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seating chart soldier field

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seating chart soldier field

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Soldier Field Seating Charts

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Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Chicago Fire FC

Chicago Football Classic: Central State vs Mississippi Valley State

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

New England Revolution at Chicago Fire FC

U.S. Women's National Team vs South Africa - International Friendly

Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears

Inter Miami CF at Chicago Fire FC

Charlotte FC at Chicago Fire FC

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

Soldier Field Seating Chart Details

Soldier Field is a top-notch venue located in Chicago, IL. As many fans will attest to, Soldier Field is known to be one of the best places to catch live entertainment around town. The Soldier Field is known for hosting the Chicago Bears but other events have taken place here as well.

Soldier Field Seating Maps

SeatGeek is known for its best-in-class interactive maps that make finding the perfect seat simple. Our “View from Seat” previews allow fans to see what their view at Soldier Field will look like before making a purchase, which takes the guesswork out of buying tickets. To help make the buying decision even easier, we display a ticket Deal Score on every row of the map to rate the best bargains.

If the seating chart on this page isn't quite what you're looking for, you might want to select another Soldier Field seating chart from the list above.

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Soldier Field Guide

SeatGeek asked thousands of NFL fans to weigh in on their football stadium experiences, rating atmosphere, in-stadium food, and bathrooms. Soldier Field was ranked #21 for atmosphere, #25 for food, and #26 for bathrooms.

Bears fans can browse the full Soldier Field Stadium Guide or check out how other NFL stadiums measured up on our NFL Stadium Guide page.

Home Team Seats at Soldier Field

Sitting close to the Chicago Bears bench is a great chance to get up close to the players and can be a great part of a live sports experience. SeatGeek’s interactive maps indicate the location of the home and visitor benches, and note which sections are closest to each bench.

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Soldier Field Seating

seating chart soldier field

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seating chart soldier field

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Soldier field club seats & premium areas.

  • Fieldside Seating - Fieldside Seating for soccer matches at Soldier Field is located directly on the pitch across from the player benches. These are some of the most...
  • Premier Club (Fire Games) - Some of the most desirable seats at a Chicago Fire FC match are located in sections 108 and 110. The sections straddle midfield and offer fans some of...
  • Suites - Suites at Soldier Field are located on the East side of the stadium above the United Club Seats. The primary draws of this area are the indoor, climat...
  • United Club Seats - The United Club Seats at Soldier Field are on the East side of the stadium in sections 202-216 and 301-317. This is a two-tier club level and the outd...

Best Seats For a Concert at Soldier Field

The most common seating layout at Soldier Field for concerts is an end-stage setup with the stage located near sections Section 101 , Section 103 and Section 144 . For many concerts there are also slight variations to the layout, which may include General Admission seats, fan pits and B-stages.

view from Soldier Field Field seats

On the Field: Sections Field A, Field B, Field C and Field D are Field Seats , which offer some of the closest views of the performers. For many concerts, field sections are added or removed. These performer-specific adjustments may alter the field layout and the views from each field section.

To the Side of the Stage: For close views of the stage with a little bit of elevation, consider seats to the side of the stage in Section 105 , Section 106 and Section 141 . The view is not head-on like on the field, but many of the seats are closer to the stage, provide better elevation and are actual stadium seats.

head-on concert view at Soldier Field

Head-on to the Stage: Seats directly across from the stage, like those in Section 120 , Section 121 , Section 122 and Section 123 provide the most comfortable looks of the performance. Even upper level sections offer unobstructed sitelines. Just keep in mind that you won't be able to see as much detail from these seats as you would if you sat closer to the stage.

Consider the Following When Buying Concert Tickets

Seats behind the stage are occassionally sold: Unless your main objective is to just get in the building, you'll want to completely avoid anything behind the stage - like those in/near or above sections Section 101, Section 103, Section 144 and Section 146. It's unlikely the performer will turn around to salute you - and you're more likely to be completely blocked out from seeing the show.

If you're on the shorter side (or bringing kids), consider field seats only in the first few rows: The most common complaint amongst field ticketholders is that they can't see the stage because of taller people in front of them. As an alternative, consider side sections near the stage that will still have you close and high enough to see.

Lower level side sections are not created equal: While the side sections closest to the stage are top-notch, side sections farther from the stage may leave you with a cramp in your neck. Sections 114 and 131 are not well-angled towards the stage - leaving you to turn your head for an ideal view. Instead, consider head-on sections in the lower level or even close side seats in the upper level like 439 and 440.

Alcohol Free Seating for Bears Games

Alcohol is prohibited in north endzone Sections 148 and 155. Possession of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in these sections, and fans who violate this policy will be ejected from the stadium.

To search tickets in these seating areas, select an event and apply the corresponding filter.

Away Supporters Seating for Fire Games

For Chicago Fire matches, section 246 is the designated supporters section for the away team. This section is on the opposite end of the stadium from the Fire Supporter Section .

Colonnade Sections

Soldier Field south endzone

  • Colonnade Sections - The colonnades outside Soldier Field are one of the defining features of the NFL's most historic stadium. Inside, the Colonnades refer to sections on ...

Field Seats for Concerts

Concert Field View at Soldier Field

  • Field Seats - Concerts at Soldier Field are becoming more and more common. And one of the best ways to take in a show is by purchasing tickets in the Field Seats. T...

Grandstand Seats

west stands at Soldier Field

  • Grandstand Seats - When looking at the Soldier Field seating chart, one of the largest collections of seats is called the Grandstands. This area is made up of sect...

Bears Sideline & Visitor Sideline

bears bench soldier field

Bears Sideline - The Bears sideline is in front of Section 134 , Section 136 , Section 138 and Section 140

Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 107 , Section 108 , Section 110 and Section 111

Fire Bench & Visitor Bench

Fire Bench - The Fire sideline is in front of Section 138 and Section 140

Visitor Bench - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 134 and Section 136

Media Deck Seating

soldier field media deck cover

  • Media Deck Seating - Media Deck sections at Soldier Field are located on the second level of the stadium in sections 228-246. Each section has 6 to 12 rows of seating in e...

Miller Lite Loft Seating

Loft Section 422

  • Miller Lite Loft Seating - Located just under the south endzone videoboard, the Loft sections at Soldier Field offer one of the more unique seating areas for a football game. V...

Sky Deck Seating for Football

  • Sky Deck Seating - The VIP Skydeck at Soldier Field offers a birds-eye view of the game. Located above sections 534-536, this standing room only, general admission area ...

Chicago Fire Supporters Section for Fire Games

  • Chicago Fire Supporters Section - The Chicago Fire Supporters Section is located in the 100 level behind the South goal. For Bears games these sections are labeled 121-124. But for Fir...

Shaded & Covered Seating

seating chart soldier field

Less than 10% of seats at Soldier Field offer some type of shade or cover. Below is a sample of seats that are at least partially covered or shaded at different times of the day. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

  • Rows 12 and above in Section 105 are covered
  • Rows 14 and above in Section 204 are covered
  • Seats in Section 242 are covered

Obstructed Seating

Avoid low-number seats (1,2, etc.) in Section 356 as the view to the opposite endzone is obstructed by the seating deck of nearby sideline seating.

  • What is the obstructed view like in Section 103 for a Solider Field concert?

Know of obstructed seats? Help other fans and let us know!

Soldier Field Seat Views

view from Section 101

Other Popular Seating Areas

300 level grandstand (concert) seating.

The 300 Level Grandstand sections are located on the lower portion of the upper seating tier along the west sideline at Soldier Field. While these seats may appear far on a seating chart, the sections here actually extend almost completely over the Media Deck seats above providing decent views if you are lucky enough to find seats in the first few rows.

For a traditional end stage performance, seats in the lower rows of sections 340-341 are a good place to seek out a decent view at an affordable price. But we recommend being cautious if searching in the first 3 rows of section 340 (and sections 336 and 333 also) as camera wells located just to the left can impact your view from the lower numbered seats.

Entry tunnels are located at the top of these 15 row sections, so while the lowest rows have the furthest walks from the concourse, the difference in view is certainly worth it. And as these seats face toward the east, you can find decent shade starting in the late afternoon for a daytime performance.

400 Level Grandstand (Concert) Seating

Home to some of the furthest views of the stage and largest seating sections, the 400 Level Grandstand is best suited for fans looking for a cheap ticket for a concert at Soldier Field. Your best bet at a decent view for an end stage performance comes in the first 5 rows of sections 439-440, which keep you closer to the action while avoiding an extreme side angle view.

As you move further south than section 436, the views are noticeably distant and you will be best off just going with the most affordable option among sections 427-435 and saving a bit more money for another round of beverages.

Sections here are the largest of any at Soldier Field, with most featuring 37 numbered rows of seats. Entry tunnels are located just beneath row 1, so be prepared for long difficult walks to and from the concourse if sitting in rows 15 and higher.

Lower Level Side (Concert) Seating

If you aren't able to score a ticket in the front portion of the field level sections, the seats in the lower level sections will be your next best bet for a traditional end stage concert performance at Soldier Field. These seats keep you on the lower permanent seating bowl for less of a birds eye view, and can keep you close to the action on the stage.

For a typical end stage setup at Soldier Field, sections 105 and 142 are among some of the best options as these seats keep you close to all the action on stage, while avoiding extreme side angle sight lines. A bit closer to the stage, sections 104 and 143 will have an impressive feel, but will begin to have a side view of the performance.

If you are just looking to get close to the performers and don't mind a less than ideal side view of the stage, you could consider sections 101, 103, 144, and 146. However it is important to note that it will be very difficult to see the front of the performance from most of the seats here. Whenever possible, opt for the lower numbered seats in sections 101 and 103, or the higher numbered seats in 144 and 146, as these will give you the best possible angles from these two sections.

Most lower level side sections have 19 numbered rows of seating, with concourse entryways located at the very top of the sections (just above row 19). For a good combination of excellent viewing height and proximity to the concourse, search for seats in rows 8-15. During daytime performances, sections on the east sideline (101-115) will see more sun than those on the west sideline.

Media Deck (Concert) Seating

The media deck is the place to be if you are looking for decent views and good protection from the weather during a concert at Soldier Field. Located on the second tier of seating along the west sideline, sections here are also very small (no more than 12 rows in each) for easy access to and from the concourse.

For the best protection from the elements, go with seats in Sections 232-242 where just about every row of seating is covered by the 300 level seats above. The coverage begins to get less extensive near the edges of the media deck, but if you stick to the upper rows you will have the best chance at being covered overhead.

You can find some good views here, and most particularly in sections 240-241 which keep you close to a traditional end stage setup. However one word of caution is that some fans might comment that the views resemble tunnel vision due to the excellent coverage from the overhanging seating deck above. Luckily most performances don't feature extensive aerial pageantry, so you don't have to worry about missing much at all.

200 Level Colonnade (Football) Seating

200 Level Colonnade seating consists of Sections 218-226 behind the south endzone, and Sections behind the north endzone. These seats here give a more elevated view of the field than the lower level, which helps with the overall view and makes it much easier to see the entire field.

Fans will have a great view for scoring plays at the near endzone, while the far endzone begins to feel much further as the line of scrimmage moves further away. Sections in this location have a varying number of rows, which can be anywhere from 21 to 27 rows. Head on views of the videoboards are a bonus for ticket holders in these sections, making it easier to follow the details at the far end of the field.

300 Level Colonnade (Football) Seating

The highest of any endzone seating option at Soldier Field, the 300 Level Colonade seating areas consists of Sections 318-326 at the south endzone, and Sections 348-356 at the north endzone.

Fans in these sections will feel more wind on rough weather days in Chicago, but will also have some of the best head on views of the endzone videoboards. Sections at the south endzone feature between 9 to 23 rows of seating in each section, while the north endzone sections are noticeably larger ranging between 24 to 36 rows of seating.

300 Level Grandstand (Football) Seating

Located at the front of the upper seating deck on the west sideline, the 300 Level Grandstand sections offer great value for fans that want a sideline view at Soldier Field. As the sections here provide complete overhead coverage for the 200 level Media Deck seats below, they extend close to the field for great views (especially in Sections 335-339 which are right near midfield).

With just 15 rows of seating in most sections, fans here will never be too far from the concourse for trips to the restrooms and concessions. Handicap accessible seating is also available in the top rows of Sections 332 and 336.

400 Level Grandstand (Football) Seating

With the highest and furthest views of any seating area at Soldier Field, the 400 Level Grandstand sections are the best place to find cheap Bears tickets. Better gameday experiences can be found elsewhere, but for fans working with a tighter budget these sections offer a decent place to be if you can find seats in the first 15 rows.

Sections here range between 32 to 37 rows of seating in each, with smaller sections located near the corners and the largest sections being closest to midfield.

Lower Level Corner (Football) Seating

Sections in the Lower Level Corner get a good view of all the action and keep fans close to the field without having to pay the higher prices for seats along the sidelines.

In between sections 146 and 148 is the tunnel to the Bears’ locker room, where the players can be seen running out to the field at the beginning of the game. Conversely, the tunnel to the visitors’ locker room is between sections 101 and 155. These north corner sections are a popular option for fans who want a close view of the players as they enter and exit the field.

Each of the Lower Level Corner sections features 19 rows of seating, with concourse entrances located at the very top of the section.

Lower Level Endzone (Football) Seating

Behind the endzones of Soldier Field on the lowest level, fans will have exciting views of scoring plays at the near endzone however views of the far end of the field may be difficult due to the lack of seating height.

There are 19 rows in most of sections in this area, with entry tunnels located at the very top. For the best overall views, look for tickets in the last rows where you'll be close to the concourse and also have more elevation for superior views to the far end of the field. Handicap accessible seating is available at the top of Sections 122, 123, and 151.

Lower Level Sideline (Football) Seating

Located on the lowest tier of Soldier Field and running along the sidelines, fans in the lower level sideline will have some of the best views for a football game at Soldier Field. Ticket prices are in the higher range due to the superior views, so these seats are often not the best for those looking for tickets on a tighter budget.

Sections 130-144 are located behind the Bears’ sideline, while sections 103-115 are located behind the visitors’ sideline. These seats are home to some of the best lower level 50 yard line views in even numbered sections 134-140 on the Bears’ side, and 107-108 and 110-111 on the visitors’ side.

Most sections in this location contain 19 numbered rows of seating with row 1 being closest to the field. Sections with fewer than 19 rows include sections 110, 130, 131, 136, and 144 which end at row 16 due to Wheelchair accessibility in the back of the section.

200 Level Endline (Soccer) Seating

Tickets located in the 200 level on either end are some of the furthest views for a Chicago Fire game. For international games, when 300 and 400 level sections are open these seats are average. Fans looking to enjoy the game should avoid sections 220-224 behind the supporters where there will be flags and a lot of distractions.

These 200 level sections are also among some of the largest sections for Chicago Fire games. Each section will have between 22-27 rows. Seat numbers will rise from left to right with seat 1 on the left side of the row.

300 Level Endline (Soccer) Seating

Sections 318-326 and 348-356 are only opened for the biggest soccer matches at Soldier Field. This is because they provide some of the furthest views to the pitch for Chicago Fire matches. Fans looking in this location are encourages to compare to tickets in the 400 level sections around midfield.

300 Level Sideline (Soccer) Seating

Sections 330-344 offer great sideline views of soccer matches at Soldier Field. These sections are not club sections like their equivalents on the east side of the stadium. Fans sitting in this location will share a concourse with the 400 levels above.

Sections have 15 rows each. Each row has around 18 seats with seat 1 starting on the left side of the section.

400 Level Sideline (Soccer) Seating

Located on the west side of the stadium, the 400 level sideline is the largest seating section at Soldier Field and is rarely opened for a soccer match. These sections are massive with up to 37 rows. Fans will enter the sections from the bottom, so fans with higher rows can expect a long walk and a lot of steps to their seats.

Lower Level Corner (Soccer) Seating

Lower corner sections are the best place to get an up close look at corner kicks at Soldier Field. The experience at a Chicago Fire game can vary greatly depending on which corner you choose. Corner sections on the south end of the stadium (117-120 and 125-128) are next to the supporters section and lead to a much louder and rowdy atmosphere. North corner section will be calmer and better for families.

Each section has 19 rows and will be uncovered. For spring and summer games be aware of the forecast and come prepared for any rain or sun.

Lower Level Endline (Soccer) Seating

Lower level end seats are only located on the north side of the stadium due to the supporters being located on the south side. These sections span from section 149 to 154 and will have great views of scoring opportunities on the near goal. Each section has 19 rows and seat 1 will start on the left side of the row when looking at the field.

We suggest fans sitting in these sections enter the stadium from the north gates for the easiest access to their seats.

Lower Level Sideline (Soccer) Seating

Lower level sideline seats are just about as close as any fan can get to see the Chicago Fire at Soldier Field. Fans sitting on these seats will have great views although they won't be quite as close as the seats at the Fire's former home in Bridgeview.

Sideline sections will have between 19 and 20 rows in each section. Each row will have around 17-18 seats. Seat numbers will start with seat one on the left when looking at the field. Fans will access their section from the concourse at the top so fans sitting in the lower rows will have the longest walks to restrooms and concessions.

Media Deck (Soccer) Seating

Fans looking for covered seating for a Chicago Fire game should look at tickets in the Media Deck. These cover section 228-246 and have great coverage from the 300 levels up above. The views to the game will be great as well. While not as close as 100 level sections, the Media Deck seats offer ideal raised views to the pitch.

For the smallest sections look at sections 234-240 which are located at midfield and in front of the press box.

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

seating chart soldier field

While it comes with no surprise that the best views for football games at Soldier Field will be found near midfield, the unique construction of the stadium offers some notable areas where fans can get an impressive balance of viewing height and proximity to the field.

Being on the 100 level will undoubtedly keep you close to all the action, but not all seats on this lower seating tier offer those phenomenal views you're probably looking for. If you're all about being as close as possible without sacrificing a view, you'll want to stick with the upper rows (15 and higher) of sections 106-112 and 133-141. From here you get excellent balance of being able to see both ends of the field (thanks to being near midfield), and you'll also be higher up on the lower tier for seeing over the team and equipment along the sidelines. Sitting lower on the 100 level is certainly exciting, but the views will get more difficult due to the lower elevation above field level.

One of the more unique areas to consider for a great view are the 200 level Media Deck sections near the 50 yard line on the west side of Soldier Field (sections 235, 237, and 239). These are not considered to be club seats, but provide with a very premium feel due to the small seating sections and more private atmosphere. Although technically labeled as a 200 level section, these seats sit very close to the field due to Soldier's smaller lower tier. What makes these such an intriguing option is the complete overhead coverage above, which may cause you to lose sight of a high punt for a millisecond and can block videoboard sight lines, but ensures you stay out of the weather and focused on the action on the field.

200 level seating on the east side of Soldier is home to some of the best views possible when sitting near the 50 yard line (opt for sections 207-211), but you'll also need to spend quite a bit more to get here due to the upscale club amenities. Much like the Media Deck, you get that amazing combination of seating height and close proximity to the field due to the smaller lower level sections below. You won't have the same overhead coverage, but as a part of the United Club you can quickly make a trip to the upscale club level concourse to get a break from the weather when needed.

If you're looking for great views on a tighter budget, search for seats in the first 10 rows of sections 334-340 on the west side of the stadium. These are the seats which create the overhang for the Media Deck, and in doing so they sit closer to the field than you would expect for a 300 level seat. You'll be close to midfield for great all around views, and Bears fans will be happy to be closer to the home team sideline. Overall, you'll get a 200 level feel with excellent views at a 300 level price range.

Another unsung and more affordable option for great views at Soldier Field are the endzone seats behind the uprights on the 200 level (sections 221-223 and 251-253). These seats come with great viewing height, and straight away sight lines to the field as well as a videoboard at the far endzone. With little to no head turning required, you can sit back and enjoy the game in comfort. Stick with the first 10 rows for a better all around experience as you'll be closer to the lower entry tunnels and have good proximity to the field.

Among the seats you will want avoid when searching for a ticket with a good view are the upper rows of the 400 level seats along the west sideline (sections 427-447). Being this high up can make it difficult to follow all the action (especially when sitting in the corners) while also leaving you with longer walks up and down the steep aisles. You should also be careful when searching in section 356, as the lower numbered seats here have obstructed views due to the building structure to the left.

Sections Section 235 , Section 237 and Section 239

  • Amazing views near the 50 yard line
  • Well protected by overhanging deck above
  • Close to the Bears sideline

Rows 1-10 in Sections Section 334 , Section 335 , Section 336 and Section 338

  • Close positioning to mid field
  • Excellent seating height for watching the game
  • Not too high up where views are more distant

Rows 15-19 in Sections Section 106 , Section 107 , Section 108 and Section 110

  • Desirable lower level seating
  • Close proximity to the 50 yard line and team benches
  • Further up on the lower tier for better sight lines

Rows 2-10 in Sections Section 221 , Section 222 , Section 223 and Section 251

  • Comfortable straight away views of the field
  • Good angles to the endzone videoboards

Sections Section 207 , Section 208 , Section 209 and Section 210

  • Excellent viewing angles from being near mid field
  • Perfect combination of viewing height and distance

Best Seats for Impressing a Guest

seating chart soldier field

The first place to look for an impressive seat at Soldier Field for a Bears game will be the United Club sections located on the 200 and 300 levels of the east sideline. Although among the most expensive options, ticket holders will be treated to an upscale experience which includes a luxurious climate controlled lounge, private entrances, and extra wide cushioned seats. The best of the best here will be the sections between the 20 yard lines (207-211 and 307-311) as you not only enjoy the premium benefits, but also have a remarkable view of the game. If you opt for the 300 level club seats, just be sure to stick to rows 6 and below as these keep you closer to the entry tunnels and feel closer to the action.

If the amenities aren't what you're after, you certainly can't disappoint with a 50 yard line seat on the lower 100 level at Soldier Field. On the west side of the stadium, rows 15 and up have the best views from sections 136-138, and will leave your guest in awe of having such a prime spot which is also just behind the Bears sideline. East side sections 108 and 110 won't be as close to the home team, however you can find covered seating in rows 12 and higher here, providing much needed relief from the elements if the weather is bad.

Last and certainly not least, we also recommend considering Media Deck sections 235, 237, and 239 which have phenomenal views near the 50 yard line. This seating area feels like its own private area, featuring far fewer rows in each section, and less fans to have to contend with in concession and restroom lines. Seats here are also entirely covered, so your guests will know that you had their comfort in mind.

You may be left asking why we don't specifically mention the very front rows of the lower 100 level - and its not because these are bad seats, there's actually few places which offer more excitement at Soldier Field. However, as these seats sit so close and so low to the field, the views can often be less than ideal (having some elevation is a good benefit to have for watching the action on the field). So don't let that deter you from considering the super close options, but do be aware that better all around views will be found elsewhere.

  • Desirable 50 yard line views
  • Upscale food and beverage options
  • Exclusive club level amenities

Rows 12-19 in Sections Section 108 and Section 110

  • Excellent views right by the 50 yard line
  • Good viewing height near the top of the lower seating tier
  • Overhead coverage to keep you out of the weather

Rows 1-5 in Sections Section 307 , Section 308 , Section 309 and Section 310

  • Premium amenities on the United Club level
  • Between the 20 yard lines for excellent viewing angles

Rows 15-19 in Sections Section 136 and Section 138

  • Right by the 50 yard line!
  • Close to the Bears players along the sideline
  • Good seating height and proximity to concourse
  • Great views near the 50 yard line!
  • A more private feeling on the smaller Media Deck
  • Excellent overhead coverage

Best Seats for Kids and Family

seating chart soldier field

Soldier Field offers a number of areas which we recommend if you're bringing your family to a football game, including alcohol prohibited seating, covered areas, and good all-around value.

Sections 148 and 155 on the lower seating tier are designated areas where alcohol is strictly prohibited. As a result, you will tend to have a less rowdy atmosphere and cleaner language being used from your neighboring fans, making it a great spot for bringing your little ones. Families pulling for the Bears will want to opt for section 148 as this gets you closer to the home sideline and the home team entry tunnel, and will also have you near the Bears Pro Shop for picking out a souvenir. Family restrooms are available close by to either option, located at sections 146 and 154.

Staying on the lower level, seats in rows 13 and higher of sections 104 and 105 are another great choice for families. You'll be just a short walk from the family restroom at section 154, and more importantly you will have great overhead coverage for staying protected from the weather. These seats are also right near the concourse entry tunnel, leaving fewer stairs for your group to traverse.

Media Deck sections 232-242 are among our absolute favorites when helping fans find the best tickets for bringing their families to a game. These sections are very small with no more than 12 rows in each, helping to create a more comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, and limiting the number of stairs you need to walk up and down. The other key feature here is the full coverage from the overhanging seating deck above, which keeps you much more protected from the weather than almost any other seat in Soldier Field.

But if you have a large family and are looking to save some money on the price of your tickets, some of the better affordable options will be found in the front rows of sections 323-325. Tickets here are far more reasonable than the 100 and 200 levels, and you'll also have a comfortable head on view of the field. The little ones will enjoy the good line of sight to the north endzone videoboard, and being near the front of the sections (rows 1-6) keeps you close to the concourse. You won't have any coverage from the elements, however in our experience the wind tends to be much more subdued in the south endzone compared to the north.

Whenever possible, you will want to avoid the 400 level sections along the west sideline if you're bringing the family to a game. The lower ticket prices are very tempting, however the aisles are incredibly steep and make for nerve racking trips to and from the concourse.

Sections Section 148 and Section 155

  • Alcohol prohibited seating
  • Close to family restrooms
  • Small sections with a short walk to the concourse

Sections Section 232 , Section 233 , Section 234 and Section 235

  • Smaller sections for easier access to and from the seats
  • Excellent overhead coverage for protection from the weather

Rows 13-19 in Sections Section 104 and Section 105

  • On the lower tier for less stairs to walk at the stadium
  • Good protection from the weather from overhanging deck above
  • Close to the concourse entry tunnels and not far from a family restroom

Rows 1-6 in Sections Section 323 , Section 324 and Section 325

  • More affordable ticket prices
  • Head on view to the north endzone videoboard
  • Near the concourse entry tunnel

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

seating chart soldier field

For Football: Sections 351 , 352 , 353 and 354

  • Some of the cheapest tickets in the stadium
  • High concentration of beer vendors nearby

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled .

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

seating chart soldier field

If you're coming to Chicago and looking to cheer on the opponents at Soldier Field, the best seats will be the ones that get you closest to visiting team players. Unfortunately these are often some of the most expensive seats for football games due to being on the lower 100 level, so be prepared for higher prices when looking for the best overall visiting fan experience.

For the die hard fans, the top option is sitting directly behind the visitor bench in sections 107-111. Not only do these seats keep you close to your favorite players, but they also have you between the 25 yard lines for excellent sight lines to both endzones. However you will have to make a choice here as the lower rows will be the more exciting option due to the proximity to the bench, but with the limited elevation above field level it can often be difficult to see portions of the field. Conversely, the higher rows will have you further from your favorite players, but do provide a far superior viewing height for being able to see the field clearly (opt for rows 15 and higher for the best views).

Can't afford seats right behind the visitors bench but still want to be on the lower tier? Try searching for tickets in sections 101 and 155 at the north east corner. From here you will be right by the visiting team entry tunnel (located between these two sections), for great views of the players as they move between the field and the locker room. Visiting fans should also be aware though that section 155 is an alcohol prohibited seating area, so you won't be able to bring your adult beverages from the concourse to the seats. The first 3 rows in each of these sections will be the best spot to be if you're looking to get a high five, and below is a list of the seats which get you right beside the tunnel:

  • Section 101: Row 1 Seat 9, Row 2 Seat 10, Row 3 Seat 11
  • Section 155: Seat 19 in Rows 1 through 3

Another option which we recommend for visiting team fans is the 300 level south endzone near the east sideline (sections 318-321). You'll be further from the players, but still have a nice viewing angle down the visitors sideline and ticket prices will be much more affordable than being on the lower level. One of the most notable aspects about sitting here is the impressive view which you'll have to portions of the Chicago Skyline in the background above the far endzone. Travelling for a road game can be much more memorable when you get to experience both the game and the surrounding city culture.

A final honorable mention goes out to select seats on the Media Deck (sections 232-242) if you happen to be visiting Soldier Field for a game in December. Chicago winters can get quite cold, and these seats will keep you out of the weather thanks to excellent overhead coverage from the 300 level sections above.

Sections Section 107 , Section 108 , Section 110 and Section 111

  • Closest seats to the visitors sideline
  • Impressive proximity to the field

Sections Section 101 and Section 155

  • Right by the visiting team entry tunnel
  • Impressive lower level positioning

Sections Section 318 , Section 319 , Section 320 and Section 321

  • Great viewing angle down the visitors sideline
  • Excellent sight lines to parts of the Chicago skyline in the background
  • Minimal head turning and cheaper price tag

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  • " The club seats are nice and the food is better " - It was a godsend that we were able to go inside the club lounge to warm up given that it was below zero outside.

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The Bears will defend both of the endzones throughout the course of the game, and do not have a single set endzone that they defend during each quarter (this is determined during the coin-flip just before the start of the game).

The Bears players bench will always be located behind sections 134-140 on the west side of the Stadium.

For information on where the Bears enter the field, please see this question: Where do the players enter the field at Soldier Field?

For the best viewing angles of a concert at Soldier Field, we recommend sections 108, 110, 136, and 138. These seats will be located in the permanent seating bowl in the stadium, which will provide you with tiered seating structure that gives you better sight lines over the fans in front of you. These sections will be have good views of both the large main stage near the endzone as well as the extended stage near midfield. You can find closer seats to the stages in the floor sections, however you will not have the elevated rows to see over the fans in front of you, and will be watching the action from below stage level.

View from Section 108 at Soldier Field

Deck W stands for West Deck, a floor/field seating section located in front of Section 138 for many concerts at Soldier Field. Seats in the West Deck (as well as the East Deck on the opposite side of the field), are generally reserved as field level handicap accessible seating sections.

Deck W Seating Location at Soldier Field

Thank you for your question! There are many things to consider when looking for tickets at a big stadium like Soldier Field. Depending on your budget, ability to stand, willingness to arrive early, etc. can all change what are the "best" seats for a concert at Soldier Field.

Typically, fans always want to sit as close as possible to the performers they are there to see. This makes GA Pit or floor seating the most desirable. Close 100 level sections are also desirable such as sections 105-107 and 140-142. Of course with such desirable and close seating, this will cost much more and can push some fans outside of their budget. One thing to note with General Admission sections is that there are not any seats. Plan to stand the entire time and to arrive early if you purchase these tickets.

Other times, fans want to account for any bad weather since Soldier Field is an outdoor venue. If covered seats are the best for the peace of mind, look at the 200 level sections on the West side of the stadium. Other options include rows 14 or higher in the 100 and 200 level sections on the East side of the field.

  • How many rows in each section at Soldier Field? Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.
  • Is seat number 1 on the left or right side of sections? As you look towards the field from your seats, lower number seats are on your right.
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400 level seating at Soldier Field

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seating chart soldier field

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