you add tags.

But what’s TimeCamp is the most known of is automatic time tracking. Whether you use a web timer, a desktop or mobile app, or a browser plugin, the tool logs working hours and (if you want it to!) collects the computer activities, so you don’t have to waste time filling timesheets manually. 

Some features of TimeCamp: 

  • Automatic time and activity tracking
  • Daily and weekly timesheets
  • Wide range of built-in and custom reports
  • Billable/non-billable hours
  • Attendance managemen t
  • 30+ direct integrations with tools like Trello, Asana, Jira, Opensearch , Monday & more

Any.do calendar view

Any.do is a simple yet complete task management solution if you are looking for a tool that gives you a quick overview of the tasks on your plate. The software offers an intuitive calendar, helping you to easily see how events and tasks fit together. Any.do allows you to organize tasks and filter your workflow by date or category. The app is available for iOs and Android.

Some features of Any.do:

  • Time tracking add-ons
  • To-do list reminders
  • Daily planner to organize and prioritize to-dos
  • Color-coded tasks
  • Advanced customized recurring tasks

17. WebWork Tracker

webwork tracker

In addition to facilitating task management, WebWork Time Tracker is an awesome time tracking and employee monitoring software suitable for big and small companies. Companies use the tool to increase their profitability, offering the most accurate reports and time tracking. Its features allow users to easily count time spent on every single project, website, or other platforms.

The tool is of significant importance for freelancers and companies that hire remote employees. It is the most straightforward but truthful way to calculate working time and consider work productivity. Time tracking is not the only advantage of the tool — a variety of screenshot monitoring modes allow the software access to an employee’s screen, collecting and presenting valuable data. 

Some features of WebWork Tracker:

  • Time Tracking with screenshots
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Apps/website usage monitoring
  • Activity Level/ Productivity Monitoring
  • Task Management


Milestones in Nifty are a unique way to track the progress of any initiative, big or small. Tasks are attributed to Milestones that display phases of a project, indicating deliverables or sprints, and highlight the progress of a project as tasks are completed. Nifty is fantastic for anyone who wants to see the “big picture” context of whatever they’re working on.

Some features of Nifty: 

  • Discussions for focused collaboration
  • Use Gantt Charts to visualize project milestones
  • Tasks to facilitate detailed organizing, prioritizing and managing
  • Docs & Files in an organized hub for each project
  • Time Tracking for efficiency and smart decision making
  • Reporting with overviews across all projects

trello content marketing

Trello is a project management software that utilizes Kanban boards , lists and cards as its key ingredients to give you a flexible overview of projects and tasks. Trello is an intuitive tool, its no-code automation features help you optimize the time spent on repetitive tasks. 

Additionally, Trello allows you to invite new members to collaborate in your workspace, track tasks, and use color-coded labels for organization. And it integrates with many popular apps like Slack, Google Drive, and Microsoft Teams, so there’s no need to stop using software you already love. Trello has a free version , and its paid plans start at $5 per user/month. 

Some features of Trello:

  • See your work from multiple angles: Kanban board, timeline, table, calendar, and more
  • Automate repetitive tasks and enhance workflow
  • Integrate with over a hundred of your favorite tools
  • Dozens of premade templates

👉 Check out our guide to the top Trello alternatives to learn about more similar tools on the market.

20. airtable.

Airtable Task Management Dashboard Template

Airtable is a task management tool that lets you keep track of completed tasks in a separate view. The solution’s interactive interface helps you to manage your work routine while collaborating with your team. You can view your projects in different views, such as Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and calendar views. Plus, Airtable has several integrations and templates that offer a to-do list or task management structure ready to use. Airtable has a free plan with limited functionalities and a paid plan starting at $10/month. 

Some features of Airtable: 

  • Interface customizable designer
  • Different views: Kanban, calendar, Gantt chart and list
  • Automations and integrations 
  • Sync data across teams and tables
  • Comprehensive reports 

👉 Unsure if Airtable is the best task management tool for your team? See how Airtable compares to others in the same category.

21. clickup.

ClickUp dashboard view

ClickUp is a task management software for small business, task management tool with a highly efficient dashboard view and collaboration features. The platform’s free version offers tools that you only get in the paid plans of several other softwares, such as goals, embedded emails, conditional automation, task checklists, custom task statuses, sprints, and 24/7 support. ClickUp also offers native email, several templates and free integrations.

Some features of ClickUp:  

  • Workload view
  • Smart Notification 
  • Custom roles
  • Dynamic Recurring Tasks
  • Assigned Comments
  • Docs & Notepad
  • Customizable Board View

👉 To compare with other tools, check out these top Clickup alternatives on the market.

wrike task management software

Wrike is a project management application with robust features and flexibility to manage tasks, projects, and team collaboration. With Wrike, you can create and assign tasks, set due dates, and track progress, ensuring everyone stays aligned and productive.

One thing I really like about Wrike is its flexibility in adapting to various project management methodologies , including Agile and Kanban. It allows you to customize workflows, create task dependencies, and set up automation rules to streamline your processes. Wrike also provides real-time collaboration features, such as commenting, file sharing, and task discussions, which is great for keeping communication centralized and transparent.

Some features of Wrike:

  • Customizable workflows and task dependencies
  • Real-time collaboration and commenting
  • Project timeline and Gantt chart views
  • Automation rules for process optimization

asana - task management

Asana stands out as a task management tool with its unique balance of flexibility and structure. It has a customizable and easy-to-use interface that lets you create a personalized work view and tailor it to your specific needs. It features a “My Tasks” list, which auto-promotes tasks based on due dates, helping you prioritize and focus on what needs to be done now, and the sections and columns layout support Kanban, list, or matrix-style workflows.

There’s search and filtering functions, allowing you to locate any task, comment, or file, and reduce time spent navigating through projects. Asana also has a “Focus Mode” that encourages deep work by minimizing distractions , enabling you to work faster and more efficiently.

Some features of Asana:

  • Project timelines and calendars
  • Pre-built templates
  • Task dependencies
  • Automation rules
  • Integrations with over 100 other apps
  • Workload view to monitor and manage the workload of team members

24. Monday.com 

Monday.com dashboard

Monday.com is a good task management software designed for workflow organization and project planning. Its visual dashboards make it easy to comprehend your projects’ statuses and progress at a glance, and it allows you to use customizable templates that match your workflow. It also offers automations that take care of routine tasks, letting you focus on strategic matters. 

Monday.com also offers extensive integrations with popular tools such as Slack, Google Drive, and Mailchimp.

Monday.com features:

  • Customizable templates
  • Visual dashboards
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Extensive integrations with many popular third-party apps and tools
  • Timeline and Gantt views
  • Collaborative workspaces and team communication within the platform

👉 Check out some alternatives to Monday.com and compare them to find the best task management platform for your company.

Quire dashboard

Quire is a task management tool with robust features and a free plan. Nest your list of tasks or view your project in Kanban board view, with the flexibility of Quire you can also add folders, sections and permission control to your projects and tasks. Quire is available for iOs and Android mobile apps and offers integration to third-party applications, such as Google Drive, Slack, and Zapier. Customization is another plus of Quire, you can personalize your workspace, change the theme, add widgets, and create custom templates even on its free plan. 

Quire’s features: 

  • Kanban board, Gantt chart
  • Document management
  • Communication tools
  • Discussion boards
  • Smart folders
  • Integrations

Do you have another task management tool that would be a great addition to this list? Let us know in the comments, and check back for updates as we explore more tools and options.

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task manager program

task manager program

25 Best Task Management Software Tools for Work in 2023

Erica Chappell

Managing Editor

November 16, 2023

Is your team’s workload getting too heavy for you to handle?

If you need to find the best task management software for you and your team, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll go over the 25 best task management solutions available today. You can use these tools to manage tasks, to-do lists , and projects to get the best out of your team and your business.

By the end of the article, you’ll have all the information you need to pick a task management tool that’s right for you!

What Is Task Management Software?

2. proofhub, 6. hubspot task management, 11. proprofs project, 15. clockify, 17. infinity, 19. taskworld, 21. basecamp, 22. monday.com, 24. taskade, understand your needs, consider your team’s size and complexity, evaluate user-friendliness, consider integrations, determine your budget, task management software faqs.

Task management is more than just a task manager checking off items on a to-do list!

It’s an organized system for identifying, monitoring, and managing the work you and your team. Task management involves:

  • Tracking task progress
  • Delegating work to team members
  • Setting deadlines
  • Adjusting work schedules
  • And so much more!

Effective task management helps individuals or groups achieve goals, and it also takes into consideration task planning, task priorities, task automations, as well as dependencies and budgeting. Task management is usually one of the essential features of good project management software .

25 Best Task Management Software in 2023

Here are the 25 best task management tools for organizing individual and team tasks efficiently:

Manage your workload in ClickUp

If you need a platform to scale both task management and project management, ClickUp delivers what teams need within reach to manage personal to-do lists, complex projects, and everything in between. Its extensive customization options and integration capabilities contribute to its versatility and widespread adoption among professionals across various industries.

ClickUp includes over 15 ways to view your work. Whether you’re a manager overseeing a team or an individual contributor trying to stay organized, views let you flex your workspace to fit your needs. Here’s a closer look at some of the features and functionalities of this free task management software:

A) Templates and Recurring Tasks

Why waste time creating project plans and new tasks or task lists every time you start a new project? With ClickUp, you can save any task list as a Template to instantly add it to future projects. 

You can even set up Recurring Tasks for your projects. You can also edit the time interval between each Recurring Task to customize how often they appear.

B) Priorities

Priorities help you prioritize tasks when completing projects. With a simple color-coded system, your team will have no difficulty identifying which tasks to prioritize and which to de-emphasize. 

Check out these prioritization tools !

C) Reminders

Our project management software comes with powerful Reminders to help you always keep track of your deliverables . You can customize where and when you receive these reminders for added ease. Whether it’s your email inbox, your desktop, or mobile, ClickUp will inform you of everything at the right time.

D) Notifications

ClickUp has tons of notifications to keep you updated on your task developments. You can also customize how often you receive them and on what platforms they appear. 

E) ClickUp AI

ClickUp AI is a revolutionary tool that helps prioritize tasks and make sure you’re never overwhelmed. Use ClickUp AI to summarize tasks, and generate action items from Docs and Tasks.

Instead of adapting to a tool’s interface, let the management tool adapt to you! 

ClickUp gives you Multiple views for managing tasks the way you’d like to: 

  • Board view : view your tasks in a handy Kanban board
  • List view : view your tasks in a GTD-style list app
  • Box view : check what everyone’s working on and delegate tasks
  • Calendar view : quickly manage your task schedules
  • Table view : create flexible spreadsheets 
  • Timeline view : visualize and organize your work over time
  • Whiteboard view : ideate new tasks and visualize workflows flexibly

G) Assigned Comments

Sure, your typical project management software allows you to add comments to tasks.

But ClickUp does way more!

ClickUp lets you instantly convert comments into individual tasks for quick task management. All it takes is a couple of clicks to assign a comment to someone and have it pop up in their Task Tray. Once they finish the task, they can even mark it as resolved!

H) Targets and Goals

A task manager can use ClickUp to set Goals to track what they’re working towards. You can even break down your goals into smaller Targets to make them more achievable.

I) Dashboards

Manage your business, resources, and develop Sprints, all from Dashboards. You can also choose what Widgets to include in your Dashboards, such as a Burn Up, Burndown Velocity chart, etc.

Note down important tasks and ideas, create checklists, and even convert your notes into tasks with our Notepad.

K) Integrations

ClickUp integrates with 1,000+ cool apps and collaboration tools, including Slack, Gmail, Zoom, Outlook, Google Drive, HubSpot, and more. This integration ecosystem streamlines workflows, eliminating the need for constant switching between tools and ensuring all relevant information is easily accessible within ClickUp.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. ClickUp also offers you a built-in Gantt Chart , Task Dependencies , Permissions , Native Time Tracking , Mind Maps , and much more! 

Need a full picture of our project management tool? Take a look at the ClickUp Features page.

  • Free Forever
  • Unlimited:  $7/month per user
  • Business:  $12/month per user
  • Enterprise:  Contact for pricing
  • ClickUp AI : Available on all paid plans for $5/Workspace member/month

What people think about task management with ClickUp

“I honestly wouldn’t last two minutes in my job without ClickUp holding all my tasks and being the brain that remembers what I need to work on, when my deadlines are, where to reference information, all the little details individual to each area of work and a thousand other things.” — G2Crowd

“I liked that every one of us (we were a 10-men dev team featuring 2x QA, SCM, PO and DEVS) was able to create as many customized views and lists and what-not. Aggregation worked amazing – especially when grouping things together for exports and reporting subtasks – we used that a lot for “task-scoping” (basically task breakdown) and on the business plan it also allowed us to assign hour estimates.” — GetApp

Ready to try ClickUp?   Get it for free here.

ProofHub Task Management

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management app and collaborative work management tool. It comes with all the features you require to stay in ultimate control of your teams, tasks, projects, and communications.

There are powerful team collaboration features to keep your distributed team members connected. You can share company-wide announcements with ease. ProofHub also integrates with third-party apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box to give you a central place to access all your files and data.

However, it may not suit larger teams, and you may be bothered by a ton of notifications since they lack custom notifications.

ProofHub Key Features

  • To-do lists
  • Custom workflows and kanban boards
  • Gantt charts
  • Online proofing tool
  • In-built chat app
  • Dedicated space for real-time collaboration
  • Timer and timesheets
  • Custom reports
  • File sharing
  • Mobile app (both iOS and Android)

Price : $89 per month (unlimited users)

creating tasks in todoist

Todoist, as a task management solution, is a breeze for many. 

Like the Swift to-do list app , it has a simple, no-frills interface built around a classic design. This task-tracking software is great for individuals, though they’ve recently expanded into teams and adapted to small business needs.

However, they still fall short when it comes to team management , as you can’t assign multiple people to a single task. 

Guess they want you to-do things all on your own!

Check out the best Todoist alternatives .

Todoist Key Features

  • Recurring due dates
  • Mobile apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • Task labels and reminders
  • Email notifications
  • Automatic backups
  • Collaborate on tasks via email

Pricing : Free to $5/month per user.

creating tasks in anydo

This is an interesting to-do list app and task management app. Any.do labels items as today, tomorrow, and upcoming, giving you a quick overview of the tasks that you need to complete. 

Unlike other task or project management software, Any.do also has an intuitive calendar to help you see how your events and tasks fit together. This task management solution can also organize tasks and filter your workflow by due date or category.

There is one drawback, though:

Looking for a powerful free version?

We’re sorry, but Any.do’s going to have to respond with a: no-can-do !

Any.do Key Features

  • Time tracking add-ons
  • To-do list reminders
  • Daily planner to organize and prioritize to-dos
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Location-based reminders
  • Task color-coding to organize your work 
  • Customized recurring tasks

Price : Free to $2.99/month per user.

Chanty for Task Management

Chanty is a team collaboration platform employing a chat-first model to create an effective task management system. With chat organization, users get to convert any message into an assignment, allocate it to the appropriate person, and set due dates for it.

Moreover, switching to a Kanban board can also help you improve your workflow by providing an easy way to manage all of your tasks in one location from a bird eye view.

You can also use Chanty to do more than just communicate by integrating several apps and eliminating the inconvenience of navigating between all of them.

Chanty Key Features

  • Individual and group audio or video calls
  • Built-in task management
  • Screen sharing
  • Community support
  • Unlimited searchable chat history
  • Roles and permissions
  • A dedicated support line
  • Unlimited members on the team
  • Unlimited individual and group audio or video calls

Price: Free up to 10 users after which it is $3/user/month.

HubSpot task management software helps teams

HubSpot took task management and decided to up the game for everyone. The software is included in its customer relationship management (CRM) suite, and it’s aimed at helping you move along the sales funnel. 

You can create workflows to automatically schedule new tasks after you complete ongoing tasks. Set up reminders, compare your performance to past data, and keep track of everything in one place.

HubSpot has a strong focus on integrations, so if there’s an app you love, chances are HubSpot works with it.

Check out ClickUp’s integration with HubSpot .

HubSpot is a comprehensive tool, and even at the free level, it can be a lot. While they offer different ways to learn the software, it has more of a learning curve than some other options on this list.

HubSpot Key Features

  • Automatically synced data 
  • Integrations with hundreds of apps
  • Easy task creation
  • Progress tracking
  • Task queues

Price: HubSpot starts free, with premium CRM plans starting from $45/month.

managing tasks in taskqueue

Taskque is one of the best task managers that’s a step up over a regular to-do list app. It’s a great tool for resource management and can assign tasks to the next available team member. 

It works well for teams that are working on the same functions, with similar skills. Instead of being a broad management tool with no focus, Taskque can quickly assign tasks to zero down on your work.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a tough tasque working with its limited integrations and no time tracking.

Taskque Key Features

  • Automatic task assignment
  • Discussions
  • A powerful to-do list app
  • Workflow management
  • Exclusive permissions
  • Expanded workspaces

Price : Free to $5/user per month.

task manager program

If you’re a project manager who likes using a Gantt chart, Flow could be the best task tracking software for you. Most of the projects are color-coded to help you quickly navigate between individual tasks and projects in your workflow. 

Additionally, templates and repeat projects help users when they need to do a project repeatedly or stage another event. 

The one drawback of this management app? 

Don’t use it if you’re looking for a free task management tool. There’s no free plan!

Flow Key Features

  • A list of tasks with card views
  • Drag and drop timeline
  • Workflow management features
  • Public and private projects

Price : $4.79/user/month and up


Tasks and projects are front and center in this management solution. The central dashboard features all of your tasks and can be arranged by the due date, project, or team. 

Your teammates are listed on the right side, and you can automatically drag tasks from the central task area to your team members. Once this is done, each teammate is assigned the task, and it becomes part of their workflow.

Speaking of your workflow, any good task management software should be able to offer you easy task planning and scheduling features to streamlines your workflow.

Does Hitask offer them?

They have no Gantt chart . 

No Kanban board.

So no workflows. Ugh.

Hitask Key Features

  • Task management
  • File storage
  • Time tracking
  • Email task creation
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Selective permissions on tasks
  • Calendar sync
  • Unlimited storage

Pricing : Free to $20/user per month

board view in trello app

Trello is one of the largest Kanban task management tools. It’s no surprise that their Kanban boards are their main calling card. This customizable Kanban interface allows users to set up cards for different projects like they were post-it notes.

To make Trello efficient for complex projects, you’ll have to upgrade for features like project timeline templates or priorities. 

Why do that when there are tools that offer that in their free plans?

Take a look at the best Trello alternatives , and don’t forget to compare Trello with ClickUp !

Trello Key Features

  • Attachments
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Collections for teams
  • Public/private boards
  • More onboarding support

Price : Free to $17.50/user per month

ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Project is a feature-rich task management solution. It’s built to handle multiple projects across cross-functional teams on a single platform.

Create a project schedule and streamline your processes to deliver your projects on time and within budget. Also, you can prioritize tasks and track them using multiple project views such as Gantt charts, Kanban board, and more.

One of the best things about ProProfs Project is its customizable dashboard. It lets you schedule tasks with a simple drag and drop and provides all your project information at a glance.

What’s missing? A user-friendly mobile application that allows seamless team collaboration anywhere, anytime.

ProProfs Key Features

  • Centralized dashboard
  • Real-time alerts & notifications
  • Instant messaging, task comments, & file sharing
  • Customizable workflows
  • Gantt charts, Kanban board, Calendar view
  • Task prioritization
  • AI-powered reports
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Task dependencies

Price : $2/user per month and up

managing tasks in quire

Quire breaks down online task management into its smallest components, giving you the most critical tasks to focus on first. Unlike other management tools, the way it does this is with “nesting” and Kanban boards.

Quire nests tasks within cards in a Kanban board to unfurl your next steps within each card. 

This online task management software also has powerful filtering options to help you pick out the tasks that need to be completed first.

As perfect as it sounds, it has a-Quire-d its share of flaws. The most striking one is its lack of a built-in chat feature!

Quire Key Features

  • Tasks and subtasks
  • Progress reports
  • Recurring tasks
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Kanban boards

Price : Free

managing tasks in asana

This management software aims to help you meet your task deadlines quickly. You can even integrate it with time-management software to add time tracking to your tasks. 

Asana is a good option for online task management in that smaller teams can use it effectively. But it may not scale as well across the whole organization.

Don’t forget to check out the best Asana alternatives and our Asana and ClickUp comparison !

Asana Key Features

  • Basic dashboard
  • Basic search

Price : Free to $24.99/user/month and up

managing tasks in things

The Things app is another great task management software.

The key differentiator for this task-tracking software is that you can select a core focus for each day. Things lay on a small layer of project management that has sections on comments, tasks, and subtasks.

Do remember, every web-based task management feature is premium because there’s no free task plan for your desktop, iPhone, and iPad.

Any other concerns about this task management system ?

Things is only available on Mac and iOS.

Things Key Features

  • Calendar events
  • Morning, afternoon, evening slots
  • Section headings
  • Mac OS shortcuts

Price : One-time charge of $49.99

Clockify Schedule feature for projects

Although widely known for its time tracking capabilities, Clockify can be a solution to your task management problems, too.

You can use Clockify to manage all your tasks, to-dos, and projects. Additionally, it’s suitable for individuals, such as freelancers and independent consultants, and companies and teams of all sizes. 

The app offers a free task timer that you can use to track the hours you and your team spend working on tasks — and then uses that data to calculate billable hours.

The only drawback is that Clockify covers a wide range of time tracking and invoicing features which can be overwhelming if your idea is to use it solely as a task management app. 

Clockify Key Features

  • Categorize your time entries into specific tasks. 
  • Assign tasks to people and set time estimates for each task. 
  • Manage your tasks — edit them, mark them as done, or delete them. 
  • Visually track all your tasks and time logs in a Calendar view. 
  • Integrate the app with 80+ other project management and productivity tools. 


  • Define hourly rates for each task and decide which ones are billable.
  • Visualize all your projects, see who’s available for their next task, and make schedules accordingly. 
  • Ensure maximum security and privacy of your tasks by hosting Clockify on your own servers. 
  • Automate your projects by setting up Project templates and using them for every new project, if applicable. 


You can use most of Clockify’s features for free; the cheapest paid plan starts at $3.99 user/month

Plutio task management software

Plutio is an all-in-one business management app designed for freelancers, small businesses, and large enterprises alike. It comes with everything you need to efficiently manage tasks and projects for teams and individuals.

Plutio comes with tons of great collaborative features that give you a cutting-edge, like time-tracking, team chat, dynamic proposals, contracts and e-signing, appointments and bookings, and more.

It’s a fantastic solution for anyone looking to streamline and automate their processes while cutting their monthly software costs.

The downside? Because Plutio comes with so many features, it can take a while to learn them all. However, they have excellent customer support to help get their users up to speed.

Plutio Key Features

  • Timeline/Gantt view, Kanban view, list view, and calendar view
  • Dashboards, projects, and knowledge-base
  • Team Chat, time-tracking and timesheets, built-in documents
  • Proposals, contracts, and invoicing

Pricing : 7-Day Free Trial, Pricing Starts at $19/month.

task manager program

Infinity is a flexible and fully customizable task management software that features a colorful and engaging interface. This software can be used by both freelancers juggling multiple clients and tasks, as well as corporations with thousands of employees around the world.

Built to help you organize yourself easier and take the stress out of your workdays, Infinity gives you endless ways to customize your workflows. The key to this is in Infinity’s great structure, advanced productivity and automations features, and unmatched versatility.

Using Infinity, you’ll be able to put all of your tasks straight, eliminate clutter, collaborate with teams and stakeholders, spot and resolve bottlenecks, and get tasks done with less effort and in less time.

Infinity Key Features

  • 6 different views to display data: Kanban, List, Gantt, Calendar, Form, and Table
  • 20+ attributes, including labels, dates, formulas, and progress bar, to name a few
  • Over 50 templates for various use cases
  • API & automations to help you complete projects faster
  • Multiple integrations, including ones with Google Drive, iCalendar, and Zapier
  • Dedicated desktop and mobile apps

Price: Infinity is currently running one-time payment deals that give users access to all Infinity features.

project management in accelo

This management software has a task board that will automatically show you overdue tasks for today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

Another great feature of this management app is the number of integrations. These include Google Drive, Office 365, Outlook, internet safety software; you name it. Accelo also helps you monitor estimates, invoicing, scheduling, and billing more so than any other task management app.

Accelo is capable of so much, but it accel-erates your company at a cost.

It doesn’t have a free plan. And $39 per user per month, you’ll be spending a small fortune each month!

Accelo Key Features

  • Team scheduling templates
  • Time tracking templates
  • Automated timesheet

Price : $39 to $79/user per month

task management in taskworld

To be quick and to the point, this management app looks a lot like Trello (or maybe Trello looks a lot like Taskworld?)

The point is…if you enjoy the layout of Trello but need a few more features, then Taskworld is probably worth a look. Their reporting, task points, and activity log look stronger than Trello’s for sure.

Sounds great until you realize their list of integrations is so small you could note it down on one of their virtual post-its and still have space left on it! 

Taskworld Key Features

  • Task points
  • Task assignments delivered by email
  • Activity log
  • Repeating tasks
  • Direct messaging

Price : $10/user per month to $22/user per month

managing tasks in wimi

If you’re a jack-of-all-trades, then Wimi may be the task management app for you. It has online task management in one pane, docs in another, and even a messaging system for your work as well. 

Like other management apps, you can use Wimi to track task project statuses and add deadlines where needed. It also has a great project timeline feature to manage task dependencies and key performance indicators.

On the downside, Wimi’s pricing can go through the roof for larger teams!

Wimi Key Features

  • Gantt chart timeline for lean visual management
  • Task assignments organized as post-it notes
  • Critical path calculations
  • Task filters
  • Task history
  • Unlimited projects
  • Up to 500GB of storage
  • User training and onboarding

Price : Free plan + paid plans up to $18/per user/month

basecamp product example

Basecamp is a quality task management software who’s core really focuses on efficient team collaboration and communication.  

What isn’t core to the software is making itself feel like it’s made for you. For example, you can’t customize each specific task status.

What’s been approved? What’s in progress? Guess you’ll never know!

Check out these 7 Basecamp alternatives and our comprehensive Basecamp review .

Basecamp Key Features

  • Real-time communication (campfires & pings)
  • Simple task management
  • Auto check-in questions
  • Project progress tracking (Hillcharts)

Pricing : Free to $99/month

monday platform example

Monday.com is another great and simple task management software to consider. It has multiple task management features that let you create task assignments and assign them with ease.

And while we’re not saying that it’s as disappointing as most Mondays, there’s no free plan.

Check out how ClickUp compares to Monday.com & how Monday compares to Asana !

Monday.com Key Features

  • Calendar view
  • Automations
  • Unlimited boards

Pricing : $8/seat per month to $16/seat per month

Compare Monday Vs ClickUp !

Wrike Spreadsheet Example

Last on this list of project management software is Wrike. It’s a popular free task manager and project management system with built-in time tracking features.

Whether you’re a small team or an enterprise-level user , Wrike will serve you well.

However, if you’re a creative thinker, you’re going to feel stifled.

They don’t have mind maps or a notepad to jot down ideas. 

Not sure about Wrike anymore? 

Take a look at these Wrike alternatives or Compare ClickUp vs. Wrike for a clear idea.

Wrike Key Features

  • Task tool for progress tracking
  • Workflow statuses

Pricing : Free to $24.80/user per month


Taskade straddles the line between a personal task management app and a team project management app—with features that fall somewhere between the two. 🤸‍♂️

It’s a good choice for individual super users or for small teams. But big teams might find that the features aren’t quite robust enough.

If you’re someone who mostly consults your task list from your mobile device, then you’ll love Taskade’s native app design. It runs quickly and has options for widgets that can help you visualize your to-dos and project progress.

The mobile app is available for iOS or Android. There are also desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Taskade Key Features

  • Both your professional and personal to-dos in one app with separate areas for each part of your life
  • Collaboration features that include not only the ability to assign tasks to teammates but also an in-app video call feature that allows you to have a face-to-face chat
  • Strong note-taking features for brainstorming and documentation
  • Outlining capabilities to manage tasks
  • Starter: $4 per month
  • Plus: $8 per month
  • Pro: $19 per month
  • Business: $49 per month
  • Ultimate: $99 per month

Workflow management in Pipefy

Pipefy is a task management tool that simplifies the process of creating, assigning, and organizing tasks. With its automation features, Pipefy helps save time and minimize errors in task management. It offers a comprehensive platform where users can easily connect and integrate with other existing software, such as ERP , HRIS, and CRM systems.

Pipefy Key Features

  • Process templates
  • Secure company database for actions
  • Conditional logic
  • Native Integrations with Slack, GitHub, BitBucket, and Google Hangouts

Pipefy pricing  

Pipefy offers a free plan for individual users and small teams, with paid plans starting at $30/user per month.

Why Do You Need Task Management Software?

1. task management software helps you organize work.

We know you and your team work on multiple tasks every day!

Project tasks, HR activities , social media posts, invoicing, the list goes on.

Now try and imagine handling all of that with a pen and paper, or even an Excel sheet .

Unfortunately, this is all too common.

According to a recent study by ClickUp , 42% of employed Americans feel that they do not have all the technology and tools, such as task management apps, to succeed at work! Nearly half (45%) would give up 10% of their salary for an easier work life.

There’s no way you can keep track of every project task, meet your deadlines, track progress, and manage your team without a dedicated tool . 

Luckily, task management tools are designed for this, acting as a safeguard against going crazy! 

It’s a dedicated space to monitor your task progress, assign tasks, and manage schedules. It ensures that you’re able to efficiently track tasks and subtasks so that you meet your deadlines.

2. Task management software helps your team collaborate effectively

Your task management tool will improve not only your in-office and/or virtual team’s tasks but also your team collaboration capabilities.

As each task has a dedicated space, it’s easier for your team to consolidate information and work on things together. Also, as every assignee has access to this task space, nobody will be left out of the loop. 

Your team can easily share files, ideas, and feedback to collaborate over tasks and get things done quickly.  

3. Task management software helps you prioritize tasks

All tasks were not created equal.

While every task needs to be addressed, some are more important than others. 

So what do you do?

You start prioritizing tasks.

For example, finishing a client’s project is probably more important than deciding what your office party’s theme is, right?

Your task management tool will help you prioritize tasks to work on what’s most important immediately.

How to Choose the Best Task Management Software

Choosing the best task management tool for your organization can be a daunting task, especially with the plethora of options available in the market. By considering a few key factors, you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect fit for your team or company.

Before diving into any specific task management software, it’s important to understand what your team or company needs from a task management tool. Make a list of the features and functionalities that are essential for your team’s workflow. Do you need a simple to-do list? Or do you require advanced project tracking and collaboration capabilities?

Knowing your needs will help you eliminate options that do not meet your requirements.

Task management software can vary greatly in terms of complexity and scalability. If you have a smaller team with simpler tasks, a basic task management tool may suffice. However, if you have a larger team with more complex projects, you may need a more robust solution with features such as time tracking, resource allocation, and reporting.

The last thing you want is for your team to struggle with using the task management software. To avoid this, look for intuitive interfaces, simple navigation, and easy-to-use features. You may also want to check if the software offers training or customer support to help your team get up to speed quickly.

Having all your tools integrated can improve efficiency and streamline your workflow. Look for options that offer integrations with your existing tools or have an open API that allows for easy integration.

Task management software can range from free to expensive, so it is important to determine your budget before starting your search. Keep in mind that some software may offer a free trial or have a freemium model with limited features. Consider the long-term costs as well, including any additional fees for extra users or advanced features.

Bonus: Learn how to implement a work management system !

1. What Are The 8 Managerial Tasks?

The eight managerial tasks, often referred to as the functions of management, were first proposed by Henri Fayol, a French management theorist. The 8 managerial tasks are, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, budgeting, and controlling.

2. What are the Benefits of Task Management Software for Teams?

Task management software improves task organization, prioritization, project management, collaboration , real-time tracking, improved communication, enhanced productivity, automated reminders, and streamlined workflow for effective task management.

Which Task Management Software is Best for Your Team?

You don’t need us to tell you that there are lots of task management tools available. That’s apparent from any Google search or a glance at the productivity section of the app store. 

So here are some suggestions for deciding which task management software is right for you :

  • Try a free plan before you buy it . You shouldn’t have to lay down your hard-earned cash on task management apps before knowing how they work. Test out some of the best free task management software to help you decide what you like and don’t like. Some online project and task management tools offer free trials. Be wary of those tools because you know a sales pitch will be coming at the end!
  • Read the reviews of task management apps . Unless you love trying out new software as a hobby, you’ll probably want to see how others have used them. They may even show you a new way of using the software. You’ll also learn of any problems in that online task management software too.
  • Check out the roadmap . Just because an online task management software doesn’t have the features you want doesn’t mean it won’t be there tomorrow. The best software companies are constantly iterating and releasing new features regularly.

First on the list? Get ClickUp for free today to discover how to manage task assignments, streamline your workflow, and boost everything else in your Workspace!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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task management in Asana

Simplify task management and prioritize work

Asana increases employee productivity and customer satisfaction, according to IDC²

faster execution of business processes

more business processes completed

improvement in employee satisfaction

automate work in Asana

Supercharge daily work with built-in automation

From product development to employee onboarding, automation can help you save time and increase productivity.

Connect work to top business priorities

See how projects contribute to top-line objectives so your team always knows what to work on first. By tracking all of your work in one place, never lose sight of what’s most important for the business—and for your day-to-day.

manage campaigns in Asana

Understand campaign priorities at-a-glance

Keep your cross-team stakeholders up-to-date on important, blocked, and high-priority campaign work. Tag, sort, and filter campaign deliverables in a centralized place, so stakeholders always know what to focus on first.

manage onboarding in Asana

Expedite onboarding with clear prioritization

Automatically bring critical work to the forefront, even on day one. Quickly prioritize work, so new hires can spend less time organizing and more time executing.

Avoid distractions with app integrations

Asana integrates with 200+ of your favorite tools. Centralize your most important work in one tool to reduce app switching and get your most important work done.

Turn emails into actionable, trackable tasks in Asana without leaving Gmail. Automate key actions to move work forward, all within your inbox.

Google Drive

Easily attach Google Drive files to tasks in Asana, and receive comment notifications to keep teams and work connected.

Turn emails into trackable, actionable work with Asana for Outlook.

Microsoft Office 365

Seamlessly deliver Asana notifications to your Microsoft Groups.

Dropbox and Asana allow you to seamlessly collaborate on tasks and files—keeping your team accountable and efficient.

Turn ideas, work requests, and action items from Slack into trackable tasks and comments in Asana.

Microsoft Teams

Connect your team’s conversations to actionable items in Asana.

Add tasks to your calendar and make time to get work done.

Create interactive, connected workflows between technical and business teams. Increase visibility around the product development process in real time—all without leaving Asana.

Featured templates

Check out our easy-to-use templates for popular projects and processes. Then, customize them for your workflows.

[QBR Meeting Agenda] template Card Image

QBR meeting agenda

Create a blueprint for your next QBR meeting to save time and set your team up for success.

[Templates] Campaign management plan template banner image

Marketing campaign management

Track, manage, and launch your best marketing campaign yet with our campaign management template.

New hire preparation template banner image

New hire checklist for managers

Make bringing on a new team member easy with Asana’s new hire preparation template.

Interview questions and scorecard image

Interview questions

Use this template to prepare your interview questions and get organized before meeting a candidate.

With Asana, people aren't as lost anymore. They don’t need to ask, ‘Is this happening on Tuesday?’ If plans change quickly, the team is aware and it’s clearly documented. You don't have to wait until a meeting, a chat. You see everything in one place.
Things don’t get lost, even with so many projects going on at once. Asana helps me see what’s coming up without checking everything manually. It’s a big win for us, especially with complex timelines like paid media campaigns.
Asana solves the problem of many tools—it’s like spreadsheets, chat, your calendar, and your inbox all rolled into one. The more you consolidate into one tool, the better your life will be.
Everything is as transparent as possible in Asana. It’s clear where we want to go, what we have to do, and which milestones are relevant.

Task management features and capabilities

My Tasks is a personalized view of every task that’s assigned to you, regardless of which project it’s in. Visualize all of your to-dos in one place to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


Track and manage tasks across multiple projects. When you make changes to a task in one project, instantly see those changes reflected across all projects in real time.

Time tracking

With native time tracking, quickly estimate expected and actual time spent on tasks. Get better real-time estimates on project progress which is essential for budgeting and forecasting.

Custom fields

Custom fields are the best way to tag, sort, and filter work. Create unique custom fields for any information you need to track—from priority and status to email or phone number.

Automate manual work so your team spends less time on busywork and more time on the tasks that matter. Use Rules to automatically assign work, adjust due dates, notify stakeholders, and more.

The Asana app is available on Mac, iOS, and Android. Review any new inbox notifications, send messages, and access project tasks so you’re always up to date on project information.

Custom templates

Custom templates make it easy to duplicate existing workflows or common processes—giving teams confidence that they don’t have to recreate work from scratch or worry about missing any steps.

project views icon

Project views

Project views make it easy for you to see your work, your way. Select between List, Board, Calendar, and Timeline, and toggle between the project views to find a view that works for you.


Mark a task as waiting on another task with dependencies. Teams with collaborative workflows can easily see what tasks they’re waiting on from others, and know when to get started on their portion of work.

Timeline View is a Gantt-style project view that displays all your tasks in a horizontal bar chart. With Timeline View, you can easily track how the pieces of your plan fit together.

View any project in Calendar view to see all upcoming and past work in a calendar format. Give stakeholders insight into task due dates, as well as the larger cadence of scheduled project work.

Frequently asked questions

Can i try task management in asana for free.

Try Asana for free for 30 days, no credit card required. Get started with a free Business trial, then follow the on-screen instructions to log in!

What is task management?

Task management is more than a to-do list. It means tracking tasks from beginning to end, delegating subtasks to teammates, and setting deadlines to make sure projects get done on time. Task management software, like Asana, empowers teams to work more productively and efficiently.

What does task management software do?

Do you waste time organizing sticky notes, searching your email, or writing to-do lists ? Luckily, Asana can help. Prioritize tasks, manage time more effectively, hit deadlines—all in one task manager tool.

What are the most important features to consider in a task management tool?

Your task management tool should have everything you need to manage and execute your work. Make sure the task management software you choose aggregates your to-dos in one view—at the project and portfolio level. You’ll also want to look for a tool that gives you the flexibility to do your work your way by offering integrations with your favorite business apps. And last but certainly not least, make sure the task management software you select has a way to automate your workflows with rules, templates, and more.

What does it mean to multi-home tasks?

Multi-homing is the centerpiece of cross-functional collaboration in Asana. Your most important work happens with team members from other departments—who each have their own way of storing and organizing to-dos. With multi-homing, you can house the same task in multiple projects (rather than creating duplicates of the task, which can quickly get outdated). Then, if you change any task details in one project, those changes are instantly and automatically reflected across every other project in real time.

What are subtasks?

Subtasks help you break the work of a task into smaller parts in order to divide up the work among multiple people. For example, a “blog post” task has several parts. One person needs to write the blog, another needs to review it, and so on. In this case, each individual component would be its own subtask, assigned to the person responsible for completing it. All subtasks are housed within a parent task—the blog post task—making it easy for stakeholders to stay connected to the overarching context of their work.

What are task templates? How can they help me?

With task templates, you can templatize any task-level process. For example, if every contract review requires five steps, you can create an easily duplicatable contract review task template. If you want to templatize project-level processes, try creating a workflow to coordinate work seamlessly across teams.


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